18 Foods to Eat for Elevating Sperm Count

4. Ginseng Ginseng is a potent herb that is vital to the health of a man’s sperm. Preliminary investigation at the Mayo Clinic has revealed a… Simi - October 5, 2018

4. Ginseng

Ginseng is a potent herb that is vital to the health of a man’s sperm. Preliminary investigation at the Mayo Clinic has revealed a link between male fertility and ginseng intake. It seems that ginseng doesn’t just give your memory a boost. It’s good for your overall health and well-being.

Of Asian origin, ginseng has been in use in traditional medicines from the region. Men have found that ginseng improves their virility. It helps make sure the sperm can be delivered by counteracting erectile dysfunction.

Ginseng is good for your memory because it stimulates the hypothalamus of the brain. This is the same center in the brain that needs to trigger the command for increased sperm production. It follows that ginseng helps to stimulate sperm production.

Ginseng also strengthens the heart’s pumping capacity. This improves blood circulation around the body. It includes supplying the male reproductive system with more blood. Ginseng can also have a calming effect.

A man’s libido and sexual performance can be affected by the stresses and strains of everyday life. Physical and mental fatigue can be improved by taking ginseng. People who take ginseng say it improves their quality of life in terms of sleep, sense of satisfaction, sexual desire and performance.

3. Turmeric

Turmeric is a spice used in many traditional Indian meals. It gives the food a yellowish color. Aside from being delicious, turmeric has many medicinal properties. One of these is improving a man’s sperm count. Turmeric contains camphor, which could help in the restoration of a man’s reproductive function.

The main ingredient in turmeric is curcumin. It is good for the treatment of diabetes, which can cause a man to experience erectile dysfunction. It can also protect the body and reproductive system from absorbing the toxic chemical Chromium 4. This chemical is used in the leather and dye industries, and also features in chrome-plating activities.

Another reason turmeric is so good for you is that it contains a lot of Vitamin C. Men need Vitamin C, as it can boost the sperm count and may stop the sperm cells from sticking together. When they do this, sperm cells cannot move quickly to fertilize the egg.

As a whole, turmeric can prevent drastic changes to the testosterone levels in a man’s body. It can also keep the body supplied with stable, healthy levels of antioxidants which neutralize free radical cells.

2. Mangoes

In India and Southeast Asia, the mango is regarded as a male aphrodisiac. Men who eat it regularly have a higher libido and more staying power in the bedroom. Mangoes are used to treat erectile dysfunction.

One of the reasons mango is regarded as being so effective is the fact that it contains Vitamin E. Vitamin E is known to increase a man’s sperm count and keep hormone levels balanced. Mango also contains a lot of vitamins A and C. These vitamins contain many antioxidants that protect the body cells, including the sperm cells.

They also promote blood circulation. Increased circulation to the male genital area will stimulate higher sperm production rates.

A study published in Ecology Letters in July 2011 indicated that a combination of beta-carotene (Vitamin A) and Vitamin E are essential for defending against sperm damage. The testing was done on animals. It was found that males who had reasonable levels of Vitamins A and E and the associated antioxidants maintained a good sperm count, quality and motility. It seems that mango is an essential addition to the fruit diet in more ways than one!

1. Asparagus

Asparagus is an acquired taste. Men with a low sperm count should seek it out though, as asparagus can help them. It contains a whole lot of Vitamin C. This prevents the sperm cells from oxidizing which degrades their quality.

Vitamin C is well-known for its impact on the body’s immune system. When you offer a boost to the immune system, the body can get on with the other business of the day. It can perform other processes instead of fighting infections and bugs.

You also get the minerals folate, selenium and zinc from asparagus. Men who improve their intake of folic acid and zinc show an increased sperm count. Instead of relying on supplements to do this, get your intake of these nutrients the natural way.

Selenium is vital for the male reproductive system. Semen is rich in selenium. The nutrient is lost when the semen is ejaculated. That’s why selenium levels need to be replaced. Selenium is vital for sperm shape. The correct sperm shape can determine fertilization success or failure. Selenium also plays a role in cell replication, which is an essential process during sperm production.