Top Ten Home Remedies For Stuffy Nose

2. Steam inhalation

Steam inhalation may be defined as a method of letting moist warm air into the lungs through the nose for therapeutic purposes. The nasal passages are moistened and softened by the steam thus clearing the blocked or congested nose. Steam inhalation is known to be a highly effective to instantly relieve a stuffy or congested nose whether infused with herbs or plain steam. Working as a natural expectorant, steam inhalation works to clear this nasal cavity. There are three ways in which one may use steam as a stuffy nose remedy. For once, one can use a humidifier in their bedrooms. Also, moisture from a hot shower with the door closed in the bathroom is also another remedy.

Inhaling the steam directly is another method where you can use steam to clear a stuffy nose. To prepare steam for inhalation you first have to boil water until hot in a small pan, peppermint or eucalyptus essential oil is then added to the water. This is optional. You may or may not use it. Cover your head with a towel holding it just above the head this is to avoid the steam from escaping and then lean over the pan with the water producing the steam. Breathe in and out slowly and inhale the steam. This should be done two to four times a day. If at any time of the steaming process you experience discomfort or a burning sensation, immediately, takes off the towel and release the steam unless you feel relieved do not inhale the steam, on the persistence of the irritation, discontinue the treatment.

Pregnant women are not advised to use this method for it may affect the fetus in the womb. Children under the age of twelve years too should not use this method to radiate nasal congestion for it might affect them. People with central nervous system disorder, blood pressure and heart condition too should not use this method for it may be dangerous for their health.

Steam may also be used with essential oils to clear a stuffy nose. This is basil, eucalyptus, and pine.Steam may have its side effects for it may leave one with severe burns. This is especially in children. Here the usual occurrence is usually the overturning of the bowls leaving behind big scars that may be permanent the steam may also be harmful to the lungs. This is as the scientists have proven. Much as steam may serve as a remedy for stuffy nose the user must be very careful when using it so as to avoid injuries and burns.