These Amazing Mental Health Podcasts Could Be What You Need

25. Celeste The Therapist Celeste Viciere is a licensed mental health clinician. The goal of Celeste The Therapist is to help people overcome their struggles with… Trista - March 30, 2022

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) claims that over 40 million adults in the United States, or 19.1% of the country’s population, have an anxiety disorder. Furthermore, another 7% of children from the age of three to 17 also experience anxiety annually. That doesn’t account for other mental health conditions like depression, addictive behaviors, schizophrenia, eating disorders, and so on. Thankfully, with the vast array of podcasts that are out today, you can relax and take care of your mental health at the same time. However, navigating through the hundreds of Apple channels out there will eat up more time than you have.

Check out the top 30 mental health podcasts to help boost your mental health from wherever you usually listen. The hosts are often counselors or professional mental health experts. They offer ways to cope with anxiety, answer listener questions, analyze situations in great detail, and let you know you are not alone. Although these mental health podcasts are supportive in your mental health journey, please remember that they are not a cure or replacement for seeking the help of a professional therapist.

Oprah’s Super Soul

30. Oprah’s Super Soul

Oprah Winfrey herself hosts this mental health podcast. She’s basically turned her sit-down interviews into an Apple channel for anyone to enjoy anywhere. In her interviews, she becomes very personal, speaking to business leaders, entertainers, politicians, and bestselling authors. They all have something to offer about where they’ve come from and how they got where they are today. Don’t feel like you have to take time out of your day to listen in. Each episode is only about 40 minutes long, so you can take them on the go with you when you’re getting groceries or making a commute to work. They can be a great way to start your day or wind down after several hours of hectic work. Oprah’s Super Soul podcast airs once a week, every Sunday.

Terrible, Thanks For Asking

29. Terrible, Thanks For Asking

Terrible, Thanks For Asking is a podcast focused on the nature of grief, how to get through the process, and what you can expect on the other side. Nora McInerny started this mental health podcast on the second anniversary of her husband’s death. She’s been through the process of people asking how she is, and of course, she’s not okay. McInerny goes into the normalcy of “not feeling okay” and not being afraid to talk about it. Her advice applies not only to situations of death but also to other uncomfortable situations, such as jealousy or going through a divorce. The majority of the episodes run from about 45 minutes to an hour. Terrible, Thanks For Asking airs once a week, every Tuesday.

The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos

28. The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos

Dr. Laurie Renee Santos is a cognitive scientist and Professor of Psychology at Yale University and takes all of the knowledge she’s gained to provide into podcasts that can help people change their lives. The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos has several guests, ranging from businesspeople to other professors and psychologists, who share their insights into success. The episodes are about 50 minutes long on average, and each is an easy delivery of how the mind works and what steps improve overall happiness. The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos airs once a week on Tuesdays. For exclusive Pushkin+ members, they can receive special meditation sessions. Keep reading for more uplifting and informative mental health podcasts.

Not Another Anxiety Show

27. Not Another Anxiety Show

Kelli Walker is a registered nurse and Certified Health and Wellness Coach. She provides insight into what anxiety is in her podcast, Not Another Anxiety Show. Being an agoraphobe herself (someone afraid of outside/wide open spaces), she shares her thoughts and medical knowledge on what anxiety is to her. Furthermore, Kelli Walker explains methods you can take to move past anxiety and get through the rest of your day. What’s humbling about this mental health podcast is that it’s not a repetition of deep breathing exercises; she adds humor to the mix to make her content easier to digest and remember. Not Another Anxiety Show airs roughly every two weeks on a Tuesday, but the schedule changes a lot in 2022.

On Purpose with Jay Shetty

26. On Purpose with Jay Shetty

On Purpose with Jay Shetty is all about sharing wisdom in a way that is accessible for just about anyone. Jay Shetty is a life coach and a former Hindu monk. He invites people on his show to share their insights into building your self-confidence and breaking out of your comfort zone. Furthermore, this Apple channel discusses how to deal with the trauma in your life. He brings the experts onto his show to speak from their experiences and expertise. On Purpose with Jay Shetty became the number one health podcast in the world, according to Forbes in 2020. On Purpose with Jay Shetty airs twice a week, every Monday and Friday, making it the perfect start and end to your work week to carry that positivity with you.

