15 Natural Ways to Treat and Prevent Dandruff Permanently

2. Brush or comb your hair

Most stylists agree that a healthy scalp is necessary for a healthy head of hair. One way in which you can achieve this is by brushing your hair every day.  Brushing will aid in the normal shedding of the skin, and loosen dirt and dead skin cells that attract dandruff-causing fungi and yeast. Besides yeast and fungi, poor circulation can also lead to dandruff. Brushing will further combat dandruff as it increases circulation by stimulating the scalp.

Increased blood flow to the scalp means that hair follicles are receiving the nutrients it needs to remain healthy, with zero signs of dandruff. To prevent dandruff, brush or comb your hair from your scalp downward with firm, steady strokes. Starting at the scalp and working your way out will help distribute oil from the scalp along the strands, to the ends where they are most needed. If your scalp is very dry, apply a moisturizing conditioner on the scalp and use a soft nail brush to out any dry skin. Dry skin is often mistaken for dandruff.

While brushing is important, using clean hairbrushes and combs is just as necessary in the fight against dandruff. Clean them with warm water to keep them free of oil residue and dirt. Also, avoid sharing your combs or hairbrushes with others.

Although your scalp may be itchy and it’s tempting to scratch away at it as you brush, be as gentle, but firm, as you can. Being too rough can damage your hair and cause dry skin to bleed. Also be hesitant to brush hair when wet, as it is much weaker in this state. If you have to brush your hair while wet, try using a wide-toothed comb instead of a hairbrush.