Top Ten Home Remedies of Strengthening Leg Muscles

By Denis Courtney
Top Ten Home Remedies of Strengthening Leg Muscles

What is leg weakness? We will start by looking at what leg weakness is before looking into the very best home remedies that one can apply to deal with this weakness in the legs. Leg weakness or weak legs may occur in one leg of a person or in both legs causing part or complete feeling of weakness all over your body. This is when the muscles in your body tend to lose strengths. This is when one perceives that they have lost strength in their muscle hence the feeling of weakness that makes you perceive you are ill or just tired. Here there may not be a true loss of any muscle function.
There are several causes for leg weakness. Leg weakness in the first place may be caused by multiples sclerosis. Ranging from mild to debilitating; multiple sclerosis is an unpredictable nervous system disease. This is due to a disruption between the brain and other parts of the body. Another cause of leg weakness is a lower back disc or a lumbar herniation. This is when a part of the spinal disc protrudes into the spinal canal. This is mostly common among young adults and middle-aged adults.

Diabetic neuropathy is another course of leg weakness. This is a nerve related disorder related to diabetes. Other conditions include overuse injury, lower extremity trauma, and inflammatory conditions. Blood vessel disorder too may course leg weakness. Nerve damage, lack of exercise, arthritis, and recovery after surgery, anemia, nutritional deficiencies, dehydrating, and some prescribed medicine side effects too may lead to weak legs.

Leg weakness should not in any instance be ignored for it may lead to severe sickness. Recurring of chronic leg weakness experiences may mean a serious illness and one should contact their doctors immediately. A serious underlying condition may be signaled by simultaneous leg pain. This is especially when the weakness occurs frequently. Leg weakness can be realist when climbing stairs or other daily living activities.

Leg weakness should never be ignored. You should take immediate precaution as soon as you realize the weakness in your legs. Swelling, numbness, redness, body ache and back pain are other accompanied symptoms that may come with leg weakness.
A well-balanced diet, a good exercise routine, adequate fluids and enough rest re some of the things you need to have strong leg massage:

 1. Massage Pressure

Acting and working on the body, also known as massage therapy can work a miracle in relieving leg weakness as a natural measure. Massage is the manipulation of soft tissues the body thus the tendons, joints, ligaments muscles and connective tissues. During massage, tension is applied to the areas that you want to massage. Some of the areas that you may use during massage] are fingers, knees, hands elbows and feet. This is an oriented healthcare which is clinical. Massage helps alleviate everyday stress discomfort and occupational stress. Many chronic conditions and muscular overuse is another reason why you need massage therapy.

Massage is beneficial in treating the musculature o the body, sports injuries and many other painful conditions including leg weakness. You don’t have to go to luxury spurs or motels and expensive health club as massage can be done at home. Massage improves blood circulation; it reduces swelling, cramps, and pain.

At the comfort of your home, you can massage your weak legs using homemade oil that is just for the massage. To prepare this oil you may need; two cups of coconut oil. In case of lack of coconut oil, you may also use mustard oil. You also need ten to fifteen garlic pods, one to two pieces of turmeric rhizome. It should be fresh. In the absence of the fresh turmeric rhizome you may use two tablespoons of turmeric powder as an alternative. Other ingredients are; two cups of sesame oil, one fresh ginger as it is a natural pain killer and also, fresh ginger is known for its pain relieving quality. Fresh oregano leaves are also helpful on the menu to make this homemade oil as it gives one better joints and make the muscles flexible which is needed for the weakness in the legs. Two cups of sesame oil and a few drops of essential oils are also important. For the purpose of essential oil on the leg massage, you may use any oil including, rosemary, peppermint, eucalyptus or even lavender oil.

In a pan which has been warmed, add all the ingredients leaving behind the oregano leaves and the essential oils. To avoid burning the oil, you can use a double boiler. While preparing this oil for the massage, keep the fire low. This ingredient will them give a very fine aroma when you warm them. Add oregano leaves when the ingredients begin to boil, and then remove from fire. After it cools, after three to four hours, filter the oil.

To massage the leg you should first of all wash the leg clean and pat it to dry. Slightly warm the oil, and then from the knee to the foot apply the oil with a gentle massage. You can also ask someone who may be around to help you massage the leg. For ten to fifteen minutes, massage the legs with firm strokes. More concentration should be applied on the foot, soles and on the calf muscle.

Massage will help you reduce the pain in the legs; it will also reduce the swelling and inflammation. To the entire body, massage helps you relax relieve stresses and anxiety. Do the massages at least two times a day until you get relieved.