The Strangest Weight Loss Tips People Swear By

13. The Cauliflower Diet Sirenssong explains how she utilizes frozen vegetables to slim down. She says, “My freezer is now full of frozen veggies – Especially cauliflower. I… Trista - September 28, 2021

13. The Cauliflower Diet

Sirenssong explains how she utilizes frozen vegetables to slim down. She says, “My freezer is now full of frozen veggies – Especially cauliflower. I adore rice and pasta and used to snack on “Cheesy Rice.” Now, if I’m jonesing hard, I make “Cheesy Cauliflower” and undercook it, so it’s crunchy, take a half bag (or whole. 1 huge bag is 100 calories) of it, 10-20 grams of Parmesan, and a bit of salt. It’s Just as good. I also put marinara on it. And chili, curry, marinara… I ran out last week, and first thing in the morning, I was AHH. So, I need cauliflower for today.”

“Also, I spent three days testing making the perfect soft-boiled egg. I steam them. I use a half-inch of water, bring it to boil, add eggs, and put on a lid for 5 minutes, 30 seconds. Now I can have perfect eggs in 7 minutes anytime I want. It’s a Lifesaver.” While eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is good for you, it’s important to include protein as well. This Reddit user swears by eating cauliflower and cooking it in a variety of ways for her meals. I hope she’s eating more than just cauliflower and eggs. I’m sure she’d like more variety in her diet.


12. Useful Containers

A deleted Reddit user explains how containers help them stay on track. They say, “I have three mini plastic cups I put my snacks in. I probably wouldn’t know how to portion without them. My grandpa brought them home from an airplane. I think they originally contained some dessert. They’re cute and so, so useful! I use them every day. On a similar note, I keep my chocolate in a glass that originally had mustard – it’s got waffle-like decorative squares on its sides and a waterproof cap. Why does this help? I don’t know, but I have not pulled out more than two pieces from it at a time.

“So, it’s gotta be doing something, right? I wish the can of Pringles had the same effect. Keep in mind I used to finish a chocolate bar the day I opened it. I’m now looking out for more unexpected cute containers. Could I just use a cup or jar for the same purpose? Yes… But it’s not the same.” This Reddit user believes cute containers for their food helps to curb hunger and snacking. While this isn’t a diet, the tip could be useful to some. Smaller containers equal less snacking. I can see where they are trying to go with this.


11. Keto-Friendly

TechniChara shares her story. She says, “It’s funny what a diet will allow. Coffee, for instance. My father and I are pretty much the only coffee drinkers. He drinks his coffee with 1% milk. When he offered, I told him I couldn’t have that (not keto-friendly)…as I proceeded to pour two tbs of heavy whipping cream (keto-friendly) into my coffee. Oatmeal with fruit is off the table, but non-sugared sausage/bacon and eggs? Throw in some avocado and whole milk cheese, and you got yourself an awesome keto breakfast. I have to admit. Even I was baffled by the restrictions and allowances on this diet.”

“It has to be done to the letter, though. My parents were skeptical it would work, but they’re coming around to it as they see my shrink.” The keto diet is a popular dieting choice for many people. It does provide everything you need for a balanced diet but also cuts out some interesting foods. It isn’t for everyone. If you plan to try the keto diet, please do your research first because it’s easy to go off track with all of the restrictions on the keto diet. Keep reading for a strange story about cutting out carbohydrates. You won’t believe what this person was told.


10. It’s Okay If This Is Not For You

Flibbitygibbety says, “That I have to cut out carbs to lose weight. Honestly, I’m not against people finding a way of eating that works for them, and if keto helps someone, then that’s brilliant! But if I had to cut out pasta and bread to lose weight, I doubt I would. A lot of my favorite foods involve one of the two. People who are slim and healthy and not losing weight are telling me I can’t lose weight because I’m not cutting out carbs. I don’t want to, and I won’t, and I don’t want you to try to convert me to this any more than your religion or something.”

“Also that I have to start going to the gym to lose weight. First of all, I’m already 30% of the way there. Second, again, it’s GREAT if you enjoy the gym and it makes you feel pumped and accomplished. It doesn’t do the same for me, so I’m not going to do it. Thanks, but no thanks, and please stop telling me I HAVE to do this or that. I HAVE to eat less, that’s it. You do what works for you. I’ll do what works for me, and let’s just get on with our lives and stop this conversation because I want to scream, smile, and say, ‘that’s interesting but not for me.’”


