9 Crucial Alkaline Foods That Should Be in Your Everyday Diet

By Denis Courtney
9 Crucial Alkaline Foods That Should Be in Your Everyday Diet


Alkaline foods are those we include in our diet in order to maintain the body pH level. Most people are now seeing the importance of having alkaline foods in their diets for weight loss and prevention of diseases. A balanced body pH level (around 7, which is slightly alkaline) is important as it improves the body’s general well-being. Keeping that balance highly depends on the foods you eat. A diet with about 70-80% alkaline foods, such as vegetables, most fruits, and herbs, improves the body’s alkaline levels for balance and health.

The pH level in the body fluids is determined by the mineral density contained in the food we eat. By pH, we refer to the potential of hydrogen we consume. This is that measure of acidity or alkalinity contained in all products we take in our diet. As we know acidity and alkalinity are measured based on a scale ranging from 0 to 14 and 7 happens to be the midpoint. This is why you should strive to keep the alkalinity of your body fluids at the level of 7. Too much acidity can cause acidosis due to electrolyte imbalances. It can cause other conditions such as plaque formation in blood vessels, kidney stones, faster aging process, gradual loss of organ functions, and degeneration of tissue and bone mass. This is because too much acidity in the body system forces the body organs to rob minerals from bones, cells, organs and tissues hence leading to disease generation in the long run.

An adequate intake of minerals is highly recommended for body maintenance and development of bone structures. The higher the mineral intake the more the defensive mechanism the body accumulates against diseases. A good alkaline diet aids in the production of growth hormones hence promotes healthy production of new and strong cells thus maintaining high immunity. Mineral intake plays an important role in the development of bone structure.an alkaline diet ensures that there is balance in mineral ratios for building bones and maintaining lean muscles. Alkaline foods also enable the maintenance of a healthy weight, they improve the immune function, they boost vitamin absorption and prevent magnesium deficiency. Below are some of the foods you should have in your diet to balance your body’s pH level, and their benefits to your body.