10 Natural Remedies for Arthritis That Actually Work

2. Add exercise into your daily routine

Rene Cunningham
[Photo by Rene Cunningham/Flickr]

If you go a couple of days without exercise, you may seem to notice that your joints begin to ache. Your joints may begin to ache because the synovial gel between your joints starts to lump and thicken. When this gel thickens, your body does not move correctly causing the joint pain that you may be experiencing.


I know this is the last thing on the planet earth that you want to do when you are experiencing joint pain, but the long-term benefits that you will outweigh the short-term pain that you are experiencing. It has been proven that if you are having bad joint pain, one of the worst things you can do is stay static.

Whether the exercise is from walking your dog or going to the gym, it is essential to incorporate into your daily routine to promote blood circulation to the area. When going to the gym make sure you do exercises that specifically target the affected area so that you can see maximum results.

If you do not want to purchase a gym membership or if the gym simply does not appeal to your lifestyle, you can buy resistance bands at your local superstore like Wal-Mart. A resistance band permits you to target the affected joint specifically and stretch it out. Resistance band training can be done in the comfort of your home sitting in front on the TV.