9. Gaming Works!

Potato123897 explains how he keeps the pounds off. He says, “I’ve found playing on the Xbox with my friends every night before I go to bed takes my mind off being hungry at night times (which is usually when I’d be likely to snack previously). My friend gets home from work at around midnight, so we usually all plan to get on for a couple of hours when he gets home from work. There have been a few times where I’ve been craving something badly, but just going on the Xbox for a couple of hours makes me completely forget about it.”

“Then, by the time we finish, I’m normally pretty tired and just go straight to bed.” This Reddit user utilizes an unconventional weight loss tip to keep the weight off. He claims that gaming helps him forget about snacking. I guess by playing games, he’s able to forget about snacking and do something he enjoys in the process. While this plan won’t work for everyone, it seems to be doing the job for him. If gaming helps him to maintain his weight and he’s only doing it late at night instead of all day long, every day, I don’t think he’s harming anyone. 


8. Do What Works For You

Flibbitygibbety says, “Yes, it is! Also, I love a quote I saw here: the best exercise is the one you’ll do. I have a Wii fit routine I do almost every morning, and I get on the exercise bike while watching Netflix regularly. It’s not doing much for my fat loss, but it’s making me fitter, and it’s something I can commit to. I did try getting into the gym a couple of times as “that’s how you lose weight,” but I didn’t change my diet and hated all my time there anyway, so it was something I would never be able to stick to. And that’s fine!”

“There’s not a cheap gym near where I live anyway. Also, one of those people told me they don’t eat fruit as it’s just sugar, so it’s empty carbs, so I should not eat it according to someone involved in their fitness regime. & I’m like, okay, if you have to watch your sugar intake but the fruit is also good for you and delicious, so I’m gonna eat fruit every day. Another “that’s interesting but not for me. Also, walking your dog is good for your health and your mood. Dogs are the best things!” Keep reading for more strange weight loss tips.


7. Potatoes Are Delicious

Ishouldnotbeonreddit talks about their Atkins Diet experience. Keep reading to find out what happened to them. They say, “It’s So true. I lost 30 pounds on the Atkins diet at one time, and I didn’t like how I felt at all. But my dad, who lost weight with me (and regained it), is convinced it’s the ONLY thing one can ever do to lose weight and insists on ruining every meal we share with constant comments about how terrible and fattening carbs are. He won’t let it go. There are other diets out there to try and plenty of dieting tips that work.”

“I also get sick of people hating potatoes and harping on the need to replace potatoes in your diet to lose weight. I mean, by all means, make calorie-saving substitutions if you like them, but I like potatoes. They are very filling and a great source of potassium (which I have trouble getting enough of on 1200kcal/day). I have a baked potato with greens and a little Parmesan for lunch, like, three days a week, and miraculously, I continue losing weight! Same deal with fruit.” This Reddit user has tried a variety of diets and has their plan completely laid out.


6. The Gym Isn’t Necessary

Amandalibre says, “The gym pushers always get me. I’ve been an athlete my whole life, so I have no qualms about working out or going to the gym or whatever, but hilariously I have been doing so way less since I’ve been losing weight. It’s not on purpose–I used to go on long runs a few times a week, and now, because of the new job, I haven’t had the time to. But whatever working out I do end up doing now gets tracked and factored into what I eat. The point is, I could easily lose this much weight without working out.”

“But still, I’ve had people that are way larger than me and not remotely fit tell me I need to have a regular gym regiment or I won’t be successful. Okay…. thanks?” This Reddit user has a problem with people who try to make her go to the gym to lose weight. It is possible to lose weight without going to the gym. You can work out at home, at the park, or just try a diet with minimal exercise. There are plenty of options out there without paying for an expensive gym membership. She says she goes for runs, and that is an excellent way to keep the pounds off.


5. Cutting Carbs Isn’t For Everyone

A_nicki discusses how her parents respond to losing weight. Keep reading to find out what tips they suggest. “I heard about this carb-cutting idea on the weekends. My parents don’t know what to do/how to respond because I’m not on a diet like they’re used to – they don’t get the eat less, move more plan. Plus, I do still have food sensitivities [gluten and lactose]. While out on a walk with Dad, he mentions how great I must feel eating better and mentions he needs to cut carbs again [pasta and potatoes] to get healthy. I kept my mouth shut.”

