Top Signs that a Restaurant is Not Clean Enough to Eat At

3. Great service doesn’t mean much if the food is terrible. Although excellent service can make up for a lot, nothing will make you return to… Trista - June 10, 2021

3. Great service doesn’t mean much if the food is terrible.

Although excellent service can make up for a lot, nothing will make you return to a restaurant if the food is truly terrible, right? A few things to look out for would be flowery menu descriptions that do not accurately describe what you actually get served, as well as cheap ingredients being subbed in for more expensive items. You will likely spot inconsistencies with food quality and portion sizes if the kitchen is being run poorly. So keep an eye out for these things. 

Unfortunately, once great restaurants can go downhill, particularly if they lose the chef or key kitchen staff they once had. Even having money troubles can cause a restaurant to go downhill with its service and menu. Some think if they serve cheaper bread and butter or cut down on the size of alcoholic beverages, the customers will not notice. However, they are just fooling themselves. Because guests of that restaurant will surely notice; it may be a little harder to see if you’ve never been there before, but regulars will, for sure. 


2. Avoid those sticky floors.

Like restaurants, you also want to keep an eye out for the cleanliness of a bar. Although cleanliness is a given, it can sometimes be tough to tell just how thorough the staff is there. An assistant manager at Berkhamsted Porters Restaurant, James Farley, says you can look at how dirty or sticky the floors are to gauge the staff’s dedication to cleaning, especially if you are stopping by for lunch. 

A sure sign that someone is not doing their job is for there to be a sticky floor in the afternoon, and it could be an indicator of more significant problems going on behind the scenes. “That shows the cleaning is not up to scratch, so then I wonder how clean the lines are,” says James. The floor is one of the most basic and easiest things that should be kept clean and presentable. So if you are sticking to it when you are stopping by for a quick pub lunch, you are better off heading right back out the door and going somewhere else with non-sticky floors. 


1. Bars are no different.

There is a surprisingly easy way to check how much effort goes into keeping a place clean. Marko Mihajlovic, a TourMakers tour director, says you should check to see if there is dirt and dust accumulated on signs indoors and top of light fixtures. “This is usually a very tiny problem; it requires minimal effort to fix, a lot of time to accumulate, and it is so obvious, yet no one took to it,” says Marko.  

Whether you are in a restaurant that is high class or in a bar just to have a few drinks and visit with people, this shouldn’t be acceptable. It is an indicator of neglect in the establishment and neglect that has gone on over a long period. It’s also an inattention to detail bound to extend to other parts of the bar and restaurant that you may not even be thinking about or even want to know at that point, honestly.