30 Snacks Nutritionists Would NOT Approve Of

Veggie chips or puffs

Most parents would like to console themselves by thinking that giving their children veggie chips is better than regular chips. When we stand in front of the office vending machine, we want to tell ourselves the same thing. It stands to reason. Veggie puffs are made from… veggies. That must mean they’re healthy, mustn’t it? Unfortunately, just because something’s made from vegetables doesn’t make it healthy. The base product of veggie chips is refined grain. These grains include corn flour, soy flour, and rice. Refined carbs like these have been linked to a risk of conditions such as obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

The veggie puffs do contain vegetables. However, they’re in powdered form. Vegetables are dehydrated to reduce them to powder form. In the dehydration process, most of the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients the vegetables hold are lost. The vegetables in your veggie chips can in no way substitute for a portion of fresh vegetables. Looking at the calorie, protein, and fat count, the difference between potato chips and veggie puffs isn’t that vast. Veggie chips do tend to contain more protein and fiber. Veggie chips may have some additional nutrients, but that doesn’t make them a healthy snack.