These Amazing Mental Health Podcasts Could Be What You Need

4. Say Yes! with Carla Hall Many people told her ‘no’ in her life, but that hasn’t stopped Carla Hall from becoming a world-renowned chef and… Trista - March 30, 2022
Say Yes! with Carla Hall

4. Say Yes! with Carla Hall

Many people told her ‘no’ in her life, but that hasn’t stopped Carla Hall from becoming a world-renowned chef and television personality. Instead of letting a single negative word stop her, she’s focused on helping people find the success they’re looking for. Carla has guests on her show who discuss what it’s like to overcome challenges before them. More importantly, how they found the drive to keep going. It’s an exercise in realizing that no path to success is a straight line. Each episode of Say Yes! is only a few minutes long, making it easy to get through all 32 if you’re binge-listening.

Mentally Yours

3. Mentally Yours

Mentally Yours is a weekly mental health podcast hosted by Ellen Scott and Yvette Caster. Scott is open about having OCD, anxiety, and depression, while Caster also lives with bipolar/manic-depressive disorder and a binge eating disorder. They speak with people on the podcast who have lived with mental illness, including service workers, celebrities, and everyone in between. Mental illness can be a lonely place, but the podcast’s goal is to demonstrate that it doesn’t have to be and that anyone from any walk of life can have a mental illness. Mentally Yours airs once a week, every Monday. Keep reading for more uplifting and informative mental health podcasts.

The Lavendaire Lifestyle

2. The Lavendaire Lifestyle

The Lavendaire Lifestyle is a podcast that focuses on how to design your life around maximizing your personal growth. Each episode is rife with insight and inspiration into going for those hard-to-reach goals and the paths you can build for yourself to attain them. Aileen Xu hosts the popular mental health podcast, and it was named one of iTunes’ top Self Help & Mental Health podcasts. The atmosphere in each episode is both calming and empowering, inspiring the motivation you need without browbeating and a lot of technical jargon. There are 176 episodes to sort through, and new episodes of The Lavendaire Lifestyle air every Sunday.

Depression Detox Show

1. Depression Detox Show

Depression is a crippling mental condition that is difficult to overcome, and it weighs down on everything you do and every decision you make. Malikee Josephs, a life coach and health expert, hosts mental health podcasts called Depression Detox Show. It aims to help you recognize your depression and change your relationship with it. Each episode is only a little over ten minutes, so you can listen to as few or as many episodes as you need on a given day. Hopefully, it helps you conquer those troubling feelings that can plague you throughout the day, including anxiety, loneliness, unhappiness, or grief. The Depression Detox Show airs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.