Too Many People are Guilty of these Bad Personal Habits

Overeating Sustenance is one thing, but overindulgence is another. Overeating can be quite harmful to your health because of the emotional attachment that is formed with food.… Trista - August 27, 2022
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Sustenance is one thing, but overindulgence is another. Overeating can be quite harmful to your health because of the emotional attachment that is formed with food. Portion control is a critical aspect of eating because things can quickly spiral out of control without it. The effects of overeating include excess fat gain, irregular eating schedule, and increased risk for diseases, such as diabetes or stroke. Overindulgence in food can be easy to overlook, telling yourself that you won’t do it next time, but if there’s an emotional aspect involved with eating, there may be a more serious problem. It may help to speak to a professional to see what could be done about your overeating problem and the underlying cause of why you overeat. 


Cramming for a Test

Some people work best under pressure; cramming for an important test is not the way to do it. That’s because cramming can increase a person’s stress levels, making it more challenging to concentrate and remember the information they’re studying. And because cramming usually takes place the night before, it eats into the time that should be spent sleeping and impacts the brain even more negatively. Lack of sleep leads to poor academic performance overall. Cramming only places the information into the short-term memory, which might be good for a test the next day. However, you won’t retain the information in the long-term, and will have to relearn it again later.

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Biting Your Nails

In media, nail biting is considered a sign of a nervous person, but it’s actually more than that. This bad habit can make you sick in the long run, especially if you’re not a frequent hand-washer. It’s pretty easy for germs and bacteria to get stuck under your nails, and when you chew them off, all of that gets inside your mouth. Biting your nails frequently can also increase the chances of getting a nail infection, which can be quite painful to deal with. Lastly, biting your nails is bad for your teeth. They can be shifted out of place and damage your tooth enamel, so ask yourself: is biting your nails worth a trip to the dentist?

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Failing to Floss

Teeth are super significant, so it’s essential that you take care of them properly. Brushing twice a day may seem enough, but you have to do more. The bristles of your toothbrush might not be effective enough to get rid of food stuck between your teeth. That’s why you should be flossing regularly. The floss is thin enough to get in there and get out those stubborn food particles that your brush can’t reach. If flossing isn’t your thing, then using a water pick might be a more suitable option. Just as long as you’re using something to get in there, then you’re much better off than brushing alone. 

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Sleeping With Makeup On

Taking care of your skin should be essential to your daily care. That means cleaning, hydrating, and ensuring that your skin is healthy. So when you put makeup on your face, you can look fabulous for an entire day, but it’s time to take it off before bed. The bad habit of sleeping in your makeup puts you at risk for several conditions. Sleeping in your eyeshadow and mascara can lead to irritation and even eye infections. Lipstick blocks the natural moisture in your lips if left on for too long, causing chapped lips the following day. And foundation and blush block the pores on your entire face, which can lead to dry skin and the increased development of wrinkles. Even if you’re exhausted at the end of the night, just spend at least five minutes removing your makeup before climbing into bed.

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Using a Worn-Out Toothbrush

When your shoes wear down, you replace them. When your tires go bald, you buy a new set of four. So why do you keep using it when your toothbrush wears down? Another terrible habit that’s pretty common is people not changing their toothbrushes often enough. As you use a toothbrush, the bristles wear down over time, making it less effective at cleaning your teeth. That means the plaque and food between your teeth aren’t being removed as well as they should be. That’s why it’s a good idea to change your toothbrush every three months so that you can always sport that winning smile and save yourself a trip to the dentist to take care of cavities and tartar.

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Consuming Too Much Salt

Salt is a yummy flavor enhancer, but using too much salt in your food can affect your health. It serves as a helpful electrolyte needed to keep electrical signals flowing throughout your body. However, consuming high amounts means your health will start to suffer. The first sign you’ve had too much salt is that you’ll have swollen hands or face and feel incredibly thirsty. High sodium intake over long periods can lead to kidney damage because they lose the ability to remove water from the body. This inevitably leads to high blood pressure because more water is in the blood, increasing the risk of a stroke or congestive heart failure. Consider reducing the salt in one’s diet to prevent this from happening, primarily by avoiding pre-packaged foods. 



One of the worst bad habits within human society is smoking. It has tremendous adverse effects on the body, so much so that it’s confusing that people still smoke to this day. The smoke contains hundreds of thousands of chemicals that are all toxic to the body. That includes pesticides, and end up lining the walls of your lungs. The risk of lung and throat cancer goes up, and these can be terrible conditions to recover from. Smoking also narrows the blood vessels, increasing the risk of stroke or heart attack. Plus, it increases the chances of erectile dysfunction. Besides, the stench of cigarette smoke lasts with you forever. It can be difficult to get out of your clothes.


