People Confess Their Guilty Pleasures and They Are Stranger Than You Think

Let’s face it – we all have guilty pleasures. Whether it’s a certain type of food, movies, or something a little stranger, it’s nothing to be… Trista - January 25, 2022

Let’s face it – we all have guilty pleasures. Whether it’s a certain type of food, movies, or something a little stranger, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Owning who you are is a big part of ensuring your overall happiness. We were curious about some of the stranger guilty pleasures, so we decided to scour Reddit to find some of the strangest out there. Some of these stories will leave you scratching your head, while others are normal in a sense. People worldwide turn to Reddit to share things about themselves, and guilty pleasures are no exception. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy reading stories about people confessing their strange guilty pleasures. You might think they are weird or gross, but you might find yourself doing some of the same things!


Bringing Comfort Foods Into the Shower

For many people, one of the best ways to comfort themselves after a long day is to make or buy their comfort foods. While people usually will sit in front of the television to watch their favorite TV show or a movie, other people will decide to spend time with friends and family so they can vent about the day’s events. However, one Reddit user, ChuckZombie, noted that they eat their favorite comfort food somewhere else. “I eat in the shower. Showers are relaxing, and some foods are comforting to me, a double whammy.”

At the end of a long day, it isn’t up to anyone to really say where food should or should not be eaten. However, it might be hard for some people to wrap their minds around eating in the shower, especially if the food is messy. However, another Reddit user, mitchdude1, added their own guilty pleasure in supporting ChuckZombie by stating they do something similar. “Nothing like a shower beer after a long day.” When it comes to long days, and you find yourself just needing to unwind and collect your thoughts, is there really any right or wrong way to eat or drink?


The Guilty Pleasure of Making Faces at Children… or Farting Near Them

It happens to everyone – you see a child in the grocery store, and you can’t help but smile and sometimes even make a funny face or two just to play with them for a little bit. Usually, this is done behind their parents’ backs, unless you don’t care to hide the fact that you want to say “hi” to their little one. But one Reddit user, whytrypie, takes it a little further by stating this is their guilty pleasure, so they do it often. Making goofy faces in grocery stores at children that are too young to express themselves while their parents aren’t looking.

However, this is not the only Reddit user who admitted to something similar as their guilty pleasure. Iamjustadreamer replied, “I fart near children in grocery stores. Everybody always blames them.” KateEW stated I do it too. “They start giggling maniacally, and then I nonchalantly walk away as their parent looks around trying to figure out what they’re laughing at.” Finally, cwstjnobbs stated, “I love doing this. The parents never suspect me either. They turn to see what their kid is laughing at and don’t even look twice at the extremely bored-looking man behind them.”


Gossip and Drama From Other People Is Pretty Entertaining

In this day and age, it’s hard not to learn about everyone’s gossip and drama, especially when they discuss it through social media. While some people tend to scroll past or ignore these types of comments, other people tend to read about it, head to the comments, and continue reading. Voteforjello was one Reddit user who admitted to this as their guilty pleasure. I love other people’s gossip and drama. “I don’t like to be in the drama, but I love to hear other people’s drama. I have reasons for this, and they are as follows a) I’m uninteresting as f*ck and b) I don’t have to deal with the sh*t directly.”

Of course, voteforjello was far from the only Reddit user to admit to such a guilty pleasure. Sparty_party confessed, “Yes. I lead a pretty drama-free life, but I love knowing everybody’s business. Even if I don’t know you, I want to know. I’m nosy as heck. I want to have all of the information and all of the secrets.” While a deleted Reddit user added, “I too hate drama in my own life, but reading about others drama is somehow satisfying to a small degree. As shameful as it may be, read your local topix forums. They’re delightfully amusing and filled with local drama.”


The Enjoyment of Stuffed Animals

You have probably had stuffed animals at some point in your lifetime. In fact, you might still have a couple that means a lot to you; they might just be hidden or put in a safe spot where no one can see them. Maybe you are proud of your stuffed animals and have them showing off to everyone who walks in the door. You might also hide them when you know someone is coming over. If this sounds like you, don’t worry because Reddit user PlaytheBanjo also discusses this guilty pleasure.

