How to Get Rid of Neck Fat: Exercises and Home Remedies

By Simi
How to Get Rid of Neck Fat: Exercises and Home Remedies

When it comes to the neck, it’s probably the area of the body where fat tissue is the most persistent. Countless measures can be tried to reduce neck fat but it’s only some that actually work. This is mostly because the neck doesn’t contain any muscles that are overly used. Of course, there are some, but you probably won’t be lifting anything heavy with them. Therefore, you might as well be stuck with the most stubborn case of fat tissue.

Not only is the slowest area to see reductions in fat, but the neck is a major indicator of your general health. Neck fat can be a sign that you have a condition such as polycystic ovary syndrome or a dysfunctional thyroid gland.

Cushing’s syndrome may also be the culprit, but the most common factor to blame is aging. If you already have some fat tissue in your neck area, it’s only going to look worse as you age. This is due to your skin turning flabby and losing flexibility due to a reduction of collagen excretion.

Losing neck fat doesn’t only have an influence on your health, but your looks. The more visible your jawline is, the thinner and younger you will look. Therefore, in order to combat this annoying kind of fat and to improve your looks and health, we’ve compiled a list of methods that will help you lose the extra fat. Keep in mind that they all take persistence and some significant effort. You won’t go rewarded if you work hard.

1. Neck rotation exercise

Since the neck area doesn’t do any heavy lifting, there has to be a way to activate it. One way to accomplish this is through exercise. The good news is that exercising your neck is a piece of cake in terms of exercise difficulty. In order to lose a substantial amount of fat, you should establish a routine that will keep you both motivated and in check.  An excellent beginner exercise is the neck rotation one.

Exercise is pretty simple; it’s a shortcut to a stronger and more toned body. Even though it isn’t as effective as cardio exercise, it covers one other aspect of neck health. It makes your muscles bigger and more toned. This will make the layer of fat tissue look small in comparison to the muscle fibers underneath it. Thus, you will both be stronger and look better in a short period of time.

In order to begin the exercise, sit with your back straight and look straight in front of you. Take a deep breath and turn your head as far as you can look to the left. While exhaling, turn your head slowly to the right. While maintaining your breathing, repeat the motion from side to side about five to ten times, as much as you can.

This exercise is important, as it will help you keep your posture straight, as well as aid you in losing fat and toning your muscles. If you feel soreness or discomfort, pause for a day or two. Don’t be afraid to consult your doctor and be careful. Reckless exercising may cause pinched nerves and other similar injuries which can hinder your progress for good.