Celeste The Therapist

25. Celeste The Therapist

Celeste Viciere is a licensed mental health clinician. The goal of Celeste The Therapist is to help people overcome their struggles with their mental health. They can climb out the other side with their heads high, equipped with the tools they need to overcome mental health. Twice a month, her podcast invites Jeff Grey, an executive coach, to answer questions. Together, these mental health professionals are helping real people take care of their real problems with mental health. Celeste The Therapist airs once a week, usually on Tuesdays. Keep reading for more popular mental health podcasts on Apple.

Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

24. Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

The great thing about the Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris podcast is that it comes out three times a week, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and is free. Dan Harris started his career as a skeptical journalist who had a panic attack on national television. Since then, he’s focused on helping people get the help they deserve. He has guests on to speak about everything from meditation, enlightenment, psychedelics, and science-based techniques to deal with anxiety and relationships. These mental health podcasts even had His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, as a guest on one episode. However, all of these different discussions and episodes have one mission. That is helping you be happy, which can be challenging to find on your own without professional help.

Dear Therapists with Lori Gottlieb and Guy Winch

23. Dear Therapists with Lori Gottlieb and Guy Winch

Not everyone can afford the expertise of a therapist when they need it. Of course, that’s when you can turn to Dear Therapists with Lori Gottlieb and Guy Winch. Gottlieb and Winch, a psychotherapist and psychologist, have other licensed therapists as guests on their show. Plus, they offer real people advice, allow them to try it out in the real world, and report back about its success. By sharing how actual people can take their lives into their own hands and change their mental health for the better, other people are more likely to take those steps for themselves instead of believing that change is an impossibility. Dear Therapists with Lori Gottlieb and Guy Winch airs every Wednesday once a week.

The Hardcore Self Help Podcast with Duff the Psych

22. The Hardcore Self Help Podcast with Duff the Psych

Dr. Robert Duff is a psychologist and host of The Hardcore Self Help Podcast with Duff the Psych. He isn’t interested in providing touchy-feely answers to people’s problems. Before each episode, he allows listeners to submit questions that he gives precise analysis and advice for without using a lot of psychobabble. Airing every Thursday morning, this mental health podcast is a great way to head towards the end of your week. You have the weekend to yourself to work on what you consider your mental health problems. There’s no reason not to send in your questions and receive the answers to some of the most challenging questions you’ve struggled with. Keep reading for more uplifting and informative mental health podcasts.

The One You Feed

21. The One You Feed

When it comes to improving your life, you want to know that you can rely on expert advice to help you. Eric Zimmer hosts The One You Feed, and he wants to help you find the joy, love, fulfillment, and peace that you and everyone deserves. On these mental health podcasts, Eric Zimmer speaks with a wide variety of guests, from authors, thought leaders, psychologists, spiritual teachers, and researchers. Together, they try to help all of the podcast’s listeners have a more fulfilling life. They’ll discuss anxiety, finding habits, habits, motivation, and meditation. You can start to overcome any challenges with your mental health when it comes to this podcast’s advice. iHeart Radio nominated this mental health channel for Best Spirituality and Religion Podcast. The One You Feed airs twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday.

