Top Ten Home Remedies For Stuffy Nose

9. Massage therapy This is a therapy applied on the face to induce the pressure points on the face I order to clear up a stuffed… Denis Courtney - January 24, 2017

9. Massage therapy

This is a therapy applied on the face to induce the pressure points on the face I order to clear up a stuffed nose by increasing circulation to the affected area and thinning out the mucus. Here the index figure is used to apply pressure to the acupressure points in pairs for least ten seconds at a time for each pair. A gentle pressure should be produced by slightly rotating your figures on the acupressure points.

The most affected areas when you have a nasal congestion are the most affected area. Joint near the eye socket and the bridge of the nose should be massaged thoroughly to get effective results. More pressure, though, is created when these two points are massaged simultaneously. The facial massage will also get rid of the nasal congestion and the pain that may result from stuffy nose.
Another place to massage for a better result is the skull base. This is done holding your head and your thumb just behind your ears. Massage gently with your thumbs rotating behind the ear and the base of the skull until you feel better. This should d be a daily routine. Another place is above the upper breast and the collar bone. Stretch your hands to touch both this area and massage gently.

The thumb and the index figure is another acupressure point. Hold the joint between the index figure and the thumb and hard-press it. This may reduce the pain and nasal irritation as a result of nasal congestion.

10. Humidifier

A humidifier is an equipment are rather an appliance used to regulate humidity in a home.as we know humidity, whether high or law may come with its effects and discomfort, we need something to regulate it hence the humidifier.

A humidifier, for instance, may bring back the humidity kevel when it is dry. This is very vital because the air we breathe is too dry then the nasal mucus tends to dry hence leading to clogging of mucus leading to the stuffy nose.

Humidifiers are used by most families in their homes to counteract dryness in the noses and to get more moisture in the air. Most are built it the central home where the air conditioners are stationed.
Excess moisture may cause allergy as a result of an increase in the number of dirt mites in the homes. Humidifiers provides more humidity and moisture in the nose hence can help nasal congestion.

More methods of dealing with stuffy nose

There are several other methods other than the above-discussed that may be used to relieve a stuffy nose. Some of this methods are as efficient as possible and when used they give instant results. Below are some of the other methods that may be used. Chicken soup. As onions, ginger, and pepper are staple in chicken soup, it becomes one of the remedies for a stuffy nose.

Turmeric also used is rich in anti- inflammatory action. With a lot of spices used in its preparation, chicken soup definitely becomes one of the remedies that can be used to deal with a stuffy nose. For anyone addicted to smoking, this is one time you should consider putting your figurate down until you can feel better. Tobacco smoke and sudden temperature changes should also be avoided at a greater cost for they may affect the victim in a negative way. This is some of the aggravations that one must avoid when having a stuffy nose when or when not undergoing treatment. This is a cheap method where buy one does not have to need a doctor’s appointment to acquire it or have an expertise knowledge to use it.

Consumption of a lot of water is also very important when you have a stuffed nose. This will keep your body hydrated and may also break the nasal congestion and keep your throat moist. Sniffing mucus back into your head is also very dangerous to your health. Try to avoid it as much as possible. Instead of sniffing the mucus back to the head; gently blow it out into a peppermint infused handkerchief.

Warm water and other soothing warm beverages should be taken in order to sooth and relax the head when you have a stuffy nose. Also, try to relieve nasal passages when congested by using a pillow thus sleeping with your head slightly elevated. Don’t sit back at home if natural remedies don’t work for you for more than three weeks. If it exceeds this period then go to see a doctor in the hospital. Only after consulting your doctor should you use medications recommended for allergy, antihistamine, and decongestant.Using this medication without the go ahead of a medical physician may lead to a terrible outcome, much more than the irritation brought about by a stuffy nose. When the first hit with a cold get a rest that is lying enough to sooth and relax your body.