These Out of the Ordinary Medical Reports Are Made of Nightmares

By Trista
These Out of the Ordinary Medical Reports Are Made of Nightmares

Going to the doctor is one of those unavoidable things that happen in life. Millions of people get sick and seek medical attention every day, and most of those cases can easily be explained after a few diagnostic tests are completed. They are treated and are sent on their way.

But then some are rare and not so logically explained. For one reason or another, the weird symptoms do not add up, and doctors are puzzled about what could be making their patients ill. Check out this extensive list of some of the oddest medical cases ever recorded in modern medicine.

Blood found in the urine is never good. Shutterstock

1. 30-Year Infection

A 43-year-old man who lived in Qatar sought help from his physician when he saw blood in his urine. He told the doctor that he had pain when he urinated for about a month before the visit. It turned out that he had a calcified bladder that was caused by an unusual source.

The parasite Schistosoma was the culprit. Freshwater snails often transmit it. The parasite had caused an infection when its eggs had ended up on the wall of the bladder. The man’s immune system caused part of the walls to become calcified. Since it takes years for that much calcium to accumulate inside the body, doctors believe that the main had actually became infected with the parasite when he was a child, 30 years before it was discovered.