40 Atypical Diet Fads and Exercise Ideas Throughout the Decades

By Trista
40 Atypical Diet Fads and Exercise Ideas Throughout the Decades

Throughout time, one of the most constant trends has been related to dieting. Weight loss gimmicks and fads have been popular dating back to the 1800s. While some trends are much safer than others, there has never been a shortage of ways to drop a few pounds. Whether a person is looking to eat better or try a new exercise craze, each year, a new, hot health and wellness movement emerges.

Weight loss is a huge business that generates more than $70 billion per year. There are fad diets, supplements, exercise equipment, videos, and more to help people lose weight. As Americans get bigger, the larger the desire becomes to lose weight. For most of the past several decades, baby boomers have been at the forefront of the diet market, but recently that has shifted. Nowadays, millennials are the most targeted generation, and they are seen as the future generation of dieters. For more information on the many diet fads that have been used throughout history, keep reading! Have you tried any of these diets or exercise techniques?


Credit: Bon Appetit

1. The Vinegar and Water Diet 

One of the first icons of the dieting craze was Lord Byron. Back in the late 1700s and early 1800s, Lord Byron was a famous poet. He was also known for his many diet attempts. Lord Byron was extremely sensitive about his weight and grew afraid of getting fat.

He decided that the best way to avoid gaining weight was to drink vinegar. He drank it every single day in the hope that the acidity would aid digestion and keep him from overeating. Unfortunately, his plan backfired because all of the acid he was consuming made him sick. He couldn’t eat much because he was ill, so he became malnourished. He died from a fever at the age of 36, and although his vinegar diet wasn’t the cause of his death, doctors believed that it made him weak and quite susceptible to illness.