People Reveal Health Symptoms They Shouldn’t Have Ignored

35. From Spasm To Seizure One Reddit user recalled her childhood best friend had developed a spasm in her hand that she assured was just a… Trista - December 28, 2019
A seemingly harmless spasm turned into a real medical emergency. Shutterstock.

35. From Spasm To Seizure

One Reddit user recalled her childhood best friend had developed a spasm in her hand that she assured was just a tic. Several people have one, like possibly bouncing a knee up and down whenever they feel nervous or excited.

When she asked her friend about it, the friends said she had no other symptoms until her health rapidly declined one day. The girl had a seizure in the middle of class, and just as quick as she was gone, she awoke and was fine again. The teacher had told her to go to the nurse.

The issue became worse the next day. Shutterstock.

36. Something Serious

The girl went home that day with her parents. The Reddit user said she tries not to be angry at her parents, who did not take her to the emergency room that day. They reportedly gave her ibuprofen for her headache and sent her to bed.

She died that night of an undiagnosed brain tumor. Because some brain tumors are misdiagnosed as mental issues, the user stressed that any rapid decline in health should be seen by a medical professional.

Leg pain developed into something more. Shutterstock.

37. Growing Problem

One Reddit user said she had several problems walking when she was a child, and she had developed a big roll in her gait. Parents thought it was a foot problem and made an appointment with a podiatrist. But the doctor did not fix the pronated leg. It was thought to be just a growing problem.

She lived with pain in legs and feet for more than 18 years until it was discovered that her hips did not line up. She was diagnosed with dysplasia during her birth that was not connected. The severe health issue ruined her right knee and foot as the result of one leg being shorter than the other.

Repeated problems turned out to be a severe medical issue. Shutterstock.

38. Pay Attention to Your Kids

One Reddit user says he lost a testicle when he was 12 years old after he woke up in the middle of the night in extreme pain. He described it as being kicked in the balls repeatedly, and the testicles were very swollen. His parents decided to wait it out for more than two days before he was taken to the hospital.

When he finally got to the emergency room, the preteen was taken into surgery right away. The user explained that doctors told him that if he had come in right away, he would not have lost the one testicle. If he had waited one more day, he would have lost both. He added that he now knows that pain is a prominent symptom not to ignore.