These Basic Health and Life Essentials Should Be Free For Everyone

Everyone Should Have Free Access To Housing “It’s a controversial opinion, but I believe that we should not pay for things without which we will literally… Trista - November 4, 2021

Everyone Should Have Free Access To Housing

“It’s a controversial opinion, but I believe that we should not pay for things without which we will literally die. Everyone should have access to clean water, food, and medical care because without it, people literally die (and preferably housing, although you can survive without it). Or, if, according to the economic model, it is necessary to ‘pay’ something (so that there is an artificial turnover of money), we should receive payments that fully cover these expenses for VITAL needs. That is, conditionally, we do not pay anything for it out of our own pocket; this is how it should be.

“It shouldn’t even be discussed, and it should be obvious.” We shouldn’t have to pay for things that are required for survival. Things like water, food, and medical care should be free for everyone. Or, at least offer the means to grow your own food rather than shopping at the grocery store. Everyone should have the same quality of medical care without worrying about how to pay their bills. It’s really sad and depressing to think of the people out there suffering because they can’t afford to go to the doctor. There are places in the world that offer free medical care, like Canada.


Taxes, Or No Taxes?

Taxes. It’s something everyone has to pay when becoming a homeowner. They go on to say, “I believe we should get rid of property taxes, but there are problems with the idea. Property taxes pay for maintenance and improvements in the city/town you live in. Income tax pays for maintenance and improvements in the country/state (or province) you live in, which sometimes contributes to the maintenance/improvement of the city you live in. You could get rid of property taxes completely, but that would just lead to additional income tax.

“Taxes will be paid regardless because the local government can’t run without it.” Well, this would be a great idea if the money would just go straight back into our pockets instead of being taxed on something else. This person is probably right – it would just lead to higher income taxes. There must be a reason why this isn’t a law yet. It’s probably difficult to figure out such a complex situation. While some believe there are other things that are more important than property taxes, It’s definitely on the list of things people believe should be free.


Some Great Ideas About Free Glasses

“Pretty much every medicine that people depend on to survive – sure put some range on it on how much they can buy per a week or day- but many people need medicine to LIVE, and it’s horrid that they have to pay so much for them. Glasses should be free when they are a necessary like I need glasses to read the text in a far distance, but it is not 100% necessary for me, so I’m okay with paying for them. But when it’s someone who needs them to see 24/7, otherwise everything is blurry, can’t even see their fingers? It should be free.

Prosthetics should also be free, as well as any other equipment for people with disabilities. Life-saving surgeries should be free. Basic food – like a package of food free so people with low income and homeless people could buy them. I’m thinking maybe a loaf of bread, a bottle of water, gummy bears (for sugar intake). Sure, there would be people who would abuse this, but there would be hundreds if not more people whose lives would be a bit easier.”


Issues With Paying For Paperwork

Normative documents and standards of any kind should be free. Here in Germany, they are in the hand of a single publisher and ridiculously expensive. If you want to do any work in any industry, you need lots of them and keep them current. You even can’t borrow them from libraries (just look at them and not take any copies). Even citing from them is heavily regulated. They are practically laws since you could technically deviate from them, but then you have to prove yourself that your product is still functional and safe.”

“Good look with that in court. We have rulings that laws have to be accessible for free. In Germany, all the laws are freely available on the web, and there are organizations where you can buy them in print “at-cost.” Like 5€ for a thick book. There is no copyright on them at all. In my opinion, this should be the case for “quasi-laws,” too.”