12 Ways Nurses Can Stay Healthy

2. Avoid Touching Your Face

People tend to touch their faces many times in a day, and nurses are no exception. Raising awareness of this habit can help nurses avoid it. Not touching your face is up there with washing your hands when it comes to preventing infection from spreading. Nurses can get sick if they touch their faces after exposure to a patient with an infectious disease or when working in a contaminated environment.

Rubbing the eyes or scratching the nose are just two ways illnesses spread. When someone sneezes, the droplets go far and wide. Wearing a mask and washing your hands helps prevent contamination. However, developing a habit of never touching your face is another precaution. If your hands are full of germs, touching your eyes, nose or mouth gain the germs access through these openings.

Nurses suggest grabbing a tissue and using that instead of your bare hands if you want to touch your face. Also, they rub their noses on their shoulders to relieve an itch. Knowing you can transmit germs from your hands to your face and then to your body offers an incentive to stop that practice. Another consideration is using lip balm.

Nurses tend to use a tube rather than one where they use their fingers to apply it to the lips. It can take time to train your hands to never to touch your face while working without first washing them. But breaking the habit of touching your face is an inexpensive way to prevent the spread of contagious illnesses.