Top Ten Home Remedies of Strengthening Leg Muscles

What is leg weakness? We will start by looking at what leg weakness is before looking into the very best home remedies that one can apply… Denis Courtney - January 28, 2017

What is leg weakness? We will start by looking at what leg weakness is before looking into the very best home remedies that one can apply to deal with this weakness in the legs. Leg weakness or weak legs may occur in one leg of a person or in both legs causing part or complete feeling of weakness all over your body. This is when the muscles in your body tend to lose strength. This is when one perceives that they have lost strength in their muscle hence the feeling of weakness that makes you perceive you are ill or just tired. Here there may not be a true loss of any muscle function.

There are several causes for leg weakness. Leg weakness in the first place may be caused by multiple sclerosis. Ranging from mild to debilitating; multiple sclerosis is an unpredictable nervous system disease. This is due to disruption between the brain and other parts of the body. Another cause of leg weakness is a lower back disc or a lumbar herniation. This is when a part of the spinal disc protrudes into the spinal canal. This is most common among young adults and middle-aged adults.

Diabetic neuropathy is another course of leg weakness. This is a nerve-related disorder related to diabetes. Other conditions include overuse injury, lower extremity trauma, and inflammatory conditions. Blood vessel disorder too may course leg weakness. Nerve damage, lack of exercise, arthritis, recovery after surgery, anemia, nutritional deficiencies, dehydration, and some prescribed medicine side effects too may lead to weak legs.

Leg weakness should not in any instance be ignored for it may lead to severe sickness. Recurring chronic leg weakness experiences may mean a serious illness and one should contact their doctors immediately. A serious underlying condition may be signaled by simultaneous leg pain. This is especially when the weakness occurs frequently. Leg weakness can be realist when climbing stairs or other daily living activities.

Leg weakness should never be ignored. You should take immediate precautions as soon as you realize the weakness in your legs. Swelling, numbness, redness, body ache and back pain are other accompanying symptoms that may come with leg weakness.

A well-balanced diet, a good exercise routine, adequate fluids and enough rest are some of the things you need to have a strong leg massage:

1. Massage Pressure

Acting and working on the body, also known as massage therapy can work a miracle in relieving leg weakness as a natural measure. Massage is the manipulation of soft tissues in the body thus the tendons, joints, ligaments muscles and connective tissues. During massage, tension is applied to the areas that you want to massage. Some of the areas that you may use during massage are fingers, knees, hands elbows and feet. This is oriented healthcare which is clinical. Massage helps alleviate everyday stress discomfort and occupational stress. Many chronic conditions and muscular overuse are other reasons why you need massage therapy.

Massage is beneficial in treating the musculature o the body, sports injuries and many other painful conditions including leg weakness. You don’t have to go to luxury spurs or motels and expensive health clubs as massage can be done at home. Massage improves blood circulation; it reduces swelling, cramps, and pain.

At the comfort of your home, you can massage your weak legs using homemade oil that is just for the massage. To prepare this oil you may need; two cups of coconut oil. In case of a lack of coconut oil, you may also use mustard oil. You also need ten to fifteen garlic pods, one to two pieces of turmeric rhizome. It should be fresh. In the absence of the fresh turmeric rhizome, you may use two tablespoons of turmeric powder as an alternative. Other ingredients are; two cups of sesame oil, and one fresh ginger as it is a natural pain killer and also, fresh ginger is known for its pain-relieving quality. Fresh oregano leaves are also helpful on the menu to make this homemade oil as it gives one better joint and makes the muscles flexible which is needed for the weakness in the legs. Two cups of sesame oil and a few drops of essential oils are also important. For the purpose of essential oil on the leg massage, you may use any oil including, rosemary, peppermint, eucalyptus or even lavender oil.

In a pan that has been warmed, add all the ingredients leaving behind the oregano leaves and the essential oils. To avoid burning the oil, you can use a double boiler. While preparing this oil for the massage, keep the fire low. This ingredient will them give a very fine aroma when you warm them. Add oregano leaves when the ingredients begin to boil, and then remove them from fire. After it cools, after three to four hours, filter the oil.

