People Confess Their Guilty Pleasures and They Are Stranger Than You Think

They Thought It Was A Great Idea, But it was Just a Weird Combo A deleted Reddit user believes they came up with a delicious and… Trista - January 25, 2022

They Thought It Was A Great Idea, But it was Just a Weird Combo

A deleted Reddit user believes they came up with a delicious and unique snack that everyone will love. They go on to say, “My guilty pleasure is red vines (licorice) and Cheez-It crackers. You wrap the cracker in a portion of the licorice rope and enjoy. It also works well with licorice and cool ranch Doritos. I may like that even more. It may seem odd, but it’s seriously so delicious!” Well, this is certainly a unique combination, but I’m not sure if I’d try it. Each of these foods is great on its own but mixing them seems like a bad idea.

People come up with all kinds of strange food combinations. While some are good and end up being extremely popular, others are disgusting. I guess it’s good to try different combinations of foods together, but there has to be a line somewhere. I don’t know anyone who would try Red Vines with Cheez-It crackers. Strawberry flavoring mixed with cheese just sounds terrible. I’m usually the person who says, “Don’t knock it until you try it,” but in this case, I think I’ll pass. Using Red Vines as straws have grown in popularity over the years, and that’s completely understandable, but this combination just seems wrong.


Video Games Are Many People’s Guilty Pleasure

A deleted Reddit user shares their strange guilty pleasure. They go on to say, “My guilty pleasure is video games! Does anyone else like looking through the game list on Unity? I just love reading the different game names that people are running, the various homebrew games, seeing which modules are popular. So far, my favorites are Chronicles of The Frozen Crown, The Great Deserts Of Athas, and Wednesday Wanderings (despite it being a Tuesday). It looks like a lot of people like Curse of Strahd and Rime of the Frostmaiden at the moment!”

According to a Google search, Unity is a cross-platform game engine offering various games and options for game developers to pursue making their own games. It seems like a good way to learn how to make your own games if you’re into that sort of thing. This Reddit user loves to peruse the lists of games to see what people are making. They don’t say anything about playing games, but I’m sure they love doing that just as much as looking through Unity. Unity offers gamers a chance to learn how to make their games, which is pretty cool for people who enjoy gaming and would like to make a career out of it.


Are You Addicted To Spin-off Cartoons From The ’70s and ’80s? Guilty!

Reddit user dogtron64 says, “I honestly don’t know why. I’m talking about cartoons made in the 70s that are so bizarre and unconventional that you can’t help but not love them. Yes, include your “Scrappy Doo” sidekick character as it adds more to the absurdity. I’m talking shows like Laverne & Shirley in the Army, Partridge Family 2200 Ad, The Fonz, and the Happy Days Gang, Jose and the Pussycats in outer space, Robot 3 Stooges, Harlem Globetrotters with superpowers, etc. I said something about the Fonz cartoon that I made sound normal, while it’s not as it’s about Fonzy traveling through time with some girl from the future and an anthro cartoon dog.”

“I know these shows are terrible cash grabs to most people and completely cheesy. That is why they’re a guilty pleasure. They’re like these weird fan fiction of famous tv shows that got the green light for tv. They are always absurd. You can’t take them seriously; if you do, you won’t like them. The whole extra animal character they add adds to the absurdity. There is Goober and the Ghost Chasers where it’s the Partage Kids in a Scooby-Doo clone complete with their own dog character. Heck, the dog character looks like he listened to Bob Marley too much and became his biggest fan. I don’t know why I find good in these; I don’t know. I’m just a weird guy.”


His Guilty Pleasure Is a TV Show… and Correcting Everything in It

A deleted Reddit User shares their guilty pleasure for a hit TV show. She says, “I tend to enjoy watching Grey’s Anatomy and then complaining about everything they do wrong to my husband. For this reason, I’m forbidden from binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy whilst my husband is home (which is all the time). I’m going to have to enlist some of my RN colleagues to complain with me.” Grey’s Anatomy follows the story of Meredith Grey, a doctor at a hospital in Seattle, Washington. It’s jam-packed with romance, shocking moments, and all of the things you’d expect from a drama series based in a hospital setting.

While hospital-based drama series’ are fun to watch, they often skimp on the reality of certain things during surgery. Some of the things that happen in the series would never happen in a real hospital. This Reddit User must be a Registered Nurse to notice all of the things done wrong on the show. While TV shows aren’t a crazy or strange guilty pleasure, this Reddit user enjoys complaining about the things doctors do wrong on the show. It must be interesting to know all of the things people not in the medical field miss out on.


The Perfect Evening for a Guilty Pleasure

Another deleted Reddit user shares his ideas for a perfect evening with a significant other. He says, “Scene: bedroom, AC on turbo, and naked between semi-clean sheets. We just sat down with grilled cheese and tomato soup with pickles and Lays chips on the side. Suicide is Painless begins to play, and we watch as if I haven’t seen this episode 76 times. We smile at each other understandingly as Hawkeye makes his entrance. Then, we roll our eyes at Frank, and finally, at the same time, we dip our sammys into our soups. We lay upon our shameful mountain of crumbs.”

“Then, we leave our soup bowls beside the bed as we gently fade into the first hour…then repeat 23 times.” This Reddit user has everything completely planned out for a perfect night. Suicide is Painless is the theme song for the hit television show M*A*S*H. This Reddit user seems to be very passionate about the show, along with grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. It sounds like this is a perfect evening for him. Hopefully, he has someone special in his life to live out this guilty pleasure with.


A Trip To The Store is a Chore to Some, but For Them, It’s a Guilty Pleasure

Reddit user boat_against_current says,” I love perusing grocery stores. Certainly, I do it to get snacks and such, but I treat it almost like a museum trip and check out every aisle, including cleaning products. The people-watching is great, and it’s fun to compare the merchandise to what’s sold at home. Cool little story- a few years ago, I was in Ireland, and I mentioned to another traveler staying where I was that I was excited to check out the grocery store. She thought that was cool and joined my fun. And we became friends and have met up for a couple of trips.”

This guilty pleasure isn’t too strange. People like to peruse stores and find the best deals. It’s like going shopping for clothes and looking through all the racks to ensure you see everything. It sounds like this Reddit user has even made friends in the process. When traveling, it’s normal to check out the local cuisine at grocery stores to see how it compares to what you have at home. That is how people find new foods to try on vacation. It’s perfectly normal to do these things. People watching can also be a fun hobby, especially when on vacation. It’s interesting to interact with people of different cultures.