15 Ways to Burn Up More Calories During Any Type of Workout

Let go of the rails

The rule of the thumb in the gym is that the more muscles you use, the more calories you burn. Letting go of the rails on the treadmill will enable have more benefits. Holding on with either one or two hands on the rails is simply cheating. It creates uneven stresses to the body. Having your hands on the machine reduces the efficiency and will decrease the effects on your body. Your legs will get an easier ride when you put your hands on the rails.

If you hold the rails it will ruin your posture. Frankly, your lower back will not get the full benefits and will not do the work. The effect is that it will weaken the back muscles. It’s bad for tall people who hold or lean forward on the treadmill. Holding on creates an unnatural gait and you will not burn enough calories. Since holding takes away a substantial workload from the legs, the burned calories will be much lower.

The leg and gluteal muscles are the largest muscles available in the body. Therefore, by walking or running, you burn 20% to 25% more calories for the same duration. Your body tilts back when you hold onto the front bar or console. This is the same angle like when you are walking on a flat surface. It is better to slowly build up the incline as time goes. This will help you adjust to the incline that will be easier to deal with.

It’s the same in the real situation where the surfaces where you walk are uneven. The brain helps you to sense the surfaces through the signal that are sent in your spinal cord. This helps you navigate the areas that you are walking. In that way, you avoid falling down. When you hold on to the treadmill, you interfere with these signals. This restricts your coordination and removes your body’s balancing system.