Crazy Health Trends People Will Try Before Exercising

“Has anyone had experience with Zaggora hotpants?” “I was going to order some until I read some in depth reviews about how they didn’t even work.… Alexander Gabriel - September 30, 2023

In a world where the latest health trends are as elusive as that last sock in the laundry, it seems that people will do just about anything to avoid the dreaded “E” word—exercise. We’ve seen it all: from drinking kale smoothies that taste like freshly mowed grass to wrapping ourselves in seaweed like human sushi rolls in the name of wellness. It’s as if we’re living in a society that would rather attempt levitation than take a brisk walk around the block. So, why do we willingly hop onto these health bandwagons faster than a caffeinated kangaroo on a pogo stick? Grab your yoga mat and your unicorn-shaped crystal water bottle because we’re about to dive deep into the world of health trends that make exercise look like a relic of the past!


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Mouth Taping

Mouth taping, a recent health trend, involves covering one’s mouth with surgical or athletic tape during sleep to encourage nose breathing, which proponents claim can reduce allergies, improve airway moisture retention, alleviate dry mouth, decrease anxiety, freshen breath, enhance sleep quality, and reduce snoring. Despite a lack of scientific evidence, this trend persists among health enthusiasts. However, individuals with certain breathing or sleep conditions, like sleep apnea or asthma, should consult a doctor before trying it and ensure the use of skin-safe tape to prevent unintended discomfort.


“What I’ve Learned From Taping My Mouth Shut”

“I find it scary…isn’t it suffocating to tape your mouth. Also, if you snore, it means your nasal passage are slightly blocked or something and you may find it difficult to breathe normally. Doesn’t taping you mouth make it worse?” asks u/VickeyMarcellus. Another commenter, u/thughes84 asks some reasonable questions. “I’m very intrigued. All this chat about suffocating, has there even been a case of suffocation or is everyone just imagining the concern, which I understand…? I feel like you’d wake up if you were suffocating… maybe not if you’re intoxicated or something like drowning in a bath. I dunno, just seems far fetched and we should dispel it. What does one do with a beard lol”


Face Yoga

Face yoga, a burgeoning health trend, entails individuals performing facial exercises to enhance the appearance and firmness of their face. Advocates of this practice contend that it can diminish wrinkles and reduce sagging by boosting circulation and fortifying muscles in the jaw, neck, forehead, and cheeks, employing specialized techniques such as massages, finger taps, and stretches. Although there is currently no clinical research to substantiate these assertions, numerous individuals who have embraced face yoga report observing some improvements through consistent practice. This represents a low-risk self-experiment, enabling you to gauge any noticeable enhancements for yourself.

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“Does face yoga work?”

Absolutely, BUT you have to be disciplined and do those ten second exercises daily, multiple times per day, and you’ll see results. I noticed results in I think two months or so. I admit that the before and after photos I’ve seen of people aren’t convincing (new lighting, makeup and angle of head doesn’t mean your face yoga worked.) I’m 53, and started regularly doing Face Yoga about four years ago because I noticed a slight sagging under my chin, and thought “This is not going any further!” I remember hearing about face exercises, looked into this further, and discovered Face Yoga Method. Face Yoga is free, you can practice it anywhere, and if you are disciplined and do this for ten seconds every day, several times per day, you’ll be firming your skin and toning your face muscles, and you will see results!


Float Tank

In recent years, float tanks have surged in popularity, with proponents suggesting that they can alleviate stress, anxiety, pain, and enhance sleep quality. The concept revolves around the high magnesium content in the Epsom salts, which is believed to induce a calming effect, combined with the sensory deprivation environment within the tanks to promote relaxation. These tanks are typically dark, offer the choice of complete silence or soothing music, and the unique experience of floating in a way that eliminates physical sensations. Although scientific evidence supporting these claims is limited, individuals who have experienced float tanks tend to return for repeated sessions, seeking the stress-relieving benefits they offer.


“Redditors that have been in a sensory deprivation tank, what was your experience like?”

