Ways to Develop a Growth Mindset and Positive Thinking

Make Sure that You Love What You Do You have probably had a job that you couldn’t stand. You might have enjoyed it at the beginning… Trista - August 21, 2020
When you love what you do, you will want to continue to thrive in the field, which will lead you to a healthier growth mindset. Image via Shutterstock

Make Sure that You Love What You Do

You have probably had a job that you couldn’t stand. You might have enjoyed it at the beginning or found certain features that you liked, such as co-workers, but this doesn’t mean that you were happy with it. When you feel this way about your career, it can create a ripple effect into other parts of your life, making you feel like you’re not doing enough, something isn’t right, or simply unhappy. It makes you feel stuck, and to build your growth mindset, you need to feel like you can continue to move forward. 

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One way to build your growth mindset is to get into a career that you love. Focus on one that you will want to go to every day because of all the ideas that you have or the belief that you belong. 

Ask yourself, “What does being a genius mean to me?” Image via Shutterstock

Redefine the Word Genius

Genius is a word that everyone knows. It’s seen as a powerful way to tell someone that they’re smart. Most people want to be told they’re a genius in their line of work because it gives them validation that they’re on the right path. But, when you focus on someone needing to call you a genius, you’re letting them define the terms, your goals, strengths, and weaknesses. You’re letting go of control that you deserve to have over your own life and giving it to someone else. This notion can lead you down a path where you need to be praised for your work to know that you’re doing a good job. 

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It’s time to focus on defining the term based on your strengths and weaknesses. Remember, even people who are well-known geniuses had flaws. To build your growth mindset, you need to know which direction to take yourself so your desires can become a reality. 

It doesn’t matter who inspires you; the key is to use them to help you work toward your dreams. Image via Shutterstock

Become Inspired By Other People

Most people have someone who inspires them. You might see it that you adore their work or the person they are. For example, your grandmother inspires you because she worked when most women didn’t have the chance or your grandfather is your hero because he never judged another human being and always treated people with compassion. It’s time to find the people you look up to, but instead of telling yourself, “I want to be like them.” You need to look at how they can inspire you to reach your goals. 

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Doing this will help you add fuel to your fire and keep you going. It will help you feel excited about what you are doing. The bottom line: it will keep you moving in the right direction so you can focus on your growth mindset. 

While not all criticism is helpful, you want to focus on the information that is and

Find the Gift in Criticism

No matter what you do, there will always be people who criticize you. They might tell you directly what they think to you, or you hear it from someone else. You’ll always have a friend or family member read a Facebook status or your Twitter tweet and tell you what they think about your choices. While it’s not easy to hear the criticism, you need to learn to accept it and then find the gift within it. 

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This idea doesn’t mean that every piece of criticism you receive will be useful to you, but it’s always worth reflecting. For example, if you’re working on a project and someone tells you how you can do it differently, look at it and decide if it’s worth pursuing. You never know when you’ll receive helpful tips that will put you a step further ahead. 

Celebrating once you’ve finished a project or reached a goal is great, but you also need to focus more on the process as this is where you will learn more about yourself. Shutterstock.

Enjoy the Process and Not Just the Result

Most of the time, you just look at the result, whether it’s a work or personal project you’ve been working on. You often look at the finished product and smile because it makes you feel proud. While this is a significant step to take, and you want to keep doing this, you also need to focus on the process. 

You want to think about every step you’ve made from the start of the project to the result. It’s crucial to focus on this more than the outcome because it helps you stay motivated. You won’t feel stuck in the middle and wonder how you will get out of the situation. 

Your growth mindset can learn in several ways, and one of them is by noticing the mistakes other people make and developing a new plan that will work. Shutterstock.

Learn From the Mistakes of Others

One of the most significant ways to embrace your growth mindset is to learn from your mistakes. Instead of dwelling over them, you want to find out what you can do to change the outcome the next time you see yourself in a similar situation. You can also take this a step further and learn from the mistakes of other people, such as your family, co-workers, and friends. 

This moment teaches you what not to do, but it will also help you become more comfortable with trying something new or changing your career to one that fits you. Another great way to improve your growth mindset develop is to continue trying new things. 

Taking time for self-reflection can help you process your thoughts, emotions, and why they connect the way they do. Shutterstock.

Spend Time With Self-Reflection

You know that “me time” is critical when it comes to self-care, which is essential when it comes to a growth mindset. Ensuring that you take time for self-care helps keep your mind clear of clutter so you can focus on what you need to do. But, spending time with yourself isn’t just focusing on doing what you want to do without anyone near you. It’s taking time to focus on self-reflection. 

You want to think about your day, thoughts, and actions. You want to look at why certain events happened and what role you played in them, especially if they’re bothering you in a certain way. You can reflect by just thinking or by writing in a journal. Doing this allows you to start learning in a new way. 

The amount of work you put into your job will help your mindset develop, not how fast you completed it. Shutterstock.

Speed Is Not What Matters

Do you ever put pressure on yourself because you think you’re “too slow” with a task? Do you think, “If I was only a little faster, I could get more work completed and do a better job?” It’s easy to fall into this trap, especially when you can see other people’s speed. The speed on when you complete a project doesn’t matter, even when you’re faced with a deadline. What matters is what and how you learn and process the information. 

Speed is usually a focus when people look at the result and not the process they took. The best way to improve your growth mindset is to give up on the idea of speed and stay fully engaged in the work you’re doing. Plus, this can help you when it comes to enjoying the process as you realize the amount of work you put into the task. 


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