The Funniest Yet Most Embarrassing Gym Experiences

7. Mexican food before a gym workout is a big no-no. “I was in my college’s gym doing some sort of medicine ball sit-up and toss… Trista - May 22, 2021

7. Mexican food before a gym workout is a big no-no.

“I was in my college’s gym doing some sort of medicine ball sit-up and toss routine with a buddy of mine about an hour after having Mexican food at the school cafeteria. Everyone would come out of the main weight room and into this long hallway to do stretches and crunches, and that particular night it was pretty crowded, including half the cheerleading team and a number of otherwise cute girls. I was doing fine for the first set or two until we switched things up, where he’d throw the ball down, and I’d have to catch it, then throw it back.”

“On the first try, my buddy throws it down, and it basically knocks into my stomach, creating a massive, massive fart. Everyone, including myself, laughed like hell. Embarrassing? Yes. But I could have crapped my shorts.” Tarengo has provided us with one of the most important life lessons there is – it is not wise to eat Mexican food then do physical activity. Especially if this physical activity is with many other people. It’s best to wait until after the workout. That will save you from embarrassing farts or possible accident in the future. Try a protein bar before your workout next time.


6. Classmates causing accidents at the gym.

“My class was at the gym, and a lot of them weren’t even trying to do anything. So I just got out my iPod and went on a treadmill by myself. I’m running at a fairly high speed, and then all of a sudden, I fly forward, get my body slammed on the controls smashing my head into a wall. So I go all woozy for a minute, and when my head starts spinning, I realize what had happened. One of the guys had been talking to some girls on the exercise bikes behind me while getting a medicine ball.”

“He put the medicine ball down on the ground, and it got sucked under the treadmill, firing me forward.” Sir_Roddrick is lucky he wasn’t seriously injured. That is a perfect example of why you should always be aware of what is around you when working with equipment. The person on the medicine ball should have moved farther away from the machine, ensuring that this type of accident wouldn’t happen. It is best to give the machines and people around you working out enough space. Right now, in 2021, you should be leaving around 6 feet of space between you and another person anyways.


5. Is that a banana in your pocket?

“I used to go to a 24 Fitness at 11 pm every night. (Have a hard time sleeping). Almost every single time, there was only one other person in the gym, and it was an Asian girl that was extremely hot. After about a month, I finally started talking to her. Her personality was odd, but she was pretty flirty with me. One night she was spotting me while I was trying to see what my max was on the bench. My arms almost gave in, and she quickly squatted down to catch the weight, and her hip bone clocked my forehead.”

“She quickly ran out of the gym while looking pretty red in the face. The next day, I asked my buddy (who worked there) who she was, so I could figure out what happened. When I told him what happened, he started laughing really loud. It turns out it was her boner that hit me in the forehead, not the hip bone.” hp4e28 summarizes, “TL;DR hot chick I talked to at the gym was a dude.” Surethis is embarrassing for the guy who got in the head with an erection. However, it must have been even more embarrassing for the transgender woman. Hopefully, she was able to come back to the gym and forget that moment.


4. Working at a gym is truly disgusting.

Oh, I have so many of these stories! I worked at a gym for two years, and you see your fair share of stupid. My personal worst: I was attempting 40 lbs dumbbells on a flat bench for the first time. My husband was watching football on the overhead TV instead of spotting me. When my arm has way mid rep, the dumbbell smashes right on my face. I also had to clean up several used condoms and a used douche from the women’s restroom on several different occasions (working). I had to clean up ejaculant off the urinal several times (working).

Embarrassing story: Assisting a rather large woman through a workout, we came upon a certain tricep machine. This lady was easily 250+ and could not fit on the machine. I offered to show her a similar workout with lightweight free weights, but she flipped her lid. She blamed me for not having equipment that was accessible to everyone blah blah blah. (working). I had a guy ask me to spot him on the bench simply so he could look up my shorts. I had to give him props because I didn’t even see it coming. (working). Then I caught a lesbian couple having sex in a tanning bed. Found a random black guy reading a comic in one of the tanning rooms after hours. Someone left an unpeeled banana on the tanning bed. I had to call the cops after finding an unresponsive female in a tanning bed. (working). Kep10, quite literally, has all the stories!


3. At least this embarrassing gym moment had a good outcome.

“I was at my college’s gym about a week after I had transferred there, and it was pretty empty. I was warming up on a bike, and from across the room, I saw a guy bench pressing with no spotter, and being a pretty careful gym rat, I kept my eye on him. Minutes later, he got tired and couldn’t get the bar up on the rack. It ended up crashing on his chest, and I could tell he wasn’t able to get it off. His face turned red, and he looked to be in a good amount of pain. I ran over and lifted the bar off – and he’s been one of my best friends ever since.”

Lou_The_Welterweight has probably the best outcome of any of the stories here. Gaining a best friend from an incident at the gym has to be the best outcome for them all. He could have ignored this person, letting another person help out or a staff member. However, noticing they were having trouble, this Reddit user didn’t want to leave them in trouble. It is the act of a good samaritan, and they gained something priceless – a great friendship. It is a story that we can all remember and use in our everyday lives.


2. Getting hit on at the gym is not always fun.

“I had on my cycling shorts, as I had just gotten out of a spinning class. I decided to go to the back where all the “manly” men were (I lift things up, I put them down!). The exercise required me to be slightly bent over, one knee on the bench and the other leg extended, as I completed a row. Out of nowhere, a very large, old black male came up behind me (I saw him in the mirror). He sucked his teeth and said, “Dayyummm Girl, Yo legs are WHITE!”. Proceeded to suck his teeth and make “mmmhmmm” sounds, all the while staring at my lower half.

I turned around, showing the front of my old middle-school gym shirt, and asked him if he would like to come to said middle-school’s bake sale to support my teachers. He didn’t leave…TL;DR: I am a twelve-year-old ghost who attracts big black men. Edit for clarification: I am a girl! This post is weird/creepy because he stuck around after I told him I was a middle schooler. Also, I can use confectioners sugar as a foundation. [deleted] This Reddit user wins the award for having the creepiest story. If you are being harassed like this in a gym, please get someone who works there. They should kick this person out.


1. Maybe they should start investing in at-home gym equipment.

“Having not lived there in some years, I could not speak to its current conditions. However, the Glendale 24 hour fitness was routinely the most disgusting place I knew of. Like super glued to an overflowing toilet packed with your friends crap gross. I would walk into the locker room to see old fat hairy Armenian men walking around lathered in soap but NOT showering. You know, just walking around being nakedly hairy and fat. Just hanging out. Several of them. The bathrooms, there was obviously some type of weird paradoxical mind warp chambers where, upon entry, a select number (most? Yeah most) people would suddenly lose their minds and just CRAP everywhere.”

The Reddit User, [deleted], continues, “Everywhere! Like anal shock-burst-KAPOW-howitzer craps. At the expense of maybe sounding melodramatic: Worst of all perhaps, was the psychological effect. I was shocked because every time, it would get worse and worse, and the decent part of me had to believe continually that it would… could NOT be any worse than this time. Always wrong.” If you experience somewhere that is this unsanitary, and every time it gets worse, it may be time to cancel that membership. You can find many great home workout routines and start investing in some at-home workout equipment.