The Anxiety Coaches Podcast

20. The Anxiety Coaches Podcast

Gina Ryan hosts The Anxiety Coaches Podcast. She is a nutritionist and coach working out of New York. More importantly, Gina Ryan, too, struggled with anxiety and panic for the better part of 20 years and decided to give back to the community to help others overcome their mental health problems. After moving to Maui, she now works with patients in the Intensive Outpatient Eating Disorder Center and serves at the only Residential ED Facility in Hawaii. Furthermore, through her podcasts, she assists those looking to get over their anxiety and compulsions by coaching and teaching clients how to change their lives. The Anxiety Coaches Podcast airs twice a week, on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Therapy for Black Girls

19. Therapy for Black Girls

Dr. Joy Harden Bradford is a licensed psychologist and the host of the Therapy for Black Girls podcast. Each episode deals with topics of mental health that black women more often face, such as microaggressions, macroaggressions, and different forms of racism. Women of color, especially black women, encounter many other circumstances just trying to exist in everyday life. Furthermore, the mental health community is aware that people ignore women and don’t listen to their needs. Thankfully, Dr. Bradford has dedicated her time, energy, and expertise to helping black women find the support they need. They can overcome these challenges and discover that they’re not alone. The podcast website also makes it easy for listeners to find a therapist who focuses on issues specific to black women. Therapy for Black Girls airs once a week, every Wednesday.

The OCD Stories

18. The OCD Stories

Stuart Ralph hosts The OCD Stories, dedicating time to helping people with OCD issues get their deserved help. You can go back and listen to hundreds of episodes on Apple podcasts. Listen to people share their own stories of OCD and how they came to terms with it. OCD, also known as obsessive-compulsive disorder, is a problematic condition that can be debilitating in a person’s life. The OCD Stories can help you identify your symptoms and provide a step-by-step journey towards healing. On average, it takes about 17 years to receive treatment for OCD, so it’s not a bad idea to get a jumpstart on the process to get help sooner rather than later. The OCD Stories airs every Sunday, once a week.

Teenager Therapy

17. Teenager Therapy

Five teenagers started the mental health podcast, Teenager Therapy. They wanted to address the issues their peers face in their everyday lives. In fact, it has become so popular that it has become something of a lifeline for adolescents who don’t know how to share their thoughts and issues with adults, believing that they’re alone in the world. They have candid conversations about friendships, family, sexuality, and mental health, just to name a few. Occasionally, they bring in guests to provide their expertise, but each episode is run more like a free-form discussion. Nothing is ever really scripted, so the teenagers are entirely honest about their thoughts and stories. This Apple channel airs once a week, usually on Fridays. Keep reading for more uplifting and informative mental health podcasts.

Checking In Self

16. Checking In Self

Checking In is an Apple podcast created during the pandemic and served as a way for people to take care of themselves when they’re stuck at home without the presence of others. It provides advice focused on health and wellness, providing some peace of mind to those who need it the most. Each episode involves a listener calling in, seeking advice on dealing with mental health issues. This mental health podcast has experts sharing their advice, and the topics usually range from drinking problems to chronic illness to vanishing sex drive. There’s no topic untouched. There are only 23 episodes, and it hasn’t aired in a while, so it would be easy to get through them in a few days, depending on your listening habits.

Dear Sugars

15. Dear Sugars

The Dear Sugars podcast is one of those feel-good podcasts you can’t stop listening to. It’s charmingly empathic and serves as an audible advice column to provide you with the help you need for whatever problem you’re facing. Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond host this mental health podcast on Apple. They take on listeners’ questions and provide professional advice through the invitation of guests and discussing the source of these problems. No matter how deep or dark the subject matter is, they address them face-first, not shying away from them just to spare their listeners’ feelings. Each episode comes out on Saturday, every other week; that means two episodes per month. Thankfully, there are roughly 300 episodes that you can go back and listen to, giving you some time to catch up to the current run.

The Gratitude Diaries

14. The Gratitude Diaries

Being busy in your everyday life, it can be problematic to take the time out of your day to show much-deserved gratitude to those around you. Janice Kaplan takes her book advice to audio form through The Gratitude Diaries podcast. The idea for both the book and the podcast didn’t come to her overnight. She was working on a research project that focused on gratitude, and it triggered her to take another look at her life and how it operated. She started exercising daily shifts and practices that brought appreciation to the forefront of her mind so that she could wield it more in her everyday life. Each episode is only a few minutes long, so it’s a great listen at the start of your day so that you can carry her messages with you.

