How to Identify and Treat Seasonal Depression

It can be challenging to get anything done when your motivation is so low. Shutterstock.

Low Mood and Lack of Concentration

People with seasonal depression feel low and melancholic all the time, and they might not have the confidence needed to be social. If you are feeling sad and experiencing a lack of enthusiasm to deal with work or other assignments during the same season every year, you might have seasonal depression. However, the cyclical symptoms must appear for a couple of years in a row for you to see a clinical psychologist.

People with SAD may also find it hard to concentrate on work or their hobbies. You might feel restless and experience irritability at the slightest provocation. However, most people tend to withdraw in a shell and are less likely to interact with people. If you cannot handle daily work properly and stay disorganized most of the time, you may have seasonal affective disorder.