10 Foods That Are Amazingly Low on Calories

Zucchini If you don’t like cucumbers, zucchinis may be a great way to compensate for their place in your diet. Many experts call zucchinis the ultimate… Simi - November 14, 2017


If you don’t like cucumbers, zucchinis may be a great way to compensate for their place in your diet. Many experts call zucchinis the ultimate high-volume food. They provide your body with the ultimate low caloric and nutritional punch. The best way to describe a number of calories in this food would be to use the adjective – flabbergasting.

You’ll react similarly when you see that a cup of chopped up zucchinis contains about 21 calories. It makes them an ideal salad ingredient for just about any occasion. Unlike all the other vegetables on this list, zucchini goes great with barbecue. It’s perhaps the best vegetable for grilling. When used on a basic charcoal grill, the smoky taste and the juicy texture will create a paradise in your mouth.

Fat and carbohydrates are basically non-existent within the composition of every zucchini. You can also use it as a means to enhance your immunity. If you work out, a weak immune system may seriously hinder your weight loss goals.

This is why it’s important to take into consideration the amazing nutritional content of this vegetable. Omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, and protein are all crucial building blocks of every healthy organism. By mixing up zucchinis with other foods on your list, your way to fewer pounds will be much more fun and efficient.


Cabbage has been used since ancient times to fix vitamin B deficiencies. Many sailors brought it with them as an essential food for fixing their nutritional problems. This is how cabbage got around the world and introduced to different peoples of the globe. Nowadays, we see it as a staple of every healthy diet. Aside from curing vitamin deficiencies, it became known as the best superfood for weight loss. How does cabbage exactly manage that?

It’s simple. One cup of shredded cabbage is home to no less than 22 calories. This number is even more staggering when you take into consideration the amount of cabbage we eat. This is why it’s important to cherish the nutritional and caloric value of this always useful vegetable. It possesses yet another important trait for weight loss – a high water content.

This is essential when we’re talking about accelerating your metabolism. The nutritional punch cabbage packs are not to be shunned to the side. B vitamins are the most abundant nutrient in cabbage, with magnesium and vitamin C coming close to it. Proteins are abundant in cabbage. It’s surprising that many people don’t know this. This is why it’s great to include cabbage as a post-workout salad or meal addition.

Some foods are really tricky to include in your diet. Cabbage is none of this. You can eat it raw or prepare it within a salad or soup. Light cooking and sauteing it are also good options.