“I am a dude in my mid-20s, and I keep two stuffed animals. I live alone, so I tend to put them on the couch and talk to them, do things like blame the bear when the remote or my keys go missing or explain programs I’m writing out loud (like rubber duck debugging). They have favorite TV shows and sports teams, and sometimes I feel bad if I realize I’ve just watched an episode of Doctor Who or something without them. Actually, now that I’ve written this all out, I’m pretty sure something might be seriously wrong with me.”


23. Sitting in the Shower

Reddit user howaboutdorsia admits that their guilty pleasure is sitting in the shower. “Hopefully, somebody else shares this peculiar guilty pleasure… Maybe it’s just me but does anyone else ever find themselves sitting down in the shower? I must admit, I do it at least once every time I shower. What do I do, you ask, when I lower myself onto the floor of the tub? I read the ingredients lists on all my shower stuff, and the luxurious directions featured on the backs of all of them.

“Even though I’ve done this countless times, I always do it. Sometimes I even clean myself sitting down. It’s just SO much more comfortable! Especially after a hard workout, I find myself smiling the whole time. However, if you dare to try this, make sure to turn up the water. It gets cold all the way down on the ground…” Of course, this Reddit user was not alone, and many other users admitted to sitting in the shower, sometimes for long periods.


The Guilty Pleasure of Nose Picking

Even though you probably don’t want to admit it – you might have this guilty pleasure. If you do, you’re not alone, and Reddit proves this. Reddit user bats-don’t-prance was the first one to open the door to this guilty pleasure. “Being 100% honest, for real… I love the feeling of a solid nose-picking. Never been a pick n licker, that’s gross, but it is so satisfying to clean out the snout every so often. Just do it in private, stick it in a tissue and wash your hands after… I feel cleaner for it overall…”

Reddit user exteus admitted that this is also their guilty pleasure and has been doing since they were a child. However, they do handle their nose-picking a little better now than they used to. “I blow my nose quite often, so I don’t get a lot of buildup of snot to pick. I used to wipe boogers under the edge of my nightstand as a kid, and it built up this thick crust. Absolutely disgusting, and it’s something I am taking to my grave”. If you’re a nose picker, that’s fine, but let’s all use a Kleenex and toss everything away.


Some Guilty Pleasures Make People Into Heroes

There are many guilty pleasures that people want to hide because they feel that it’s not a positive pleasure and something they shouldn’t do. However, this isn’t always the case. There are many guilty pleasures out there that make people look like angels, even if they continue to hide the fact that they do something nice. Take Reddit user AsianHawke, who states that they like to make a person’s day better, especially when it comes to their co-workers.

“Sometimes, when a co-worker is upset for whatever reason, I slip a dollar bill in their coat pocket when they’re not looking. It’s not much, but I always feel better when I find a long-forgotten dollar bill in my pocket. I’ve actually seen it brighten up their day, so I know it works. They’re usually confused but excited about it. While a dollar bill probably doesn’t seem like much and can’t buy much, it’s always a good feeling when you come across money you didn’t know you had.”


This Guilty Pleasure Is For Dirty Stories

Reddit user Gh0stworld confesses their strange guilty pleasure. “My guilty pleasure is Reading terrible original erotic fiction online. It’s not a turn-on, but it’s also not just for ironic purposes. I just really get a kick out of how a lot of bad erotica is written. Especially unusual fetish stories that take place in unstated ‘fetish worlds’ where everyone is just down to clown for some reason. I have no explanation for this interest. I just really enjoy reading it, and this is the first time I’ve told anyone. I’m sure people will think I’m strange.”

There is a huge following of erotic fiction on the internet. While it’s strange to read these stories, some of them may be well-written. This Reddit user seems to be embarrassed by their confession, but there really isn’t anything to be embarrassed about in this situation. It’s normal to explore sexuality and find things that you enjoy. It would be a different story if this Reddit user acted out what they read, but they are simply reading the stories to see how badly they are written. If you think this story was strange, you won’t be disappointed with what’s coming up next!


