These Basic Health and Life Essentials Should Be Free For Everyone

Have you ever paid for something and thought, “This shouldn’t cost this much.” or “This should be free.”? Well, you’re not alone. There are plenty of… Trista - November 4, 2021

Have you ever paid for something and thought, “This shouldn’t cost this much.” or “This should be free.”? Well, you’re not alone. There are plenty of items out there that Redditors, like you, think should be free. Do you believe certain food items, prescriptions, or even healthcare should be free? There are so many different things we pay for on a daily basis that are expensive. These are some of the most expensive. We found many people who thought these basic health needs should be free. We’re sure you’ll agree with some of the things we found! Keep reading for stories about services and products that should be free for everyone!


A Sad Truth About The Price Of Healthcare

Reddit user SomethingWithLegs shares what their brother goes through on a daily basis. It’s quite sad but a harsh reality in today’s world. They go on to say, “My brother is an EMT, and we constantly talk about how horrible he feels on the occasion he will get patients who refuse help from him because they don’t want to pay for the hospital bill. People have the right to refuse medical services, but he also has the job to save as many lives as he can and will provide medical services if he feels someone isn’t mentally able to make that decision.”

“It sucks that people have to be put in crippling debt because they had a medical emergency and needed to be taken to a hospital.” This is a harsh reality in The United States. The cost of medicine and medical care is absolutely ridiculous, even with spectacular health insurance. As an example, I had a family member recently taken to the hospital in an ambulance, and it cost them $500 with health insurance. It’s sad to think of how many people die or ignore illnesses because they can’t afford to pay for them. This Reddit user is correct in adding medical services to the list of things we shouldn’t have to pay for.


Still Paying for that ER Visit…

Reddit User kU5mFDpzv6rpY3pQ says, “Two years ago, I went to the ER presenting with heart attack symptoms. Five nights and many advanced tests later, it turned out I have arthritis in my neck that was pinching a nerve bundle. Physical therapy, and I’m good to go. My deductible cost me $4000. I saw the final bill, and it was north of half a million dollars. Last year, my wife went into the ER for food poisoning and was admitted for three nights. $4000 more dollars out of our pocket, and insurance was billed for a quarter-million dollars. Health care and health insurance are so screwed up in the USA.”

Wow! This is a harsh reality in the United States. People struggle to afford medical bills, prescriptions, dental bills, and even glasses. Our healthcare system needs a serious revamping to help the citizens of the United States afford life-saving medical necessities. No one should have to suffer because they can’t afford to go to the hospital or pick up their medications from the pharmacy. It’s heartbreaking to hear stories about people who ignore their health because they can’t afford the medical bills.


Free Healthcare – Especially for Medical Emergencies

Spider_Master shares, “I believe we should have free healthcare. This is like one of my worst fears. My wife and I went to the emergency room a few months ago because our apartment never reconnected the furnace/water heater piping to the outside vent after a remodel. So, we had a little scare with symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. Luckily, I’m still young enough to be on a shared plan with my parents, and my mom has lots of medical problems, so we met the deductible, and my visit was free.”

“My wife’s visit was not free. So, after our apartment almost killed us, they still won’t pay us for our medical bills. We are trying to sue, but we weren’t technically “injured” so it’s hard to find someone to take our case.” That’s scary. Carbon Monoxide can kill. It’s ridiculous health insurance won’t completely cover emergencies like this one. It’s not like you can change the fact that you got carbon monoxide poisoning. I honestly believe all healthcare should be free, including dental, prescriptions, glasses, and all medical procedures. There’s no reason someone should have to suffer in silence because they can’t afford medical necessities.


Unable To Afford Chemotherapy

Brokecollegekid69 says, “Chemotherapy and other life-saving drugs should be free for everyone. Ultra sick patients have a hard enough life — mostly being sick with things they aren’t responsible for contracting. The fact that we have no problem as a society sticking it to these people at a very dark time of their life is cruel. I also believe glasses should be free. If not free, then at least a reduced price. Okay, so at some point, we will all need them. But for those who are born with a need for them, it sucks to have to pay so much for something you can’t control.