I hated it. I never thought of myself as claustrophobic and I don’t even know if you would call it that because it feels like the opposite of being in a small place. It feels like there is NOTHING around. Like you’re floating in space. If you aren’t already practicing mediation on a daily basis there’s a good chance you won’t enjoy it, at first anyways. You really need to know how to shut off your brain. I’ve heard it takes about 3-5 times to really be able to enjoy it properly.”


Internal Showers

TikTok witnessed the Internal Shower drink trend. This trend entails adding two tablespoons of chia seeds to a glass of water along with a squeeze of lemon, allowing the concoction to sit, and then quickly consuming it, all in the hopes of prompting a bathroom visit. While staunch supporters exist, the Internal Shower faced criticism as it was perceived as just one of many methods to encourage regularity. Alternative options such as magnesium, dietary fiber, a variety of fruits and vegetables, and beans were touted as equally effective. Nevertheless, if the Internal Shower presents a convenient means of incorporating fiber into your daily routine, why not give it a try? Simply mix your chia, squeeze your lemon, and dive in.

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“What does everyone think about the “internal shower” drink going around?”

“A Gastroenterologist says it’s comparable to taking some Metamucil. It can definitely help your bowel movements. Water is great for that and the fibre from the chia seeds. I do recall seeing another Gastroenterologist on Tiktok also explain when the chia seeds are in water and expand and get that thick gooey substance around them it can also provide lubrication for your intestines. The lemon gives it a little bit of flavor and some vitamin c. But they also ask people to be wary of not overconsuming chia seeds, and not consuming them without soaking as you can get very sick. Overall it’s a good way to get some extra fibre, hydration, and to help poop.”

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Coffee Enemas

Ah, the illustrious coffee enema! This unconventional therapy has taken the wellness world by storm, offering a unique blend of caffeine kick and, well, let’s just say a very different kind of “pick-me-up.” Enthusiasts insist that it’s the ultimate colon cleanse, the espresso shot for your insides, and the liver’s version of a spa day. But, hold your coffee mugs and stirrers, folks! Before you start brewing a pot for your posterior, remember that the scientific proof is elusive. And don’t forget the potential risks; infections or electrolyte imbalances are the last thing you’d want to spice up your morning routine with! So, if you’re thinking about diving into this caffeinated adventure, you might want to consult your friendly neighborhood barista… err, I mean healthcare professional first!

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“Well today I learned people do coffee enemas”

“At work, I once had a guy tell me about his coffee enema phase. His wife chimed in to say when she got home and saw the organic coffee out in the afternoon, she knew what was happening! They went on for a while. Neither of them were my patient. My actual patient was their infant daughter. So I couldn’t leave the room, I had to take care of her and let the whole conversation just happen to me.”

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Placenta Pills

That’s right, the magical tablets made from the very thing you once shared your womb with. It’s like the ultimate recycling project, turning baby’s first apartment into mom’s daily supplement. Advocates swear by these pills, claiming they offer everything from postpartum energy boosts to mood-enhancing powers. But hold the afterbirth hors d’oeuvres, because the scientific jury is still out on this one. Critics say, “Why not just grab a regular multivitamin instead of chowing down on your body’s baby suite leftovers?” So, whether you’re intrigued by the idea of placenta pills or find it a bit too “out there,” it’s always wise to seek expert guidance and make an informed decision about their use.

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“Thoughts on placenta encapsulation?”

I would pass. I know there are not a lot of studies, but there are literally zero traditional cultures where the woman eats her placenta routinely after birth. You know how hunter gatherer tribes and traditional societies waste nothing, eat every part of the animal, etc? They still don’t eat the placenta. If no one is doing it historically, I highly doubt it would have any benefit. Also just as an additional gross out factor, did you know the placenta isn’t actually your organ? it is completely your babies DNA. So you are eating your babies organ, not yours.”


