32 Evening Habits that are Definitely Bad for Night’s Sleep

By Trista
32 Evening Habits that are Definitely Bad for Night’s Sleep

Getting a good night of sleep can be a difficult thing to achieve, especially when there are a lot of things to remember. Did you pay your bills on time? Do you have an appointment tomorrow? Did you forget your laundry in the washer again?

Chores aside, there are other reasons most people don’t get a good night of sleep, and it all boils down to bad habits. These are activities that people engage in every day that make it difficult for their bodies to shut down at night so that you can get a full eight hours of sleep. By making you aware of them, hopefully, you can start curbing these bad habits and waking up fully rested the next day.


1. Drinking Coffee After Dinner

Coffee contains a lot of caffeine, which is a stimulant. It’s great for giving you that jolt of energy in the morning, but that’s all it should be good for. Drinking coffee late in the day keep the caffeine in your system for much longer, so don’t have your last coffee of the day at least five hours before your bedtime.

Studies have shown that even those who fall asleep with a cup of coffee in their system are less likely to have a restful sleep. The brain is still on overdrive, so even after eight hours of sleep, you will feel tired the next day.