“If someone who needs glasses does not have them, they could be a danger to others as well as themselves. In traffic, in society, etc. So it is something that could be defined as essential for some people’s way of life. One could say the same about those in wheelchairs. Those who use them didn’t choose that way of life. It is something that is needed for them to be able to move.” People who are suffering from cancer shouldn’t have to worry about how they can afford their chemotherapy and other medications needed to help them survive. And people who cannot see or safely function without corrective vision should not have to pay hundreds in order to see.


A Strong Belief That Food Should Be Free

ReallyBigAligator shares their beliefs when it comes to what should be free for everyone, and I wholeheartedly agree with them. They say, “I’ll say it before, and I’ll say it again: Children shouldn’t have to pay for school lunches or bus transportation. I’ll GLADLY pay more in taxes, so they don’t have to. No child should be without means to educate themselves or without food.” I share this belief completely. Children should never have to know what it feels like to be hungry. I would gladly pay higher taxes to help children all over the world never have to know that kind of pain.

Children are so innocent and have their whole lives ahead of them to do great things. Starting out with a great support system and everything they need to grow and learn is of the utmost importance. Children are our future, and they should never have to worry about where their next meal is coming from or how they will get home from school. I’m sure most of you will agree that higher taxes is nothing if it means helping a child. This also applies to free education. Children should receive the best schooling available to help them achieve their dreams – whether that means becoming a doctor or a waitress.


Why Make Women Pay for Reproductive Products?

Girl0nfire69 shares a belief held by almost every woman. She says, “Feminine hygiene products should be free – pads, tampons, etc. I didn’t ask to be born a girl, and they’re not a privilege or a luxury. They’re a basic necessity for the progression of the human race. The least the world can do is stop making them so freaking expensive and be more sensitive towards women on their periods.” You go, girl! This is so true. Feminine hygiene products can be very expensive, depending on what you get. You shouldn’t have to buy cheap products that don’t work well for you when there’s something better available.

Feminine hygiene products should definitely be free for all women, no matter how much money you make. These products help you through a difficult time every month, saves your clothes from bloodstains, and can help you feel more pampered during your cycle. There’s no reason why they should be so expensive. You are basically paying for the label on them. The more expensive products are usually the best, too, meaning you have to spend more on the products that work well for you. The cheaper products are made poorly and often lead to leaks and stains. I wholeheartedly agree with this person!


Universal Healthcare For All

Darth_Mufasa shares what they believe should be free for everyone. Most of you will probably agree! They say, “No one has free healthcare. Plenty has collective healthcare, and I’m all for it. But, man, do I hate the spin that it’s free. I find it a much more compelling argument that we’re just stupidly paying more than we have to in the US and that we end up paying for the poor people who can’t afford their inflated healthcare anyways. That’s how we convince the other side. We have to show that they’re already paying for poor people.”

“We should go for universal healthcare if for no other reason than it would be cheaper. I agree that we should just do it for other reasons too, but it’ll never be free, and we should stop saying it is.” Universal Healthcare works well in other countries, so why not the United States? It would help so many people who can’t afford to go to the doctor, get the operations necessary for survival, and get their medications. It’s a wonderful idea, and it makes you wonder why it hasn’t become a reality in the United States. There has to be a reason why it’s not.


Should Food be Free?

Iz-zY1994 has a belief that isn’t held by everyone. They go on to say, “People are gonna come at me for this, but I don’t care. Food – I believe food should be free. Food is absolutely necessary to live, and the fact we have to pay for it is not morally defensible in the modern age. Everyone should have access to basic foods – especially fruits and vegetables. We have more than enough food production but nowhere near the food distribution necessary for everyone in the world. We need to get the food where it’s needed. There are so many people suffering from hunger out there.”