Skipping Meals, Especially If You Are Trying to Lose Weight

Getting a summer body shouldn’t be at the expense of damaging your health. More and more people have started skipping meals to achieve their goal weight, which is actually doing terrible things to their bodies. The first thing that happens to your body when you skip a meal is that you develop intense cravings for sugar and carbs. That is the last thing you want to be eating in the first place! Your body is entering crash mode and looking for fast and easy methods of replenishing the energy it needs. Secondly, your digestive system becomes irregular, not knowing when it should be digesting from when it should be at rest. This increases your chances of having constipation, diarrhea, and nausea because your stomach doesn’t know when it should be digesting. 


Sitting for Too Long

It definitely pays to be more active throughout your day. It helps your muscles and joints to be strong and flexible, keeps your circulatory system regular, and boosts your energy levels more often you exercise. So sitting all day is pretty detrimental to your health in the long run. Sitting for long periods can put a lot of pressure on your tail bone and the nerves inside, leading to an increased risk of sciatica. This is where the sciatic nerve that runs down your entire leg feels a pinching sensation, leading to tingling and numbness in your entire limb. Metabolism also slows down when you’re sitting, making it much easier for your body to put on weight. In combination with the reduced amounts of exercise, you could start putting on more pounds than you realize. 

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Carrying a Heavy Bag on One Shoulder

When you’re leaving home, you want to ensure that you have everything with you that you need. Whether it’s going to school, heading to work, or going on an overnight trip somewhere, packing everything that you need could end up being a bad idea, and that’s because of the effect of having a heavy bag on your back. A heavy bag can put a lot of pressure on your spine and shoulder blades, impeding good posture in the long run. The nerves are also affected since the pressure can essentially cut off circulation. The best way to change this is to split up the weight of your bag into several smaller bags so that you’re putting less strain on your back overall.


Skipping Your Dentist Appointment

Absolutely no one enjoys going to the dentist. Not only are you forced into a vulnerable position, but you also have to deal with the pain associated with dental cleaning, and that’s not something anyone really looks forward to. For that reason, many people skip their dental cleaning. Instead, they tell themselves that they can go it alone to take care of their teeth. They are wrong! No one is perfect when it comes to keeping their teeth clean. Admittedly, not everyone is flossing every day, either. That can easily and quickly lead to gingivitis, tartar, and gum disease. Without your regular cleaning appointment, you’re more prone to cavities and tooth decay. Both can be extremely painful and expensive to correct. 


Eating Too Much Red Meat

Red meat is something that people desire because it can be something of a comfort food. Eating red meat once in a while isn’t bad, but it’s not something you should be eating every day. That’s because it’s high in saturated fats, causing cholesterol levels in the blood to rise. And to be quite honest, red meat is one of the most challenging things for your body to digest, so there’s an accumulation of toxins within the body during the process. Recent studies have shown that indulging in too much red meat can increase your bowel cancer risk.


Over-Indulging in Carbs

In addition to red meat, people are usually used to eating many carbs. Pasta, bread, cookies, desserts… Most of the comfort food ends up being carbs, and it’s time to start cutting back on them. Too many carbs in your diet can cause a lot of fatigue by raising your blood sugar levels. You can interrupt your natural sleep/wake cycles. Carbs are also responsible for weight gain because of the ones people indulge in the most. If you go for more complex carbs, such as those with high amounts of fiber and other rich nutrients, the carb intake is balanced as long as you don’t indulge in these kinds of carbs too often. 

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Having Irregular Sleep Patterns

Sleep is something that people treasure and hate at the same time. People want to stay in the know, scrolling through their phones and checking social media when they should be sleeping. Or they want to get a few more hours of work in when it’s way past midnight. They should be waking up early and taking care of it in the morning. Having an irregular sleep pattern means that your body doesn’t know when to prepare for being tired and how long to be asleep. That means everything is out of sync and makes it even more difficult to fall asleep consistently every day. Put your devices away, make the room quiet and cool, and meditate before bed to increase your chances of falling asleep at a reasonable time.


Consuming Excessive Amounts of Alcohol 

Having a few drinks can be a great way to loosen up and relax. The problem lies with people who rely on alcohol all the time to make them feel good. Alcohol is literally a poison that slowly kills your body in excessive amounts. It works as a depressant, slowing down the body’s functions, including the nervous system and brain, digestive system, and circulatory system. Slowing everything down too much can lead to terrible problems that can be life-threatening. Alcohol also damages the liver, and your liver is pretty important to keep your body in check. One of the biggest effects is increasing the risk of cirrhosis of the liver, where scarring occurs, and harms the normal functions of the liver.