To massage the leg you should first of all wash the leg clean and pat it to dry. Slightly warm the oil, and then from the knee to the foot apply the oil with a gentle massage. You can also ask someone who may be around to help you massage the leg. For ten to fifteen minutes, massage the legs with firm strokes. More concentration should be applied on the foot, soles and on calf muscle.

Massage will help you reduce the pain in the legs; it will also reduce swelling and inflammation. To the entire body, massage helps you relax and relieve stress and anxiety. Do the massages at least two times a day until you get relieved.

2. Enjoy regular walking

For many health problems, as unbelievable as it might seem, walking is the best remedy. This exercise has been underrated by large amount of people. This, walking as an exercise is the cheapest and in one way or another most efficient form of exercise. Next time you come from work school or woven when you go to visit a friend just have a walk.

You don’t need money or special commodities if you are not disabled in order to walk. Walking is free, and if you care about your health and your weight, you don’t have to look further, just walk around.

Walking is an exercise other than just its social nature, just like other exercises, it has a lot of importance to your body. Regular walking has been proven to do a lot of work for our bodies. This includes reducing the risk of chronic sicknesses, inclusive of, type two diabetes, some cancers, stroke, and heart diseases.

Before going for a walk you should ensure that you are comfortable. Wear trainers or shoes that are comfortable for they will not course blisters and will provide enough support and will ensure that you are comfortable. For free movement, go for comfortable clothes. Choose thin layers because you can remove or add as you may desire. Healthy snacks, a backpack, and some water may be necessary for those who might want to go for long walks. You also must have Sunscreen, a spare top, and an extra pair of shoes for those going to work shoes may be uncomfortable.

For those going on more frequent and regular walks, you may try a specialist pair of shoes. You might also invest in a jacket which is waterproof in case it starts raining.

Gradually, build your walking regime by starting with a slow walk. When you make it as a moderate-intensity workout, you will get adequate health benefits including benefits for weak legs. Try to walk faster gradually after a few minutes. Increase your pace until where you want to be. Cool down toward the end of your work, and slow down gradually. You should try to walk at least ten thousand steps in a day. To improve your flexibility, gentle stretches are important so gently stretch as you finish the walk.

For more achievement, you can join a walking group, become a volunteer, you can mix it up with other activities and most importantly set a goal.

3. Leg strengthening exercise

To target all the major leg muscles and strengthen your legs, you can opt for these leg-strengthening exercises. Before discussing anything on leg strengthening exercises, people with weak legs should never try very strains exercises that may result in the whole pressure being directed into the legs. Examples of this exercises include sit-ups and squats.

To strengthen weak legs there are some tips you should consider during the exercises targeted for the purpose. These tips are; you should not be in the same position for too long, for example, you should not be standing, sitting or squatting for too long for it weakens your leg muscles. Foods rich in saturated and trans fats should be avoided. Regularly, especially after eating, you should massage the legs.

For weak leg exercise, you might try extensions and leg raise. This exercise may be performed in several positions including standing, sitting and reclining on the floor. The exercises, leg rainmakers, and extensions balance the muscles by making them strong and flexible. All the muscles from feet to thighs are toned by this exercise.

Hip matching is another exercise that can be performed in order to get rid of weak legs because it’s known to be essential for the lower body. This is done by; sitting comfortably on a chair, with the knees bent to the maximum length possible, raise the right leg. Hold for ten counts then lower the leg. Holding the same leg repeats the same procedure of holding the leg and counting to ten. For each leg, do this for two minutes. For hip marching, after regular practice of leg rising for at least two weeks, place your hand on the thigh and resist while lifting the leg. This makes your legs stronger. Do this regularly for better results on weak legs.

Hips extensions too really help in strengthening weak legs. This is sided leg raise, nothing complicated. For the thighs and legs, hip extensions provide strong support and tone the hip muscle. This is how it is done. While holding onto a chair or wall u are required to stand straight to the maximum height possible, hold and raise your right leg to the right, and count until twenty. You may then lower the leg and repeat the same to the left leg, holding it to the left side. Do this for two to three minutes.

