The Strangest Weight Loss Tips People Swear By

3. No Forbidden Foods Drackir has a specific plan in place. “I have a few things in the freezer that I can just shove in the oven and… Trista - September 28, 2021

3. No Forbidden Foods

Drackir has a specific plan in place. “I have a few things in the freezer that I can just shove in the oven and have dinner in fifteen to twenty minutes, so if I can’t be bothered cooking, I won’t go and get take out: chicken strips, frozen veggies, leftover curry, or stew. As long as I know the calories, it just takes a real load off. This helped as one of my big snacking times was between realizing I wanted dinner and dinner to be ready. I don’t use the term “I can’t eat that” or “I’d love to, but I can’t” and instead say “I’m not eating that now.”

“It oddly does make a difference. People also seem to be less pushy about getting you to eat something with a conditioning phrase. Similarly, I don’t have any forbidden foods (except chocolate, and that’s only forbidden in the house); I just have choices to make. I could have a smaller dinner and then some ice cream, or more veggies, more chicken, and some gravy. Choices. I buy a lot more stuff that has individual serves in it. I’ve had times that I have just slowly eaten an entire bag of chips, so having smaller packs has helped a lot.”


2. It’s Not The Most Important Meal Of The Day

DietCokeYummie is tired of hearing about breakfast. Keep reading to hear why. “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” I get this anytime someone finds out I don’t eat until ~1 PM. The last time it was said to me, it was by a friend who is the heaviest she’s ever been and is dying to lose weight (but yet to do anything about it). She said this to me during breakfast in a restaurant where I watched her consume a Chicken and Waffles dish that was two huge homemade waffles, five fried chicken tenders, a heavy cream sauce, and a side of fried potato wedges.”

“I’m like – how are you gonna sit here and tell me breakfast is the most important meal of the day and not acknowledge that you’re eating a 1000+ calorie breakfast? I have to be delicate, though. Before I lost this weight, I wasn’t “BIG” in most people’s definition. I’m 4’9”, and I was 115lbs. While it was too big for my preferences on my frame (not pretty in a swimsuit, yikes), it wasn’t obese. And most people see me clothed. So in many of my IRL friends’ eyes, I “have always been small.” They don’t want weight loss advice from me even though I’ve done phenomenally at losing my extra weight this past year, because to them, what do I know?”


1. Snacking and Sizes Of Meals Matters

Fat_Sad_ says, “My family always tells me that I should have a big breakfast and have “snack size” lunch and dinner. When I ask what I should be eating (for stuff and giggles, since I know they have no idea how many calories are in anything), the common response is “oh, you know, a balanced breakfast- three pancakes, two eggs, some bacon or sausage, cereal… a glass of milk. Maybe some juice.” Just with that, it’s almost my entire day’s calories. As for “snack size,” apparently a turkey and cheddar sandwich, apple, and glass of milk is “snack size.”

“A grilled chicken breast and green salad with vinaigrette is also “snack size.” If I ate all of that, I would gain weight. Not to mention I’m diabetic, and that breakfast would kill my blood sugar, and when my blood sugar goes up, I get lonely and feel like I need a nap. When I tell people what I eat now, they always tell me I’m not eating enough. I just tell them that if I ate “enough,” I would still be gaining weight instead of losing it.” People need to realize that one dieting plan doesn’t work for everyone. It all depends on your body type, metabolism, and the amount of time you spend exercising.