How to Get Rid of Neck Fat: Exercises and Home Remedies

13. Use coconut oil Another underrated part of combating excessive neck fat is the use of ointments. Topical application of some remedies can do wonders when… Simi - February 15, 2018

13. Use coconut oil

Another underrated part of combating excessive neck fat is the use of ointments. Topical application of some remedies can do wonders when it comes to losing neck fat. It’s good to base your plan on diet and exercise, but adding some other factors to the equation may really prove to be the turning point in your journey. One such ointment isn’t mainly an ointment, but it’s more of a cooking aid. Meet coconut oil.

This strange form of oil isn’t gotten directly from the fatty acids from the coconut that fall from palm trees. It’s one of the healthiest forms of oil in existence. Besides being amazing to cook food with, it can be rubbed on the neck. By rubbing it, you will allow the medium-chain fatty acids to enter the cells and get converted to energy right away.  This plays an important role in regulating your neck fat.

Coconut oil is also known for increasing the rate at which your metabolism functions. As your metabolism grows faster, the existing fat will start fading away, and your body won’t be so keen on creating new batches. Instead, all the carbohydrates will be turned into energy, without much of it ending up around your neck area. This is important in regulating your bodyweight, too.

Aside from rubbing coconut oil into your neck a couple of times a day, you can introduce it to your diet as well. Because of the way it handles the heat, it won’t poison your body with saturated fats. Also, it brings a new taste blend into your kitchen. You will love trying out all your favorite dishes with it, giving you an exotic aftertaste in your mouth. Something that’s both useful and enjoyable!

14. Make an egg white mask

Here we are, back with the ointments again. Aside from ointments that are rubbed into the skin directly, there are ones that don’t quite function the same way. These ones have to be kept on the skin for a little while, in order to let the effects take place. One such ointment is also something that we don’t deem as such. We’re talking about egg white and its amazing properties in taking your skin health to the next level.

Can you guess why we said skin health? Well, the state of your epidermis is an instrumental factor in determining how will your neck fat affect your appearance. Having tight and healthy skin will take years off of your appearance, giving you the fresh look that you’ve always yearned for. Egg whites contribute to that goal in a major way and that it why you should make a mask for both your face and neck area.

To whip up this amazing mask, you need whites from two eggs and some honey, milk and lemon juice. By mixing all this and applying it to your neck area, you will bombard your neck with nutrients that will serve as a fountain of youth for your skin. If you apply it to your face, your new youthful look will take away the attention from your existing annoying neck fat. Something that you very much deserve.

This skin tightening mask is to be used three times a week. There is no need for more, as you will get your skin used to the feeling and allow it absorb the nutrient better every single time. Don’t worry about rinsing away the mixture – lukewarm water will do just fine. If you like the mask enough, you can leave it on for more than the recommended 30 minutes, until it turns to crust. Experiment and enjoy.

15. Use apple cider vinegar

Some substances are not like the others, as they have fat breaking properties. When using these substances, it’s not to base your whole weight loss program around them, it’s merely to add to the already existing foundation. Dieting and exercise should be the starting point from which all neck fat disappears. However, this isn’t to say that apple cider vinegar isn’t an incredible boost.

It prevents the accumulation of fat cells in various parts of the body. This is important when you want to boost your progress and get a little bit more motivation. When that jawline becomes more pronounced, you will see how much more will to succeed you will have. You deserve to be happy and it’s time to take advantage of every tool at your disposal. With an increased fat breakdown, you’re in for a fun ride, that’s for sure.

Another way in which apple cider vinegar helps you is by providing your body with a plethora of nutrients. Magnesium, calcium, and potassium are just some of the incredibly valuable minerals found in apple cider vinegar. Not only will the make your skin look healthier, but you will also see toxins flushed out of your body at a much faster rate than usual.

The best way to make use of apple cider vinegar is to mix it with olive oil. Massaging the area in rough and upward motions is ideal for allowing your skin to absorb every drop of the vinegar and oil. Another good option is adding honey to the mix, as it also has some amazing benefit in terms of making your skin look better.