An Itch That’s Hard To Scratch

Reddit user Velvet admits their strange guilty pleasure, and it’s definitely something unexpected. They say, “I love a good deep ear scratch. I keep a pack of bobby pins just to scratch my ears with. Sometimes I use a straightened paper clip. Q tips are too soft and flimsy. The feeling of being able to scratch that itch we all feel in our ears is incredible.” According to doctors around the world, doing things like this is extremely dangerous. You should never use something like bobby pins or paper clips inside your ear. It can lead to permanent damage to your eardrum.

Your eardrum is a thin membrane in your middle ear that vibrates to allow you to hear sounds. A tear in the eardrum can cause a variety of painful symptoms, including sharp ear pain, ringing in the ear, drainage, and even hearing loss. If you must use something to clean your ears, do it safely with a Q-tip or a saline solution kit. You can buy saline ear cleaning kits at your local pharmacy and at stores such as Walmart. While a perforated eardrum heals on its own, it is not worth the pain and hearing loss you’ll get by using a bobby pin or paper clips to scratch the inside of your ear.


Is This Guilty Pleasure a Possible Joke?

Reddit user Quantum-Bot shares their unique and albeit strange guilty pleasure. This is definitely one for the books! Quantum-Bot says, “I dream of becoming a carrot. When I’m home alone, I dig holes in the backyard and stand in them, put lettuce on top of my head from sun up to sundown. I would steal sun tan spray from stores and use it until I turned bright orange. People tell me it’s impossible for me to be a carrot, but I know I can be anything I want to be. I choose to be a carrot, and no one can change my mind.”

Well, dreaming of becoming a carrot is certainly a strange guilty pleasure. It makes you wonder why they chose a carrot in the first place. It’s strange to want to be a vegetable, but the real kicker is actually digging holes and stealing self-tanning spray to become orange. If this is a real guilty pleasure, I hope this Reddit user gets the help they need to live a productive life instead of spending all their time in the backyard trying to be a carrot. It’s a sad way to live your life if you really think about it.


A Fan Fiction Writer Is the Best for this Redditor

ChuushaHime says, “One of the best things about writing fanfiction is that you don’t have to be a ‘good’ writer to make an enjoyable fanfic. Some of the hardest parts of strong writing (three-dimensional characterization, meaningful relationships, quality worldbuilding) have already been done for you by the original creators, so all of your readers go into your story already fully armed with that knowledge. Plus, a lot of the time, your audience is going into your story with a specific purpose in reading it (i.e., looking for a particular non-canon pairing, looking for stories that tie up loose ends from canon, and fleshing out a side character or side plot).”

“So, as long as your story fulfills that purpose and keeps the world and characters believable and intact, the bar is otherwise pretty low for people to respond positively to a fanfic.” A lot of people enjoy reading fan fiction stories that put characters from your favorite books or movies into new situations. This was very popular with the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. People enjoyed the movies and books so much that they didn’t want them to end and decided to create new stories with all of the characters. Writing is a fun way to express yourself and delve into the fantasy worlds you love.


Hunt For The Unexplained

This anonymous contributor shares his passion for the unexplained. He says, “I really enjoy watching UFO videos and the paranormal. It gets me away from the mundane and everyday thinking for a bit. Some of my favorite shows include Alien Highway, Ghost Adventures, Kindred Spirits, and The Holzer Files. I find it so intriguing that there could be life on other planets and ghosts living with us in our homes. I’d love to go on some ghost hunting tours at some point in my life. Does anyone else have this same guilty pleasure? Maybe we can meet up and start a group of our own! There are tons of UFO videos on YouTube if anyone is curious.”

It sounds like this Reddit user has an immense passion for the paranormal and unexplained. There are plenty of groups available for him to join to go on his very own ghost hunt. Depending on where he lives, there are probably haunted areas in his own town to explore. If you have this same guilty pleasure, always get permission before entering an abandoned structure. Entering without permission would be considered trespassing and could get you in quite a bit of trouble! There are plenty of ways to find out who owns a building to get the permission to enter.


