18 Natural Remedies That Quickly Relieve Menopause Symptoms

By Simi
18 Natural Remedies That Quickly Relieve Menopause Symptoms

Menopause can be a difficult time. It’s even more complicated when you’re not prepared for it. In the United States, the average age at which a woman can expect menopause to begin is 51 years. However, it can begin as early as your mid-thirties. Most women enter menopause in their late forties to early fifties.

Menopause is defined as the end of your menstruation cycle. This also terminates your fertility capabilities. If your menstrual cycle is no longer occurring, you’re no longer producing eggs for fertilization. Menopause is a transitional phase that occurs in the first year after your last period. During menopause, the levels of the two main female hormones, estrogen and progesterone, drop dramatically. This has a profound effect on the body and produces various side effects.

While menopause is perfectly natural, it can bring on discomfort by way of hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia, night sweats and myriad other symptoms. There is no cure for menopause, but you can seek treatment for the symptoms that accompany it to lessen discomfort. Medical treatment includes taking hormones to correct imbalances that cause the side effects.

Just as women’s bodies differ and the onset of menopause will vary, the degree to which symptoms are experienced also differ. Some lucky women get through menopause with no side effects. Others are plagued by them. Here are some natural remedies you can consider as alternatives to hormone replacement therapy for relief from symptoms.

18. Change your diet to avoid processed foods

Various foods can help balance your hormone levels. Generally, you need to decrease your calorie intake given that menopause often leads to weight gain. Your metabolism slows as you age, so your body struggles to process food. When it’s not processed, it is stored as fat.

One of the key factors in changing your diet is eliminating processed foods. These foods contain high levels of salt. They are also treated with colorants and flavoring, which are unhealthy. Processed foods do not contain natural fats. They are the root cause of many people’s weight struggles.

Processed foods include meat, eggs and dairy products that are produced on an industrial scale. Hormones are introduced into the diets of animals that give us these products. They include testosterone propionate, trenbolone acetate, estradiol, zeranol, progesterone, melengestrol acetate and bovine somatotropin. These hormones can have a profound effect on your estrogen levels.

Your estrogen levels need to be managed to avoid the side effects of the menopausal process. If you follow a diet that avoids processed foods all together, you have a better chance of managing your symptoms.