Oxygen Shots

The health trend of oxygen shots has been making quite a buzz lately, with proponents suggesting that inhaling pure oxygen can boost energy levels, improve mental clarity, and even alleviate hangover symptoms. Advocates argue that oxygen therapy can provide a quick and revitalizing pick-me-up. However, it’s important to approach this trend with a healthy dose of skepticism. While some individuals swear by the benefits of oxygen shots, others may find themselves feeling like they’ve just splurged on a breath of fresh air. Additionally, some health experts raise concerns about the safety of prolonged or excessive oxygen use, emphasizing the importance of moderation when exploring oxygen shot therapy.

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“ELI5: Vegas “oxygen” bars??”

“Have you ever been in an apartment complex where someone who lives there uses oxygen and they have a big “NO SMOKING, OXYGEN IN USE” sign on the door? Yeah, had a college prof who said that most oxygen bars are a scam and that what you are breathing is mostly flavored air-otherwise they would need some sort of license, as pure oxygen is highly flammable and dangerous to store in public places. edit: wish I could remember the percentage he said but, he suggested that the next time you pass by an oxygen bar, ask someone working there what percentage oxygen is offered and if they don’t know, it’s likely homeopathic levels.”

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Hot Pants Instead of Exercise

Wearing hot pants instead of exercising has become a peculiar health trend, with enthusiasts believing that these snug-fitting, heat-trapping shorts can help shed pounds without breaking a sweat. The theory is that the increased body temperature from hot pants can promote calorie burning and fat loss. While some may find hot pants to be a fashionable shortcut to fitness, others might prefer the tried-and-true approach of regular exercise for achieving their health goals. Before donning those sizzling shorts, plan for a backup plan. You know. One with exercise.

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“Has anyone had experience with Zaggora hotpants?”

“I was going to order some until I read some in depth reviews about how they didn’t even work. The pale skin underneath is probably because they are making you sweat so much that the same effect that happens when you’re in the pool too long, just water effect. From the reviews though, I read they don’t much help with cellulite and the weight loss is just water loss, I’m assuming that comes back, don’t hold me to it. For cellulite, you may want to try a skin tightening cream.”



Wearing a corset for waist slimming has reemerged as a fashion trend, with proponents suggesting that these tightly-laced garments can help achieve an hourglass figure by cinching the waist. The idea is that corsets compress the midsection, reducing the waistline and creating a more defined silhouette. However, it’s good to approach this practice with caution, as the long-term effects and potential health risks of waist training remain a topic of concern among experts. While some may be drawn to the allure of an instantly narrower waist, others may prefer a balanced approach to fitness. In the quest for a slimmer waist, it might be better to prioritize their health, considering alternatives to waist training that promote sustainable and safe practices.

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“Unforeseen or Disappointing Result with Corsets/Waist Training”

“Just a friendly reminder: your corset will give you an hourglass figure while you are in it. 90% of the benefits of your corset only apply while you are wearing it. When you take off the corset, your body will spring back to its natural form. After weeks of wearing consistently at a minimum reduction of 4 inches, you might notice that your waist is nipped subtly before putting the corset on. With long term muscle/rib training, you can achieve mild (but noticeable to you) semi-permanent results. These results will fade with time if you do not continue to wear your corset regularly.”

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Colonics, also referred to as colon hydrotherapy or colonic irrigation, involve introducing a tube into the rectum to flush the colon with water, typically to eliminate waste and toxins. This practice is believed to aid in detoxification, alleviate constipation, and promote better digestion. Colonics, while sometimes sought for their perceived benefits, come with potential risks that should not be overlooked. The invasive nature of the procedure can lead to bowel perforation or infection if not performed by trained professionals. Additionally, overuse of colonics can disrupt the natural balance of the gut microbiome and may lead to electrolyte imbalances, highlighting the importance of careful consideration and medical guidance when contemplating this practice.

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“Try Guys Try Colonics”

“Basically by getting a colonic (unless if u totally need to in a hospital if you’re backed up and have faecal impaction which is super bad constipation) you’re basically flushing out all the good gut bacteria that reside in your gut that do things like digest your food properly, produce serotonin, or just the fact that their presence prevents overgrowth of more harmful species of gut bacteria like c. Difficile or h. Pylori. If you were an IBS or IBD sufferer it could very well make your symptoms worse.”