This Guilty Pleasure Could Be Dangerous

Emperor_Cartagia shares a dangerous guilty pleasure. They say, “My guilty pleasure is Redbull. I love the yellow ones. But I don’t need them for energy or anything. Yes, I just like the taste. If I could get a Yellow Redbull flavor that doesn’t keep me up all night, I’d buy cases of it. I tend to drink at least six of the yellow ones a day.” Drinking that much Redbull in a day can be dangerous, especially to those with heart conditions. If you plan to drink that much Red Bull every day, you should at least have your doctor check for any health concerns that may cause issues while drinking it.

Studies show that while consuming Red Bull doesn’t have any major effects on the body for healthy people, it can cause problems for some. If you have heart problems or high blood pressure, it’s recommended to stay away from energy drinks as they can cause higher blood pressure and heart problems for those already susceptible. This Reddit user claims they only drink Red Bull for the taste, so maybe they would be better off finding something similar without the caffeine. One can of Red Bull contains 111 milligrams of caffeine. Caffeine can actually be fatal in high doses! Caffeine toxicity can cause headaches, lightheadedness, anxiety, and more unpleasant symptoms.


Too Much Thinking for This Guy

Cmontygman says, “I don’t know if you’d call it a guilty pleasure, but here it is. I’m constantly thinking about “what if” scenarios. Mostly to how I handled myself in high school and the beginning of my military service and how I could’ve bettered things if I would’ve stayed away from games. I’m not in a bad spot; I just have some regrets about how I handled things.” It sounds like this Reddit user has some regrets about his life. The best way to handle these sorts of situations is to seek professional help. No one should have to go through something like this.

If you or anyone you know is having a difficult time dealing with certain situations in their lives, there’s help available. Anxiety can cause major upheaval in your life and lead to a life of seclusion. If this Reddit user has regrets, the best thing he can do is seek out ways to better his life now. The past is the past for a reason. He should try to look forward to the future and how bright it could be if he let go of the past. Stewing in those “What if” scenarios can lead you into a rabbit hole you may never get out of.


They Thought It Was A Great Idea, But it was Just a Weird Combo

A deleted Reddit user believes they came up with a delicious and unique snack that everyone will love. They go on to say, “My guilty pleasure is red vines (licorice) and Cheez-It crackers. You wrap the cracker in a portion of the licorice rope and enjoy. It also works well with licorice and cool ranch Doritos. I may like that even more. It may seem odd, but it’s seriously so delicious!” Well, this is certainly a unique combination, but I’m not sure if I’d try it. Each of these foods is great on its own but mixing them seems like a bad idea.

People come up with all kinds of strange food combinations. While some are good and end up being extremely popular, others are disgusting. I guess it’s good to try different combinations of foods together, but there has to be a line somewhere. I don’t know anyone who would try Red Vines with Cheez-It crackers. Strawberry flavoring mixed with cheese just sounds terrible. I’m usually the person who says, “Don’t knock it until you try it,” but in this case, I think I’ll pass. Using Red Vines as straws have grown in popularity over the years, and that’s completely understandable, but this combination just seems wrong.


Video Games Are Many People’s Guilty Pleasure

A deleted Reddit user shares their strange guilty pleasure. They go on to say, “My guilty pleasure is video games! Does anyone else like looking through the game list on Unity? I just love reading the different game names that people are running, the various homebrew games, seeing which modules are popular. So far, my favorites are Chronicles of The Frozen Crown, The Great Deserts Of Athas, and Wednesday Wanderings (despite it being a Tuesday). It looks like a lot of people like Curse of Strahd and Rime of the Frostmaiden at the moment!”

According to a Google search, Unity is a cross-platform game engine offering various games and options for game developers to pursue making their own games. It seems like a good way to learn how to make your own games if you’re into that sort of thing. This Reddit user loves to peruse the lists of games to see what people are making. They don’t say anything about playing games, but I’m sure they love doing that just as much as looking through Unity. Unity offers gamers a chance to learn how to make their games, which is pretty cool for people who enjoy gaming and would like to make a career out of it.


Are You Addicted To Spin-off Cartoons From The ’70s and ’80s? Guilty!