“We need to mandate industrial composting of waste so we can turn any wasted food into fertilizer for more food. It isn’t easy, it isn’t simple, and it isn’t cheap. But it is what we should be working towards.” This isn’t a widely held belief, but it’s easy to see where they are coming from. No one should have to struggle with being hungry. Everyone deserves nutritious and healthy food instead of junk food. The problem is that junk food is so much cheaper than foods with any nutritional value, and it should be the other way around.


Internet Access Is Important For Everyone

LaneBerry shares their beliefs on an important aspect of everyday life, especially for children being homeschooled. They say, “I believe everyone should have free Wifi or some sort of access to a basic internet connection. Remember how we closed public schools and required school children to attend school “online”? I think that exact moment proved how important it is for everyone to have some sort of access to the internet. For lower-income families, I totally believe there should be programs to give them internet access.” I can see where this Reddit user is coming from, especially when it comes to kids.

Throughout the pandemic, children have been homeschooled all over the world. In order to do school work at home, they need internet access. An April 2020 report from the US Census Bureau revealed that 7%, (3.7 million households), had internet available sometimes, rarely, or never. In households where internet was always available for online learning, 2.4% of households received internet access from the child’s school or school district. If kids are being homeschooled, there should be some type of program for families to receive free internet. No child should have to be held back a grade because of a lack of internet access. They should also have the ability to have the same education as other children, without worrying about how they are going to get online.


You Shouldn’t Have To Pay For Funerals

“Families shouldn’t be paying for the funerals of their deceased loved ones. It is already an extremely stressful situation when someone close to you dies, so why top it off with a large financial burden? It just seems inhumane. You should at least be allowed to die properly for free since basically everything else in your life has cost you.” This person has a point. You go through your entire life paying for everything needed to survive. Then your loved ones are left with a massive bill when you pass. Suppose it can’t be free, then the price should be discounted. There should not be an entire industry around charging people for dying.

If that doesn’t work, then funeral homes could charge for some services – like burials and fancy caskets. If anything, cremation should be one of the free services. That seems like the easiest way to go when it comes to funeral services. Having a large funeral with the service, casket, and burial can cost thousands of dollars. When a family member passes away, it’s a terrible feeling. You’re in mourning and feeling the loss of your loved one, and the last thing you should have to worry about is planning a funeral.


Once Again, Cheaper Internet Services Will Help Everyone

This one comes up all over the place. With how the world revolves around internet access, it’s just going to become more necessary. “I hear a lot of people saying they think the internet should be free. I’m somewhere in the middle of the debate. I can’t agree that it should be free, but it definitely could be cheaper. Fiber optics and the equipment for everything are VERY expensive. I work for an ISP. We had a lightning storm yesterday. One of our towers got hit by lightning and fried most of the radios, which itself costs thousands to fix.

“Our fiber cabinet a few feet over from it also got hit and fried one of the router cards, which took a hundred customers offline. One of those cards costs $10k. It was an expensive lightning storm.” While going through more comments, this is one of the most talked-about things people think should be free. Internet Service Providers hold all the power in their hands. They can charge whatever they want for their services and if you live in an area with only one or two providers, you’re stuck paying an expensive rate.


School Children Should Not Go Hungry Because of Money

“According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, basic needs such as shelter, and food must be obtained in order for an individual to progress higher through the pyramid. Children who are sated have a better ability to focus on their learning instead of on where their next meal is coming from. The meals provided at school might be the only meal the child knows they are getting that day. I think establishing a school as a “safe space” for children will give them a better chance for success.

“Some opponents of this idea may suggest that the financial cost is simply too much of a burden for the government or the individual school district to bear, however, programs could be implemented to ensure the lowest cost. Even though the cost would never be able to be eliminated, any expense gained could be argued that the value to the student would be immeasurable in terms of the value of their life over time. Some other considerations to consider for this issue could be some of the logistics while handling children with allergies, or children who have picky tastes, you wouldn’t want to provide them with a food that they would not eat and then just throw away – however, I think this would be a small challenge to overcome and would ultimately improve children’s food security in America.”


