10 Foods That Are Amazingly Low on Calories


When it comes to fatty acids, many of us become too liberal with their daily intake. So many times, we hear about good fatty acids and overindulge in foods that contain them. This often leads to very serious health consequences and metabolism issues. When you ingest too much fat, you organism’s metabolism tends to slow down drastically. This may mean bad news is you’re on that weight loss plan. If you’re aiming to reform your diet, search for a food that boosts the way your metabolism work.

One such food is arugula. This beneficial herb often gets shunned when we talk about the best weight loss solution. Such an occurrence happens very rarely and many people get to miss out on its benefits. If you intend to eat arugula, the best ways to prepare it is to take fresh and tender leaves and put them into a salad. The best thing about arugula is its taste. This means that you can mix it up with anything you want.

Aside from the low fat count, arugula is famous for one other thing – an almost complete absence of calories. One cup of arugula leaves contains as much as 6 whole calories. Such a property offsets the fact that arugula leaves make you full when you eat them. By introducing arugula to your diet, you get to have a proper meal, only without the excess calories you want to avoid.

Aside from the beneficial low-calorie content, arugula is full of valuable nutrients. On the forefront are Vitamins A and several variations of the B vitamin. Calcium, iron, and zinc also form a formidable trio that makes arugula the superfood you’ve always wanted.