30 Snacks Nutritionists Would NOT Approve Of

Sweetened cereals

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We’ve had that drummed into our memories since kindergarten. This morning meal is the one that fuels your body for the busy day ahead. That’s why it’s important to eat breakfast that provides you with energy. While processed carbohydrates like sweetened cereal may give you a short boost of energy, it won’t last long. Your body will experience a sugar-rush. After a short while, you’ll come crashing down. It’s then that you’ll start looking for your next fix.

Cereals are not as healthy as their advertising may lead you to believe. Cereal is a highly processed food. Added to this is the fact that most cereals contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms) which have the potential to cause increased allergies, fertility issues, and digestive problems. During the manufacturing process, cold cereals undergo a process called extrusion. The grains are mixed with water until they form a sludgy mixture. This mixture is forced out through tiny holes which forms it into the cereal shapes we love. Oil and sugar spraying follow to keep the cereal pieces in shape, crispy, and fresh. Most nutrients in the cereal ingredients are lost in this process.