Life Saving Necessities like Epi-Pens

Inner-Membership-175 holds a belief many of us share. “Epi-Pens should be free for everyone. The number of people who said insulin and Epi are not surprising. I have idiopathic anaphylaxis, meaning I go into anaphylactic shock randomly. And I need to have Epi-Pens refilled pretty often. I live in an area that supports low-income families— if I work or get married, I won’t qualify for Medi-Cal, which covers Epi. For me to have to find loopholes to stay ‘low income’ is insanely stressful, but it’s pretty much the only way for me to live???

“It’s freaking insane. All medication should be free, period.” These types of medications should be free for those who need them. Epi-pens can save someone’s life, and charging a large fee for something like that is just plain crazy. It makes you wonder how many people out there have lost their lives or ended up in the hospital because they couldn’t afford their medications. It’s really sad to think these types of things happen. People with diabetes or those who have seizures need their medication to live a semi-normal life. They shouldn’t have to worry about not being able to afford their life-saving medications.


Who Has the Right to Charge for Water?

Reddit User newgamerdude shares, “Water should be free. Companies like Nestle attempt to privatize it and sell it to you, which causes severe damage to poor nations. Specifically in Pakistan, Nestle has taken a lot of water from there in order to force them to buy their own water. Water (tap water) is free by law where I live in any establishment that serves food. There are also many public water fountains and water bottle refill stations (free), especially in newer buildings. There’s no reason to charge for water.

“The only reason to buy bottled water used to be at events, but now even they have to let you bring your own bottle in and fill it for free if you wish to.” There’s no reason to charge for water. However, are you actually paying for when you buy water is the label of the company that makes it? All of our water comes from the same places around the world, so by slapping a label on it, these companies are making you think it’s something special. We all need water to survive, and these companies know that. It’s much easier and cheaper to buy a Pur water filter and filter your own water at home.


Requiring IDs to Vote is a Poll Tax in Disguise

DeathSpiral321 says, “Government-issued ID cards should be free for everyone. Requiring an ID to vote but charging money to get the ID is no different from a direct poll tax, which is illegal. I remember South Carolina making IDs free so people could vote. Then, they shifted the cost to the driver’s manuals that used to be free.” By charging for government-issued IDs, the country is losing out on votes for the people who can’t afford to get their IDs renewed. It’s expensive to get a Driver’s license, and while it doesn’t cost a whole lot to get it renewed, there are people out there who can’t afford it.

Charging for regular IDs that don’t allow you to drive seems like something that should be free. The only thing you use it for is to vote and have identification showing who you are. It makes sense that South Carolina was offering IDs for free at one point, but it makes you wonder why they stopped. If anything, the Regular IDs should be free, and the government could charge for Driver’s licenses instead. In my state, it costs $45.00 for an enhanced driver’s license that allows you to travel to Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. That’s a lot of money for those with low income.


Asthma Can be Fatal Without Medication

“Albuterol, the asthma medication, should be free for everyone. Albuterol is like €3 per inhaler in Europe (or free if you’re eligible in many countries). I don’t know how Americans put up with $75 inhalers without taking them to the streets. How in the ‘land of the free,’ you’re not free to purchase medicine for anything close to what it actually costs. Seriously, if you need a supply, just fly to Spain and stock up. A couple of years’ worth of inhalers will offset the price of the plane ticket.”

All asthma medications can be costly, not just albuterol. These medications work by opening your airways. During an asthma attack, your airways constrict, making it difficult to breathe. Albuterol can open your airways with just one or two puffs off of an inhaler. It’s scary not being able to breathe and can cause all kinds of health issues if you can’t breathe for an extended period of time. It’s disturbing to think there are people out there who just deal with asthma symptoms because they can’t afford their medications. Keep reading for more items that should be free. You’ll probably agree with these common sense humans!


