15 Fun Home Pregnancy Tests That Might Actually Work

2. Sugar

Testing for pregnancy by using sugar is an easy method that has been used for centuries. Its simplicity makes it popular, and the results seem quite accurate. For this test, all you need is three teaspoons of sugar, your early-morning urine and a sterile container.

Put the three teaspoons of sugar into the sterile container. You can then urinate directly onto the sugar, or collect it separately and pour it into the container. Wait ten minutes to see what happens. If the sugar simply dissolves in the water, you’re unlikely to be pregnant. If it starts to clump, this indicates the presence of HCG, and you may be pregnant. The clumps should be well defined and stay that way. They should not dissolve after a few minutes.

The reason why this test works is like any other type of pregnancy test. It identifies the HCG levels in the urine. The visible reaction of the sugar to HCG is the clumping you observe.  In early pregnancy, the amount of the HCG in the blood doubles every 2-3 days and then the levels plateau in the second trimester. This is why it is better to wait about a week after a missed period to do the test. Testing too close to conception may produce inaccurate results because the placenta may not have had enough time to produce enough HCG to be detected.

If you are not able to identify the results, you will either need to do the test again in a few days, do another home pregnancy test or make an appointment to see the doctor. While the sugar test may be able to give you some idea if you are expecting, it should never replace proper prenatal testing.