30 Natural Diuretics to Help Relieve Water Retention and Bloating

2. Dandelion

For people who are unfamiliar with the possible healing benefits of homeopathy and otherwise natural ingredients, it may seem rather odd to start consuming flowers in an attempt to cure a health problem. But, just for a second, consider this. The fact of the matter is that plants are filled with a whole host of ingredients that could be incredibly beneficial to one’s health if they know how to use them. On this topic, dandelions could be very helpful indeed.

Before you summon up images of people standing in a field blowing flowers around, think of dandelions instead as a herb. A herb that is also a natural diuretic. These do not have to be eaten whole, that sounds rather appetizing. Instead, you could consume them alongside some hot water. All one need to do is to throw a couple of dried dandelions into hot water and then wait. The resulting liquid will resemble a sort of tea which should be consumed a couple of times a day. If this is done consistently enough, then the healing benefits will start kicking in, and your body will start to expel its excess water naturally.