Contraception and more Women’s Hygiene Products

“Pads, Tampons, and contraception should be free. In my university, there is a box in every girls’ bathroom in which anyone can put pads so if someone cannot afford it or has a surprise period party in their pants. They are safe. Proof that women can support other women: I have never seen any of these boxes completely empty. As a dude who helps out with cleaning at my university, in the first week of the semester, they always give out boxes of free tampons/pads (companies come and do it to advertise themselves). I make sure to get a few boxes and stash them in my shared workshop.

“So, we always have some available for women who need them. Homies are homies no matter what’s in your pants.” Feminine hygiene products should be free for every woman, as well as contraception. These products can be very expensive, especially if you have regular cycles every month. The better products are more expensive, which causes women to shell out the money to get products that are more comfortable. If these products were reduced in price or even free, every woman would be able to afford to get them. It’s sad to think there are women out there who can’t afford these products and end up having to deal with an unwanted pregnancy or use odd items for pads during their period.


Another Advocate for Free Uterus Supplies

CausticSofa says, “I was in charge of ordering supplies for the last company I worked at. One day a staff member told me that the maxi pads we keep in our supplies closet were out, so I started combing through all of the different order lists from different companies we buy supplies from to try and figure out where we were even getting these magical things that somehow almost never ran low. I finally realized we don’t even buy them. I never solved who was just regularly keeping pads and tampons stash for the entire 250 person company, which was slightly more than 50% uterus-having members.

“It was just some guardian angel who didn’t seem to need accolades. Had Covid and WFH not happened, then I would’ve talked my bosses into taking over the responsibility because I know that they would agree it was something we should provide the staff alongside milk, creamer, coffee, and tissues. It’s just that none of us had realized we had magical tampon elves.” It’s wonderful this company has someone supplying pads and tampons for women. It can be a costly endeavor, so kudos to them for helping out! No woman should have to go without sanitary products while on her period.


Babies Need Food. Period.

Mintyugie says, “I believe infant formula should be free. Breast milk is free. So the moment a baby can’t be breastfed for whatever reason, that baby’s survival is commodified. Formula companies have used some disgusting advertising tactics (see: Nestlé), and still do in a more sneaky way since the implementation of the WHO code, and they can get away with it because there are babies who need that formula to survive and families are going to do whatever they can to provide it. I have so much more to say, but not enough time to say it because, ironically, I’m breastfeeding my own baby, and she’s about to need a burp.”

“But, if you’re interested, I highly recommend The Politics of Breastfeeding, by Gabrielle Palmer.” It is true that there are women out there who don’t produce milk, or their babies won’t accept it, so why should they have to pay for something their baby would die without? It makes sense. No baby should have to starve because their parents can’t afford formula. It’s good there are programs out there to help pay for formula, but it doesn’t cover everything needed in a month. You end up having to spend some money out of pocket to get the formula by the end of the month.


A Controversial Topic: Abortion Should Be Legal And Free

Reddit User Drunken306 shares what they believe should be free. Some of you may agree, while others will be completely against it. It is a controversial topic that often leads to arguments. They say, “I’ll start the controversy: Abortion. That is right. I know this will get a lot of people very upset and peeved. However, I’d rather have my tax dollar pay for an abortion and solve the problem upfront, rather than pay for someone who is unwanted for the rest of their life.” While this can be a dangerous topic to discuss, there are people out there who believe abortions should be free.

It’s a slippery slope when it comes to this topic, and you should tread lightly when getting into a conversation with others about it. In reality, it’s up to the woman what she wants to do, and she shouldn’t have to deal with stigma because of her choice. The only thing that creating laws and costs surrounding abortion is doing is creating a bigger problem. If women are in a tough situation and feel the need to terminate their pregnancy, making it unattainable will lead to illegal medical procedures. Which only makes the situation more dangerous for women.


A Different Opinion: Nothing Should Be Free

“Nothing, but we should establish a baseline quality of life that’s funded by taxation. What should that baseline be? My wish list is: Healthcare, Education, Foodbanks, Shelters, Transportation, Libraries. Healthcare, just like most of the countries… Education is up to a Community College associate’s degree. Then getting into anything more requires getting something equivalent to a scholarship or accessing the same information using online learning resources. Food banks should provide basic sustenance based on the size of a household. Done right, and it should negate the need for school lunch programs. Basic barracks-style shelter for anyone, if you’re working a job something closer to a dorm.

