18 Health Conditions Affecting Millennials

Depression is more than just crying or feeling sad. Credit: Pixabay

Major Depression

Business Insider conducted a mental health study as a part of World Mental Health Day and found out that a majority of millennials are suffering from depressions and deaths of despair. Depression is one of the concerning issues in millennials that have been affecting both personal and professional life.

Millennials who deal with depression avoid social interactions as much as possible that further pushes them towards the dearth of depression. Around 45% of American millennials have showcased anti-social behavior and the sole reason being depression. Every year, the number of depression cases in millennials is increasing, and there’s possibly nothing specific that can be done to decrease the rates other than taking proper medications. 

Nearly half of the American millennials are suffering from depression, but one in five of them are not seeking any treatment and living with this severe mental issue. According to the medical journals of the American Health Institute, millennials who deal with depression have trouble sleeping and engaging with their peers that eventually make them feel less confident.

It was also found that millennial depression is far beyond the depression witnessed in the elderly. While elders might be able to cope up with their grief, millennial turn to other severe addiction in the name of recovery that often results in further problems. Depression is one of the growing health concerns that has been taking a toll on millennial’s health lately.