Vital Medical Knowledge People Don’t Know That Could Save A Life

Shock Shock is a serious condition that happens due to a sudden drop in blood flow. When a person is in shock, their organs are not… Robyn Traber - December 22, 2022
Shock is a serious condition that can lead to organ damage or even death. Source: Meancro


Shock is a serious condition that happens due to a sudden drop in blood flow. When a person is in shock, their organs are not receiving adequate oxygen. If the shock is not addressed, then those organs may become permanently damaged or the person may even die. Shock happens in response to other conditions, many of which are featured in this article. These include major injuries and infections, heat stroke, poisoning, and other traumas. If someone has had a major trauma, be on the lookout for these signs of stroke: weakness, dizziness, rapid pulse, paleness or ashenness, blue- or gray-tinged lips, and nausea or vomiting. Once these signs are noticed, seek emergency medical care, lay the person down with their legs elevated, limit movement, and address their injuries.

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