These Natural Remedies are Like Magic in Helping with ‘That’ Time of the Month

34. Take Your Supplements It is essential to fill your body with essential nutrients that are known to treat PMS. Vitamins, calcium, and magnesium are some… Trista - January 12, 2020
Supplements can help in filling up the need for essential nutrients. Shutterstock

34. Take Your Supplements

It is essential to fill your body with essential nutrients that are known to treat PMS. Vitamins, calcium, and magnesium are some of the prominent nutrients that your body requires to fight with the PMS.

You can either increase the intake of food that contains these nutrients and go for the natural supplements to get the right dosage. You can even consult your doctor before taking any supplements or making any significant changes in your diet.

Good gut health is essential for healthy living. Shutterstock.

35. Check Your Digestion

Your bowel health also speaks a lot about your PMS situation. Excess estrogen is excreted through the bowels. Hence, it is essential to check your digestion. You must have two to three bowel movements every day to keep your metabolism active.

Healthy digestion is a great way to treat PMS. Excretion of estrogen is essential to keep your hormonal balance. Make sure your bowel movements are healthy and active. If not, consult your doctor to treat your bowel health. 

Omega-3 fatty acids will help during that time of the month. Shutterstock

36. Befriend the Omega-3 Fats

It is a proven fact that omega – 3 fatty acids are useful for treating PMS symptoms. Your body will love the omega 3 fat content, so it is essential to increase the consumption of food items that are a high source of omega-3 fatty acids.

It helps in taming down depression, anxiety, bloating, headache, tender breaks, and other severe symptoms of PMS. Fishes are a high source of omega-3 fatty acids, so you can probably increase their consumption to treat your PMS. 

Meditation is the key to a happy mind, body, and soul. Shutterstock

37. Engage in Meditation 

When you are suffering from PMS, it is essential to keep your mental health stable. There are plenty of ways through which you can probably rejuvenate your senses, and meditation is one of those effective methods.

Meditation is known to bring significant changes in your mental health. It is proven to ease your stress, increase self-control, reduce anxiety, and tame down the probability of depression. Wake up early in the morning, go out, meditate for at least 15-30 minutes in the fresh air. 

Water is an excellent solution to many health problems. Shutterstock

38. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drinking water is always good for your health, but it can be great for your PMS condition. Drink lots of water throughout the day and keep your body hydrated to steer clear from the discomforting symptoms of PMS.

Drinking water is also beneficial to treat PMS cramps that can even get severe. Filling your body with fluid is great to dampen the symptoms of your PMS. Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water throughout the day to keep the fluids running in your body. You can also try chamomile tea, which is highly beneficial for the PMS cramps. It contains all the essential antioxidants and flavonoids that are effective for your PMS symptoms.

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39. Pycnogenol For Your PMS

A plant extract from the maritime pine tree, pycnogenol, is grown in the northwestern region of France. It contains several potent antioxidant compounds that are essential to treat PMS symptoms. There are plenty of supplements as well that contains the extracts of pycnogenol and works excellent for taming down the PMS symptoms.

Those who deal with severe PMS pain should this pine tree extract to find relief from the discomforting pain. You can either add the extract in your water to create a pycnogenol detox water or buy the supplement to consume it as a medicine. Either way, pycnogenol is a great way to keep your PMS discomfort at bay. Try to take small doses at first to see how your body reacts to it.

Menstruation is just a part of becoming a woman — and not being pregnant. Shutterstock

40. Women Can Stay Strong Through PMS

We cannot deny the fact that women go through a lot, whether it is physically or mentally. Menstruation is one such biological occurrence that happens when girls hit puberty. It is a process of cleansing the uterus, wherein the uterus wall is shredded every month and comes out of the vagina. Menstruation is a discomforting phenomenon that brings pain and trouble to women. One such concern is PMS (premenstrual syndrome). 

Changes in your body before or during the menstrual cycle are known as premenstrual syndrome. There are plenty of symptoms that indicate you have PMS. It is essential never to ignore such symptoms and signs that your body is giving. Though there are several medications and treatments for PMS, it is always suitable for organic ways to treat PMS. Going natural is a great way to treat PMS without having any side effects on your body. The above mentioned were some of the great natural remedies and organic things you can do to ease out your PMS discomfort. Pick your ideal method and see what difference it brings to your PMS dominated body. Try to consult your gynecologist before trying any new way of treating PMS, as you would not want to impact your body adversely.