The pelvic lift is very important too. This simply makes the lower part of the body stronger. To do this, lie flat and comfortably on the floor, with the knees bent, adjacent to the thigh place the hands. Lift your body gradually a few inches but don’t strain. This should be done for two to three minutes. Yoga and tai chi is also important exercise in knee strengthening.

Make sure you discuss the most suitable and efficient exercise with your doctor before trying it out.

4. Enjoy sunshine

Sunshine is widely known for its importance in providing us with vitamin D. Vitamin D as it has been researched by scientists is essential for strong bones. For healthy bones, our bodies as it is its nature also needs calcium, phosphorus, and mineral which are to be regulated by vitamin D provided by the sunlight. Ultraviolet-B radiation present in the sun rays causes the creation of vitamin D in a person’s skin through exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D can also be acquired through eating other foods rich in it, vitamin D. these foods are; fortified milk, cereal, orange juice, sardines and salmons.

Sunshine and darkness when it comes to the brain, it is known to trigger the release of hormones. Serotonin is known to be released at exposure to sunlight. This quality not only makes sunlight good for your weak legs but also good for your brain. This is because the hormone serotonin triggers happy moods and also this hormone serotine, triggers relaxation of the body. So sunshine is important and if you love your bones, moods and your general health, you take at least fifteen minutes in a day on sunlight. Just relax under the sun and let the minerals be absorbed.

Too much sunshine might also cause harm to the body. Yes, too much of something might be poisonous. Too much sunshine may lead to the growth of cancerous moles. This mole mostly occurs on the legs. This may be a result of too much sunbathing. Cancer of the skin may also appear or rather start spreading as a result of too much sunshine.

Sunshine should be a priority in everyday life. You don’t have to the seaside for a whole day for basking in sunshine but only a few minutes a day are enough for you to get sufficient vitamin D which is necessary for strengthening weak legs in a day. Make a point to enjoy this free gift to you for it is easily available and poverty cannot deny you the ability to enjoy it and grab its nutrients.

5. Black-strap molasses

Blackstrap molasses is a type of molasses among others. This is a byproduct of sugarcane during the process of refining sugarcane into sweet sugar. It is a liquid by nature. By the third boiling of syrup, sugar molasses is made. Therefore, after the sugars sucrose has been formed, molasses remains as a by-product. It’s a thick viscous liquid. Gingerbread and baked beans are made from molasses as a feature due to its bittersweet flavor. Molasses is in most cases used as a sweetener. Blackstrap molasses contains a lot of minerals which makes it better than many others by-products of sugar cane. Blackstrap molasses mineral is; selenium, calcium, potassium, selenium iron, manganese, copper and vitamin B6. Actually, blackstrap molasses is a miraculous superfood.

Calcium is very well known to be a bone builder. Behind its powerful service in bone building, calcium works hand in hand with magnesium which plays an important role in growing it. This type o molasses, black-strap molasses, contains both magnesium and calcium hence more efficient for strengthening weak bones. This quality of blackstrap molasses containing both magnesium and calcium makes it efficient in preventing diseases like bone weakness. This is inclusive of the weakness that appears in the legs.

Black-strap molasses has other health importance other than strengthening weak bones. This includes; preventing diseases like osteoporosis and asthma. Other than those health benefits, this kind of molasses, the black-strap molasses serves other functions. This is; black-strap molasses is used as a hair De-Freezer for bleached, premed or cultured hair. Black-strap molasses also contains potassium and it’s good for the blood. This is because it contains irons good for blood formation. Lack of these irons may lead to anemia. Black-strap molasses is also good for diabetes as it stabilizes blood sugars. It saves this function of being diabetes-friendly because as a bi-product of sugarcane, by the time it is formed; most sugars are mostly removed though it still contains enough sugars though, to make it useful as a sweetener in the food industry. This is how important this kind of molasses is important to the human race.

For efficiency, you may make this paste to take for it, blackstrap molasses to strengthen your bones. You need one tablespoon of blackstrap molasses and a cup of milk, or alternative hot water if milk is not available. Mix the milk or water and the blackstrap molasses the take the drink once or two times a day. Another method of consuming blackstrap molasses as a remedy for weak bones is by nixing each of one tablespoon of it and unfiltered apple cider vinegar in one cup of water and you can drink it once time in a day.

6. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar, also known as ACV or cider vinegar is a kind of vinegar that that is made from apple or cider. It is usually medium amber in color. Apple cider vinegar is rich in important minerals like potassium, calcium and magnesium. Apple cider vinegar also contains vitamin B which helps your muscles to be strong. When you take apple cider vinegar too, your body is helped to absorb the very important minerals from the food you eat as breakfast lunch supper and even branches and snacks.

As we know one major cause of weak legs or rather weakness in the legs is poor circulation. Sometimes, doctors prefer to heal the symptoms first, this is when it comes to some diseases and apple cider vinegar is a natural home remedy for dealing with weak legs, we are therefore going to concentrate much on this symptom-based cure. What does poor circulation entail? Poor leg circulation, also known as periphery entry disease is the narrowing of blood arteries, as a result, the thinning, blood flow to the limbs of your body are reduced. Pain experienced while walking, call pain, cold feet, hair loss, leg numbness or growth on your feet are the signs of poor circulation.

Apple cider vinegar is our miracle when it comes to the treatment of weak legs when the weak legs in the first place have been caused by leg blood circulation. Apple cider vinegar heals many health problems due to the minerals it contains which have circulation problems. Apple cider Viner has a concentration of enzymes that when added to your daily diet, it, apple cider vinegar improves circulation in the blood. Apple cider vinegar is a result of pure apple juice after the two fermentation circles. While keeping it from clogging the arteries, apple cider vinegar contains enzymes that break down bad cholesterol.

For the best results of apple cider vinegar for poor circulation of your weak legs, you can mix two to three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a little water in your meals. For good results, this should be done at least daily. Supplements of apple cider vinegar too may be taken in order to get better results the liquid form is also available if you may opt for it.

7. Milk

Milk is another readily available and cheap method of dealing with our weak knees. It is easy to prepare with no complex procedures. Milk as a natural home remedy is also efficient because, for most people, milk is a part of their daily diets for the importance of bone health. This is a white substance that is produced by mammals through their mammary glands. Only mammals may produce milk because all other class of animals does not contain mammary glands.

Milk is a multi-tusker as it contains many healthy minerals needed by our body to deal with different almonds of the body. Milk and milk products have a variety of nutrients. These nutrients are a good balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Milk is also an important source of essential nutrients including riboflavin, vitamins A and B12, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus and also calcium. Milk also has electrolytes which can prevent you from dehydrating. Cow’s milk is also fortified with vitamin which is important for the strengthening of bones. As a source of calcium, it also is a remedy for weak legs as calcium is known for its quality to make bones strong.

Milk as a type of food that can fight weakness in the leg is very important. A glass of milk keeps your body well hydrated as we know that dehydration is a major course of leg weakness. With lots of calcium present in the milk, bones of the body, including the bones of the leg hat course weak legs are strengthened.

In order to build strength in your legs, you should consider taking at least one glass of milk each day. This contains enough calcium that will deal with your weak legs. Don’t just take the milk once then do away with it; instead, you should make it a habit. You can also boil some skim milk with figs, dates or even almonds not only for better results but also to make it less unbearable for those who don’t like milk. There are other milk alternatives such as almond milk, soy milk hemp milk and coconut milk too. Manufacturers have also come up with a variety of flavors for the milk thus milk may be taken in any flavor that you wish.

Milk has its disadvantages too just like everything may have a bright and dark side. More than generally required, the net total of calcium present in cow milk may be insufficient for the body, therefore not the very best option. Animal protein acidifying effects may impose negatively on bone health.

8. Horsetail

Scientifically known as Equisetum arvense, horsetail is an herbal plant. It is mainly found in Asia, Europe, Middle East and North America. It is also known as shaved grass. This plant was discovered a long time ago even before the distinction of the dinosaurs. This plant, horsetail is about one point five long in length. The parts used on this plant for its medicinal function are the above-ground parts. They can be used when fresh or they can be dried to play their curative function. This plant has been proven to be a miracle as it has many health benefits in its natural nature. Horsetail helps the body to absorb and use calcium. It is available in dried or liquid form.