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Infrared Saunas

Users claim numerous benefits such as relaxation, improved circulation, and detoxification through the use of infrared radiation to generate heat. These saunas are believed to help with pain relief, stress reduction, and even weight loss. However, it’s vital to approach infrared saunas with a discerning eye. There really isn’t any concrete evidence to support any of these claims. For the most part, saunas can be a relaxing experience for most people, but there are a few concerns to be aware of. Prolonged or excessive use of infrared saunas can lead to dehydration, overheating, or skin issues. Therefore, while these saunas may offer a soothing experience for some, users should exercise moderation and stay well-hydrated.

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“Was your infrared sauna worth the investment?”

“If you’re looking for a real sauna experience, you’ll be squarely disappointed by an infrared sauna. The atmosphere in an infrared sauna is nothing like a true Nordic style sauna. These heaters are basically glorified space heaters, and cheap ones at that. In all reality, you could get the same therapeutic benefits an infrared sauna offers by sitting in your closet in front of a $20 space heater. Infrared saunas also heat in a one sided fashion just like a space heater. If you’ve ever sat or stood in front of a space heater in a chilly room you’ll understand what I mean.”

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Tongue Scraping

Tongue scraping is a practice hailed for its potential benefits in oral hygiene, like reducing bad breath, removing bacteria and debris from the tongue’s surface, and enhancing taste sensation. It’s a simple and cost-effective way to promote fresher breath and oral health. However, some downsides should be considered. Improper scraping or excessive pressure may lead to tongue irritation or discomfort, and there’s limited scientific evidence to support all the claimed benefits. Therefore, while tongue scraping can be a valuable addition to one’s oral care routine, it’s important to use it judiciously and in conjunction with regular brushing and flossing to maintain a healthy mouth.


“Thoughts on tongue scraping?”

Two opposing ideas popped up on the r/Dentistry sub. “I have never scraped my tongue. In my dental school we were advised against it. People who scraped tend to get more debris on it than people who don’t. We are asked to gently brush the same way we would our teeth if at all. Personally compared to someone who scraped, my tongue rarely take up any debris or looks coloured ever.” However, u/sidneyseyer says, “I believe it. I advocate it. As a dentist who is prone to tonsillitis, this has benefited me a lot for years. The plaque on your tongue contributes to the bacteria in your mouth, which in turn contributes to smell. You will be surprised on what you scrape at the end of the day.”



A low FODMAP diet is often hailed for its potential benefits in managing symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and other gastrointestinal disorders. By reducing the intake of fermentable carbohydrates like certain sugars and fibers, it can alleviate symptoms such as bloating, gas, and abdominal pain. However, there are some downsides to consider. Following a low FODMAP diet may limit the variety of foods in one’s diet and potentially lead to nutrient deficiencies if not carefully planned. Additionally, it can be socially restrictive and may require strict adherence, which can be challenging.

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“Feel like eating low fodmap has made me unhealthy and I feel really stuck”

“While I experience almost no bloating I feel …. unhealthy. Sometimes I can just see it in the way my face looks if you know what I mean. Like I just look like something is wrong … and Id have to imagine its because Im only feeding my body tomato sauce white carbs and ground turkey with an occasional handful of spinach or diced red pepper. I know the obvious answer is “change up your diet” but I just feel stuck. Venturing into other foods scares me I feel like many of the veggies you are only allowed such a small amount and I just am and will always be a meal repeater so I dont want to have to worry about meticulously measuring out my food.”