Daily Meditation Podcast

13. Daily Meditation Podcast

The Daily Meditation Podcast is exactly how it sounds. These guided meditation podcasts play for roughly ten to fifteen minutes, allowing you to center yourself. That way, you can find the peace of mind you’ve been looking for. Start it before you head to work or wind down in the evening to relieve the stress you’ve had all day. There are guided meditations for extreme anxiety, anger, and stress, or just to create a healthier headspace. Declutter your mind to be more receptive to your positive thoughts and know-how to push out the old ones. There are 100 episodes and it airs several times a week. You’ll always have something fresh to listen to. Alternatively, go back to an old episode if you need a refresher.

The School of Greatness

12. The School of Greatness

Lewis Howes, an NYT best-selling author, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur, hosts The School of Greatness podcast. This Apple channel focuses on sharing inspiring interviews from some of the most successful people on the planet. After all, if they can do it, you can do it. Maybe where to start is the hardest part for you. Luckily, each guest talks you through finding the motivation for your journey. These experts can teach you how to stay on top of the game to arrive at success eventually. Whether it’s literature, health, entertainment, or science, no matter which field you work in, there’s something for everyone to take away from each interview. The School of Greatness airs three times a week, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The Motivated Mind

11. The Motivated Mind

Motivation can be tough to keep going when it seems like you can’t play any of your cards right. The Motivated Mind helps you stay on that path to see your plans through, no matter what they might be, to the end. Scott Lynch provides a platform for you to find happiness in your life and develop personal growth systems if you’re looking to change your outlook. Enjoy interviews with life coaches looking to help you achieve your personal goals. There is also an online course that you can enroll in to further enhance the information this mental health podcast delivers. The Motivated Mind airs twice a week, every Monday and Thursday. Keep reading for the top ten uplifting and informative mental health podcasts.

The Mental Illness Happy Hour

10. Mental Illness Happy Hour

The Mental Illness Happy Hour is a top mental health podcast that runs for about an hour (haha!) and involves interviews with artists, comedians, and a few doctors on occasion. Each episode focuses on mental health, and the choices people make due to mental health problems, including addiction and negative thinking, just to name a few. Topics range from anorexia to what it’s like to be bipolar/manic-depressive. Each guest shares tips on how they overcome their struggles daily, demonstrating that it’s not always easy. The goal is to help people discover that they’re never truly alone with their mental health and that it shouldn’t be a stigma to seek help when you need it. Mental Illness Happy Hour airs once a week, every Friday.

Self Care IRL

9. Self Care IRL

Ty Alexander is a wellness blogger and the best-selling author of “Things I Wish I Knew Before My Mom Died.” Topics on this mental health podcast range from relationships to spirituality and everything in between. He presents strategies and ideas to help you find the control you need over your own life. Furthermore, he helps you maintain your grip on it so that it never feels like you’re spiraling out of control. It creates a safe space for you to explore what you want out of life and how you can take to get to that point. Self Care IRL airs roughly once a week, though there isn’t a set schedule.

The Self Love Fix

8. The Self Love Fix

In an unforgiving world, young women must grow up too fast. They often have to stack responsibilities on their shoulders before they’re even ready, forcing them to miss out on those crucial years of their young lives. The Self Love Fix seeks to correct that problem by helping young women search for their inner child and remind themselves what it’s like to experience self-love and good self-esteem. Beatrice Kamau hosts this Apple podcast. She is an Inner Child healing coach, so you’ll soon learn the truth about your inner self, who you are, and the possibilities of who you could be. The Self Love Fix airs once a week, every Thursday.