Horsetail, as a herb was used in ancient Greece as a curative medicine for kidney problems, wounds, and ulcers. It is also a traditional remedy for heavy periods, incontinence, thick and full-looking hair, urinary tract health promoting healthy body weight, kidney and bladder problems and lastly frostbite.

Horsetail is not suitable for children as it contains traces of nicotine. For adults, horsetail as a medicine is present in different types to attract a wide range of users. It is available in the form of a capsule whereas a standardized do has ten to fifteen percent silica. It may also be taken when infused in drinks like tea. Here you need to add at least two to three tablespoons of horsetail in hot tea. Drink it at least three times a day for positive results. Tincture, as recommended by the doctor, is another form where this herb may be taken it can also be used externally.

As important as horsetail may seem in dealing with severe conditions, it may turn out to be very harmful to the body. Horsetail may interfere with prescription medicine. So, before resolving to horsetail, seek medical advice from a trained doctor. Alcoholics too should stay away from horsetail for its low levels of thiamin. People with Heart arrhythmias too should not take horsetail may course little potassium in the body.

9. Eat healthy

Poor diet is one of the courses of ill health. Cramps, muscle weakness, circulation, and fatigue may be hampered by nutritional deficiencies in the body. ‘What do we mean by healthy eating? This is eating a variety of food products that may give you diverse nutrients needed by your body to give and maintain your good health and to give your body energy to play various functions. These nutrients needed for better body function includes minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium; fats, water, carbohydrates, minerals and proteins.

In order to have a balanced diet, you are required to eat a wide variety of foods in the right proportion this also entails the consumption of the right amounts of drinks and food in order to maintain and achieve the right body weight. A balanced diet is an important health measure for your body. A poor diet may lead to many health hazard problems and also general body weakness.

To reduce weakness in your legs, you must include healthy protein in your diet. This is because proteins are body-building foods and when consumed they play an important role in tissue formation where these tissues form part of the leg muscles. When leg muscles have been formed they tend to make the legs strong. Here are some of the foods rich in protein that one must take in order to have strong bone formation. Egg products, nuts and foods rich in soy are the foods you must take for strong bones.

Potassium should also be taken in plenty. Potassium deficiency may be indicated by a weak borne hence in order to avoid it, you need foods rich in potassium to avoid weak leg bones. These foods include; raisins, sweet potatoes, plum, tomato juice, prune juice and skin bananas. These potassium-rich foods are very important for your weak bones and should be taken in plenty for efficiency.

Muscle health is also improved by magnesium. Foods rich in magnesium include Lima beans, almonds, spinach and sunflower seeds. To build strong bones and remove numbness in your bones, your body needs foods rich in vitamin B. This food includes; beans, wheat germ, cheese, fish oatmeal, and yogurt.

10. Drink more fluid

Dehydration, lack of water is known to be one of the major causes of weak bones. This condition can easily be reversed through rehydration which is done by taking more avoid dehydration, which is majorly the lack of enough water in the body, you should drink an ample amount of water. This is according to scientific research that a normal person should take at least eight glasses of water a day in order for their body to stay hydrated. Lack of enough water in the body may cause dehydration which may be very dangerous to your body and it may lead to weak bones hence weak legs. You should keep your body hydrated to prevent weaker legs.

Also, in order to keep your body hydrated, you have to eat water-based vegetables and fruits. These fruits are such as watermelons, cucumbers, and tomatoes. The fruits and vegetables will also supplement the body with enough water to carry it through the day. Caffeine leads to dehydration. As best as you can reduce its consumption or stay away completely if you have already weak bones.

Other than the above-named natural ways, here are some other ways you may use in order to get rid of weak legs. To improve circulation, one may try acupressure and acupuncture, foods that have high saturated fats should be avoided at all cost, avoid sitting or standing too long in the same position, try to change the position while sitting or standing.

To prevent edema, to avoid limiting your daily salt consumption rates and finally, to increase blood circulation in the legs, try to keep elevating your legs for some time to increase blood circulation. Above all, you are advised to take good care of your body and general health in order to stay healthy. You should not ignore these symptoms instead you should see the doctor or a medical practitioner if symptoms persist