“Shelters (and libraries) also staff career advisors whose job it is to help anyone who wants to advance what actions will help them do so. Companies are required to bus employees to and from a location that can access public transportation. Companies exempt from this must prove they are either already accessible via public transportation, or all workers serving them can afford their own transportation. Lastly, there is a program to allow to help individuals to relocate to other cities where there is a demand for labor. Libraries, basically they are just funded and staffed to also provide miscellaneous needs.”


An Angry Rant that has a Very Good Point

“Water, parking at school or hospitals, healthcare, registration/licensing/ID of anything vital/ mandatory, diapers/tampons (pads/diva cups, etc.) / bathroom maintenance (toilet paper, soap) / eye maintenance / dental/ anything we could make for ourselves that has to be regulated like housing or food (our taxes should subsidize all of this instead of bloated political wages, military, tax cuts and bailouts for wealthy companies) education to whatever level, ambulance rides, freaking using roads (**** toll booths) We could redistribute the wealth of 2,000 people and better billions. Or we can keep letting people die from poverty, hunger, war, and treatable illnesses that they can’t afford because a couple of guys have a manhood measuring contest about going to space first is more important?

“We are the majority people! Why are we allowing irresponsible and selfish people to run the world at our expense? These people would murder you and your family and friends gladly if it meant getting to hoard an extra couple million if there were no repercussions. They are deliberately screwing up your education, so you remain ignorant and compliant. Stop staking yourselves to the ground to provide them with tender veal/lamb. God dang it.” These things are necessities for life, and you shouldn’t be charged for them.


Calling 911 is free, but Not a Ride to the Hospital

“911 transports should be free. I’m talking mainly about the U.S. While it ‘should’ be free, for many, it’s not. Actually, it’s very expensive, and a lot of people don’t expect a bill for it when all they got is a ‘ride.’ What most people don’t realize is taxes alone don’t cover the cost of an ambulance. If you really consider all that goes into the upkeep of an ambulance, it’s understandable. People throw up all over ambulances, spatter blood, sheets and equipment constantly have to be sanitized and replaced.”

“So while a 911 transport should be free, I’m willing to pay if I need help because I want a modern-day ambulance. Not a vintage one from the past that has no equipment to help save my life, or better yet… a family member’s life, till they or I get to the hospital.” While it should be free, what we’re paying for is the upkeep of the vehicles to ensure the best quality equipment is onboard the ambulance. You wouldn’t want an ambulance to pick you up with nothing onboard to help save your life, would you? To those who have non-emergency medical needs and need a ride to a healthcare provider, you can find local programs that often offer this service for free or little charge.


Free Stuff For The Elite

Illuminations are some form of ‘non-profit’ that can only be funded by individuals, corporations, and corporations with large political donations. And this isn’t limited to corporations. You can even purchase ads from them through online sites that only allow you to see the ads. Even on the more extreme corners of the planet, where your ad revenue is limited to a few dollars, there are some who will pay $25 an ad on each ad in place of $7 for the whole ad. The whole idea is that these free ads in the first place get their funding from your money, but they’re not actually paid by your time spent there or making your ad. “

“It gets particularly interesting when you consider that even the largest corporations like GE, PepsiCo, etc., are able to buy this stuff so they can give free stuff like free TVs to their shareholders. They can even put a price on it that will be lower than what others buy because they know the price they are under. As much as they can save on food stamps and housing expenses, those costs would be greatly outweighed by the benefits of having a full and free health care plan that is less expensive to insure than what others have for health care costs at a fraction of what you get from your health insurance. Of course, this is all pretty much a scam perpetuated by the richest one percent to get something ‘free.’ ”


Higher Education For All

This is something that anyone who went to college will understand. They go on to say, “Obviously, I’d put medical care on top of the list. But I’d also like to include higher education. This isn’t a ‘cancel student debt’ thing, more of a ‘not force people into debt to get an education’ thing. Meaning I think there will always be a need/desire to have more prestigious colleges and universities. But I look at them like I do in private schools. They are there for the rich, but people with lower incomes deserve the same shot at higher education as anybody with money.