Mad Chat

7. Mad Chat

Mad Chat unpacks what it means to be mentally unwell, especially when portrayed in media. Sandy Allen hosts the popular mental health podcast. She examines what is considered “normal” and how we can challenge those ideas. That way, nobody is forced to fit into a prescribed box that society created for them. Sandy Allen also published a book, “A Kind of Mirraculas Paradise: A True Story about Schizophrenia” back in 2018, which has received critical acclaim. Each episode looks at a different media, whether a television show or a movie and discusses how it depicts mental health. Furthermore, what is wrong and what they got right. Mad Chat hasn’t aired since October 2019, but there are 11 hour-long episodes for you to listen to on Apple podcasts.

Heal, Survive & Thrive!

6. Heal, Survive & Thrive!

Stephanie Lyn, a life and relationship coach, hosts the mental health podcast Heal, Survive & Thrive! It looks at the healing process from emotionally traumatic events. Stephanie and guests discuss divorces, enduring narcissistic abuse, and codependency, just to name a few issues. She provides listeners with the advice they need and can take with them when they feel themselves slipping into the bad habits that negatively impact their mental health. This mental health podcast also talks about signs you should look out for in partners or potential partners to prevent yourself from falling back into those same relationship patterns that aren’t good for your emotional growth. Heal, Survive & Thrive! airs once a week, every Thursday.

The Glo Podcast

5. The Glo Podcast

The Glo Podcast features Derik Mills, the co-CEO and co-founder of Glo. He conducts interviews with health and wellness experts worldwide to help people with their mental health issues. His goal is to help people discover their best selves and believe that they’re more than what their negative thoughts tell them. A few episodes deal with improving one’s quality of sleep, managing burnout, and overcoming anxiety when you need to focus. Other topics discuss creating boundaries, overcoming addiction, and learning how to become a yoga teacher. The Glo Podcast airs every two weeks on Sundays.

Say Yes! with Carla Hall

4. Say Yes! with Carla Hall

Many people told her ‘no’ in her life, but that hasn’t stopped Carla Hall from becoming a world-renowned chef and television personality. Instead of letting a single negative word stop her, she’s focused on helping people find the success they’re looking for. Carla has guests on her show who discuss what it’s like to overcome challenges before them. More importantly, how they found the drive to keep going. It’s an exercise in realizing that no path to success is a straight line. Each episode of Say Yes! is only a few minutes long, making it easy to get through all 32 if you’re binge-listening.

Mentally Yours

3. Mentally Yours

Mentally Yours is a weekly mental health podcast hosted by Ellen Scott and Yvette Caster. Scott is open about having OCD, anxiety, and depression, while Caster also lives with bipolar/manic-depressive disorder and a binge eating disorder. They speak with people on the podcast who have lived with mental illness, including service workers, celebrities, and everyone in between. Mental illness can be a lonely place, but the podcast’s goal is to demonstrate that it doesn’t have to be and that anyone from any walk of life can have a mental illness. Mentally Yours airs once a week, every Monday. Keep reading for more uplifting and informative mental health podcasts.

The Lavendaire Lifestyle

2. The Lavendaire Lifestyle

The Lavendaire Lifestyle is a podcast that focuses on how to design your life around maximizing your personal growth. Each episode is rife with insight and inspiration into going for those hard-to-reach goals and the paths you can build for yourself to attain them. Aileen Xu hosts the popular mental health podcast, and it was named one of iTunes’ top Self Help & Mental Health podcasts. The atmosphere in each episode is both calming and empowering, inspiring the motivation you need without browbeating and a lot of technical jargon. There are 176 episodes to sort through, and new episodes of The Lavendaire Lifestyle air every Sunday.

Depression Detox Show

1. Depression Detox Show

Depression is a crippling mental condition that is difficult to overcome, and it weighs down on everything you do and every decision you make. Malikee Josephs, a life coach and health expert, hosts mental health podcasts called Depression Detox Show. It aims to help you recognize your depression and change your relationship with it. Each episode is only a little over ten minutes, so you can listen to as few or as many episodes as you need on a given day. Hopefully, it helps you conquer those troubling feelings that can plague you throughout the day, including anxiety, loneliness, unhappiness, or grief. The Depression Detox Show airs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.