10 Foods That Are Amazingly Low on Calories

By Simi
10 Foods That Are Amazingly Low on Calories

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, there are many things that you should pay attention to. As a priority, many people mention the nutritional content of the food. Something that is processed or unnatural is considered a bad choice for your diet. Removing such foods can mean a lot when it comes to your weight loss journey. However, there are cases when this simply doesn’t help. You eat healthy and natural foods, but still, have trouble losing weight. Why does this happen? What seems to be wrong?

The answer is calories. If one wishes to lose excess weight, he or she needs to cut down on the calorie intake. Losing weight is no rocket science, it’s just simple mathematics. By offsetting your body’s calorie needs by eating fewer calories, you cause the body to burn fat tissue. Not only will you start losing weight, you will stop gaining it too. Just because something is natural, it doesn’t mean that you should overindulge in such foods. Nuts and various other natural-occurring substances are high in calories. This makes them a hurdle of your weight loss goals.

This begs the question – what foods are ideal for weight loss? An ideal answer would be – foods that are incredibly low in calories. Fortunately for everyone, such foods do exist and they are pretty abundant everywhere. In order to help you reach your goals, we’ve compiled a list of all the essential weight loss foods. Each one of the 10 foods on this list has an abundance of health benefits to go alongside its low-calorie content. We’re sure they will be a worthy addition to your mission to lose weight.


When it comes to creating the ideal, low-calorie snack, vegetables and plants are essential. They provide you with all sorts of healthy nutrients. By ingesting these micro-nutrients and minerals in sufficient quantities, you reinforce your immune system. This is also why many people deem vegetarianism to be an ideal choice. Due to an abundance of vitamins and minerals, you can maintain optimal health. Even if it means just eating non-animal foods.

Of course, there is an even bigger advantage when it comes to vegetables. Most of them contain no calories whatsoever. Therefore, it can be said that they make an ideal diet addition. They really are, mostly due to the feeling of fullness they give you. One of the most notable examples is the miraculous herb named watercress. Its low-calorie count is something legendary nowadays. Apparently, a cup of chopped watercress has a staggering 4 calories.

This is good news for your weight loss plan. This means that you can eat as much of it as you want without gaining weight. For a plant like watercress, this is excellent news. It can be used as an essential part of a salad, or even a spice-like addition to some dishes. If you are in a hurry and you don’t have time to eat it, don’t worry. You can always mix it up with other ingredients and make a healthy smoothie.

Also, watercress has some lesser-known nutritive properties. It has one of the richest vitamin combinations in existence. Vitamins A, B6, C, and E are all over the leaves of this healthy herb. In addition to that, you can enrich your diet with some useful minerals. Magnesium, calcium, phosphorous and other elements are there.