“They shouldn’t have to go into crippling debt in order to get it. I think State Universities should be government-funded and allow students to get whatever education they want in those universities. I’ve always believed the cure for cancer is locked inside the head of someone who will never be able to afford to go to college.” Research shows that the private and public economic benefit of free community college tuition would outweigh the cost. That’s why half of the states in the country already have some form of free college tuition.


Everyone Should Have Free Access To Housing

“It’s a controversial opinion, but I believe that we should not pay for things without which we will literally die. Everyone should have access to clean water, food, and medical care because without it, people literally die (and preferably housing, although you can survive without it). Or, if, according to the economic model, it is necessary to ‘pay’ something (so that there is an artificial turnover of money), we should receive payments that fully cover these expenses for VITAL needs. That is, conditionally, we do not pay anything for it out of our own pocket; this is how it should be.

“It shouldn’t even be discussed, and it should be obvious.” We shouldn’t have to pay for things that are required for survival. Things like water, food, and medical care should be free for everyone. Or, at least offer the means to grow your own food rather than shopping at the grocery store. Everyone should have the same quality of medical care without worrying about how to pay their bills. It’s really sad and depressing to think of the people out there suffering because they can’t afford to go to the doctor. There are places in the world that offer free medical care, like Canada.


Taxes, Or No Taxes?

Taxes. It’s something everyone has to pay when becoming a homeowner. They go on to say, “I believe we should get rid of property taxes, but there are problems with the idea. Property taxes pay for maintenance and improvements in the city/town you live in. Income tax pays for maintenance and improvements in the country/state (or province) you live in, which sometimes contributes to the maintenance/improvement of the city you live in. You could get rid of property taxes completely, but that would just lead to additional income tax.

“Taxes will be paid regardless because the local government can’t run without it.” Well, this would be a great idea if the money would just go straight back into our pockets instead of being taxed on something else. This person is probably right – it would just lead to higher income taxes. There must be a reason why this isn’t a law yet. It’s probably difficult to figure out such a complex situation. While some believe there are other things that are more important than property taxes, It’s definitely on the list of things people believe should be free.


Some Great Ideas About Free Glasses

“Pretty much every medicine that people depend on to survive – sure put some range on it on how much they can buy per a week or day- but many people need medicine to LIVE, and it’s horrid that they have to pay so much for them. Glasses should be free when they are a necessary like I need glasses to read the text in a far distance, but it is not 100% necessary for me, so I’m okay with paying for them. But when it’s someone who needs them to see 24/7, otherwise everything is blurry, can’t even see their fingers? It should be free.

Prosthetics should also be free, as well as any other equipment for people with disabilities. Life-saving surgeries should be free. Basic food – like a package of food free so people with low income and homeless people could buy them. I’m thinking maybe a loaf of bread, a bottle of water, gummy bears (for sugar intake). Sure, there would be people who would abuse this, but there would be hundreds if not more people whose lives would be a bit easier.”


Issues With Paying For Paperwork

Normative documents and standards of any kind should be free. Here in Germany, they are in the hand of a single publisher and ridiculously expensive. If you want to do any work in any industry, you need lots of them and keep them current. You even can’t borrow them from libraries (just look at them and not take any copies). Even citing from them is heavily regulated. They are practically laws since you could technically deviate from them, but then you have to prove yourself that your product is still functional and safe.”

“Good look with that in court. We have rulings that laws have to be accessible for free. In Germany, all the laws are freely available on the web, and there are organizations where you can buy them in print “at-cost.” Like 5€ for a thick book. There is no copyright on them at all. In my opinion, this should be the case for “quasi-laws,” too.”