“He was also shocked because I ate pizza before visiting them on Thursday [trying to avoid whatever they planned for dinner] – “oh, but the calories!” Yes, but I planned my day out and had half a frozen pizza [400 calories total] instead of a grease-coated one from Pizza Pizza [300-400 calories per slice].” Counting calories and carbohydrates isn’t for everyone. You should always choose a diet that works for you by speaking with your physician. Your doctor can help you choose one that works best with your body type and exercise regimen. Keep reading for more strange weight loss tips people swear by!


4. Choosing The Best Diet For You

TechniChara says, “I’m currently on keto, and I found out quickly that there are some, like those on the keto subreddit, that treat it more like a lifestyle, the only correct lifestyle, and any deviation is not accepted. It’s not too different from hardcore vegans. Diets work differently for each person – there are so many different diet and exercise combos, and all of them will work if done right, so all you need to do is figure out which one is right for you. It’s so silly to pigeonhole weight loss and health into one healthy diet. Doctors recommend “diet and exercise” – they didn’t say which diet!”

“And of course, exercise comes in many forms. I’ve been rotating between calisthenics and gardening (walks are regular). Our yard is no grandma’s flower garden. There are rocks, the soil is the heavy, dense Texas clay, and then you add in that St.Augustine grass, ugh. Tilling, weeding, and digging out rocks in even a small section is hours of hard work! My arms and upper chest felt like I did a full upper body workout. Lots more yard and garden projects shortly, including digging out a deep hole to plant a lemon tree. Yay, more rocks and clay.”


3. No Forbidden Foods

Drackir has a specific plan in place. “I have a few things in the freezer that I can just shove in the oven and have dinner in fifteen to twenty minutes, so if I can’t be bothered cooking, I won’t go and get take out: chicken strips, frozen veggies, leftover curry, or stew. As long as I know the calories, it just takes a real load off. This helped as one of my big snacking times was between realizing I wanted dinner and dinner to be ready. I don’t use the term “I can’t eat that” or “I’d love to, but I can’t” and instead say “I’m not eating that now.”

“It oddly does make a difference. People also seem to be less pushy about getting you to eat something with a conditioning phrase. Similarly, I don’t have any forbidden foods (except chocolate, and that’s only forbidden in the house); I just have choices to make. I could have a smaller dinner and then some ice cream, or more veggies, more chicken, and some gravy. Choices. I buy a lot more stuff that has individual serves in it. I’ve had times that I have just slowly eaten an entire bag of chips, so having smaller packs has helped a lot.”


2. It’s Not The Most Important Meal Of The Day

DietCokeYummie is tired of hearing about breakfast. Keep reading to hear why. “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” I get this anytime someone finds out I don’t eat until ~1 PM. The last time it was said to me, it was by a friend who is the heaviest she’s ever been and is dying to lose weight (but yet to do anything about it). She said this to me during breakfast in a restaurant where I watched her consume a Chicken and Waffles dish that was two huge homemade waffles, five fried chicken tenders, a heavy cream sauce, and a side of fried potato wedges.”

“I’m like – how are you gonna sit here and tell me breakfast is the most important meal of the day and not acknowledge that you’re eating a 1000+ calorie breakfast? I have to be delicate, though. Before I lost this weight, I wasn’t “BIG” in most people’s definition. I’m 4’9”, and I was 115lbs. While it was too big for my preferences on my frame (not pretty in a swimsuit, yikes), it wasn’t obese. And most people see me clothed. So in many of my IRL friends’ eyes, I “have always been small.” They don’t want weight loss advice from me even though I’ve done phenomenally at losing my extra weight this past year, because to them, what do I know?”


1. Snacking and Sizes Of Meals Matters

Fat_Sad_ says, “My family always tells me that I should have a big breakfast and have “snack size” lunch and dinner. When I ask what I should be eating (for stuff and giggles, since I know they have no idea how many calories are in anything), the common response is “oh, you know, a balanced breakfast- three pancakes, two eggs, some bacon or sausage, cereal… a glass of milk. Maybe some juice.” Just with that, it’s almost my entire day’s calories. As for “snack size,” apparently a turkey and cheddar sandwich, apple, and glass of milk is “snack size.”

“A grilled chicken breast and green salad with vinaigrette is also “snack size.” If I ate all of that, I would gain weight. Not to mention I’m diabetic, and that breakfast would kill my blood sugar, and when my blood sugar goes up, I get lonely and feel like I need a nap. When I tell people what I eat now, they always tell me I’m not eating enough. I just tell them that if I ate “enough,” I would still be gaining weight instead of losing it.” People need to realize that one dieting plan doesn’t work for everyone. It all depends on your body type, metabolism, and the amount of time you spend exercising.