Reddit user dogtron64 says, “I honestly don’t know why. I’m talking about cartoons made in the 70s that are so bizarre and unconventional that you can’t help but not love them. Yes, include your “Scrappy Doo” sidekick character as it adds more to the absurdity. I’m talking shows like Laverne & Shirley in the Army, Partridge Family 2200 Ad, The Fonz, and the Happy Days Gang, Jose and the Pussycats in outer space, Robot 3 Stooges, Harlem Globetrotters with superpowers, etc. I said something about the Fonz cartoon that I made sound normal, while it’s not as it’s about Fonzy traveling through time with some girl from the future and an anthro cartoon dog.”

“I know these shows are terrible cash grabs to most people and completely cheesy. That is why they’re a guilty pleasure. They’re like these weird fan fiction of famous tv shows that got the green light for tv. They are always absurd. You can’t take them seriously; if you do, you won’t like them. The whole extra animal character they add adds to the absurdity. There is Goober and the Ghost Chasers where it’s the Partage Kids in a Scooby-Doo clone complete with their own dog character. Heck, the dog character looks like he listened to Bob Marley too much and became his biggest fan. I don’t know why I find good in these; I don’t know. I’m just a weird guy.”


His Guilty Pleasure Is a TV Show… and Correcting Everything in It

A deleted Reddit User shares their guilty pleasure for a hit TV show. She says, “I tend to enjoy watching Grey’s Anatomy and then complaining about everything they do wrong to my husband. For this reason, I’m forbidden from binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy whilst my husband is home (which is all the time). I’m going to have to enlist some of my RN colleagues to complain with me.” Grey’s Anatomy follows the story of Meredith Grey, a doctor at a hospital in Seattle, Washington. It’s jam-packed with romance, shocking moments, and all of the things you’d expect from a drama series based in a hospital setting.

While hospital-based drama series’ are fun to watch, they often skimp on the reality of certain things during surgery. Some of the things that happen in the series would never happen in a real hospital. This Reddit User must be a Registered Nurse to notice all of the things done wrong on the show. While TV shows aren’t a crazy or strange guilty pleasure, this Reddit user enjoys complaining about the things doctors do wrong on the show. It must be interesting to know all of the things people not in the medical field miss out on.


The Perfect Evening for a Guilty Pleasure

Another deleted Reddit user shares his ideas for a perfect evening with a significant other. He says, “Scene: bedroom, AC on turbo, and naked between semi-clean sheets. We just sat down with grilled cheese and tomato soup with pickles and Lays chips on the side. Suicide is Painless begins to play, and we watch as if I haven’t seen this episode 76 times. We smile at each other understandingly as Hawkeye makes his entrance. Then, we roll our eyes at Frank, and finally, at the same time, we dip our sammys into our soups. We lay upon our shameful mountain of crumbs.”

“Then, we leave our soup bowls beside the bed as we gently fade into the first hour…then repeat 23 times.” This Reddit user has everything completely planned out for a perfect night. Suicide is Painless is the theme song for the hit television show M*A*S*H. This Reddit user seems to be very passionate about the show, along with grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. It sounds like this is a perfect evening for him. Hopefully, he has someone special in his life to live out this guilty pleasure with.


A Trip To The Store is a Chore to Some, but For Them, It’s a Guilty Pleasure

Reddit user boat_against_current says,” I love perusing grocery stores. Certainly, I do it to get snacks and such, but I treat it almost like a museum trip and check out every aisle, including cleaning products. The people-watching is great, and it’s fun to compare the merchandise to what’s sold at home. Cool little story- a few years ago, I was in Ireland, and I mentioned to another traveler staying where I was that I was excited to check out the grocery store. She thought that was cool and joined my fun. And we became friends and have met up for a couple of trips.”

This guilty pleasure isn’t too strange. People like to peruse stores and find the best deals. It’s like going shopping for clothes and looking through all the racks to ensure you see everything. It sounds like this Reddit user has even made friends in the process. When traveling, it’s normal to check out the local cuisine at grocery stores to see how it compares to what you have at home. That is how people find new foods to try on vacation. It’s perfectly normal to do these things. People watching can also be a fun hobby, especially when on vacation. It’s interesting to interact with people of different cultures.