18 Health Conditions Affecting Millennials

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Diseases that are caused by sexual intercourse, sexually transmitted diseases generally include HIV, Chlamydia, genital herpes, genital warts, hepatitis, trichomoniasis, and syphilis. Millennials… Trista - November 11, 2019
Limit your sexual partners and always use protection. Credit: Pixabay

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Diseases that are caused by sexual intercourse, sexually transmitted diseases generally include HIV, Chlamydia, genital herpes, genital warts, hepatitis, trichomoniasis, and syphilis. Millennials are prone to STDs. Around 2.3 million Chlamydia and syphilis cases were recorded in America last year, out of which 26% were millennials. 

The statistics clearly state that millennials are highly vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases. Having unprotected sexual intercourse is the most common reason behind the different forms of sexually transmitted diseases. In order to decrease the number of sexually transmitted diseases in millennials, it is crucial to take precautionary measures before engaging in a sexual relationship. 

There are a variety of treatments for seizures. Credit: Pixabay


It is a neurological disorder that can affect people of all ages. Epilepsies generally result in sudden seizures that can pave the way for several other physical ailments. Different seizure types determine the intensity of epilepsy. Millennials are also affected with epilepsy on a large number. There are plenty of epilepsy cases reported in America, out of which a significant portion of patients was found to be millennials. 

Epilepsy is also called a seizure disorder. The major symptoms of epilepsy are confusion, loss of consciousness, and mental symptoms. Millennials should be provided with ample awareness regarding epilepsy so that they can take necessary action at the right time.

Lots of people deal with PTSD for a variety reasons. Credit: Pixabay

PSTD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

This mental disorder is generally witnessed in people who have dealt with any stress, anxiety, or depression in the past. People who have seen a traumatic incident can also be vulnerable to PSTD. Events like an accident, war, terrorist attacks, sexual assault, and other situations can cause it. According to a psychological study, 25% of American millennials have PSTD as they are regularly exposed to stress and anxiety issues. 

PSTD can lead to severe mental and physical issues. Hence, it is essential not to ignore the symptoms and stay alert to the consequences. Seek medical attention as soon as possible if you think you are suffering from PSTD. The primary signs that you must not overlook are intrusive thoughts, negative feelings, sudden arousal, and reactive emotions, or lack of concentration. 

Millennials are born from 1981 to 1996. Credit: Pixabay

Advice For Millennials: Enjoy Your Life But Keep a Close Watch on Your Health

When it comes to global health and wellness, millennials are in grave danger. Out of all the generations living in our society today, millennials are largely affected by severe health conditions. Even though millennials are contributing towards enhancing global wellness by endorsing yoga, boutique fitness, keto diet as the standard lifestyle practices, millennials are continually dealing with health conditions that pose a great danger to their overall physical and mental wellness.

The above mentioned were some of the major diseases that have trapped millennial physical and mental well being in their wraths. There are plenty of ways through which millennials can steer clear from such dangerous situations. One of the best things to keep their health in check is by seeking preventive care at the earliest. It is also necessary to diagnose the issue at an early stage so that treatment and therapies can be deployed at the time. 

One-third of millennials in the world don’t have a PCP (primary care provider) that makes preventive care less available to them. It is essential to acquire PCP whenever they witness any strange changes in their physical and mental being. These health conditions are not affecting their wellness immediately but also impacts their lifestyle in the long run. The more they remain ignorant about these health conditions, the more they will be prone to catch diseases. 

If you are millennial and concerned about your health condition, it is advised that you must take necessary action at the right time in order to safeguard your health interests. Stay vigilant, never ignore the symptoms of a possible disease, and diagnose your illness at the right time. Eat healthily, exercise adequately, socialize appropriately, and live a harmonious life to keep your health safe.