15 Healthy Human Foods that are Also Beneficial to Dogs

2. Eggs

In previous years eggs have been vilified due to their high cholesterol content. This myth has been recently dispelled, as the cholesterol in eggs is actually good cholesterol. With this new-found knowledge, it’s a good idea to let your pooch join you for breakfast this morning. Benefits of eggs include the following.

Amino acids are abundant in eggs. An egg contains everything needed for a chick to grow and thrive. This includes amino acids which are essential for protein production. This helps build muscle, strengthen hair and aids in tissue repair. They are also a good source of Calcium. Everyone knows that calcium is essential for strong bones and teeth.

By grinding up the eggshells and feeding them to your dog, you will be ensuring the health of your doggie’s teeth and bones. Chemicals and colorants can be a concern here, so it is suggested that only organic eggs are bought or alternatively, boiling the egg shells first should sterilize them. Biotin is present in eggs. This vitamin aids in cellular growth and fatty acid metabolism. Eggs yolks are high in Biotin and will produce healthy skin and a soft luxurious coat in dogs.

Eggs can be highly beneficial to your dog’s health, but they should not be eaten excessively. Raw egg whites may inhibit digestion and cause a biotin deficiency. This could be avoided by cooking the eggs first, but this could also decrease their overall nutritional value. In order to avoid any digestive upsets, stick to feeding your pooch only several eggs a week. These should be a combination of cooked and raw. Eggs can prove to be a wonderfully healthy addition to your dog’s life, but they should be just that, an addition. Supplement your dog’s meals with eggs, do not make it their staple.