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Hay Bathing

That’s right, the latest trend that’s got us all itching for a hilarious spa experience. Picture this: you slip into a tub filled with warm, fragrant hay, and voila! You’re officially marinating like a human lasagna. Proponents claim that hay bathing detoxifies, relaxes, and has you smelling like a countryside dream. But before you grab your pitchfork and head to the nearest barn, remember that the jury’s still out on this one. It might leave you questioning whether you’re indulging in wellness or just setting up a picnic for bugs. So, whether you’re ready to embrace the hay or prefer a more traditional soak, just remember to keep things light-hearted, and maybe bring some sandwiches. Who knows, you might just attract a friendly neighborhood cow looking for a snack!

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The Itchiest Bath You’ll Ever Take

One reviewer painfully described the treatment as “excruciating” and “itchy.” Here’s the process of a hay bath: The guest lies down naked on a lounger, gets covered in hay, and is then tightly wrapped in foil. After enduring 20 minutes of sweating, the guest enjoys a 30-minute relaxation session on a couch, all bundled up in woollen blankets. Hydration is key, so the guest is encouraged to drink copious amounts of water throughout the experience. Throw in an allergic reaction, and we’re gonna go ahead and skip this one.

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Activated Charcoal Detox

Drinking activated charcoal is often touted for its potential benefits, such as aiding in detoxification by binding to toxins and reducing gas and bloating. It’s widely used in emergency medicine to treat certain types of poisoning. However, there are downsides to consider. Activated charcoal can also bind to medications and essential nutrients, reducing their effectiveness or causing potential nutrient deficiencies if used excessively. Additionally, it may lead to constipation, black stools, and gastrointestinal discomfort. While activated charcoal can be a valuable tool for specific situations, such as poisoning, its use as a daily supplement should be approached with caution.


“Has anyone found benefits from activated charcoal?”

“But yes, it does bind to food/supplements/meds and prevent them from being absorbed by the body. And yes, it was originally only used when someone ingested something toxic/poisonous/whatever b/c it does bind/absorb everything it encounters. It also has great odor absorbing qualities, which makes it a good addition to antiperspirant/deodorant, and a good thing to put around where you have odd smells (litter box filters have actchar, some car filters have it, house air filters can have it, etc). If you do decide to take it, don’t eat/take supps/take meds for a few hours before and after it, and make sure you drink plenty of water, as it can cause dehydration issues.”

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Electronic Muscle Stimulation

Electric muscle stimulation, or EMS, is like your body’s surprise party thrown by a malfunctioning blender. You strap on these electrode-covered suits that make you look like a disco-loving cyborg and wait for the magic to happen. Proponents claim it’s the lazy person’s secret to getting a six-pack without crunches or a booty like Beyoncé without a single squat. But hold on to your leotards, folks, because the evidence on whether EMS truly transforms you into a fitness icon is as shaky as a shaken protein shake. Some swear by it, while others feel like they’re caught in a never-ending game of musical chairs with their muscles. So, before you get zapped into the future of fitness, remember to consult with professionals and maybe practice your robot dance moves – you’re about to become the life of the circuit party!


“Does electric stimulation actually build muscle?”

“Unless I’m terribly confused, you shock your muscle and your muscle contracts means your body is still doing some work. But as I recall from discussing this with some physical therapists and athletic trainers and a couple exercise physiologist (I run in some weird circles, believe it or not) part of the problem is that it doesn’t push your myofibers to the level of performance, and there’s no increase in heart rate to accommodate the relative increase in need for oxygen and whatnot, which results in limited potential for gain. But, having gotten stim many times myself, I can tell you them make a sore muscle feel a hell of a lot better after 20 minutes or so. Oh, and a lot of athletes do use it, just not the way Bruce Lee did in the movie. More for use on sore muscles, less to make your core muscles look good.”

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Raw Water

Drinking raw water is like taking a refreshing swig straight from nature’s wild, untamed garden hose. Raw water drinkers argue that this unfiltered, untreated water is the ultimate “cleanse,” full of natural minerals and microbes that do wonders for your gut – it’s like a vacation for your intestines! But wait, there’s more! The thrill of potentially consuming a dose of good old-fashioned E. coli or other delightful pathogens is just an added bonus. Forget about that fancy water treatment plant down the street; raw water enthusiasts prefer to live life on the edge, embracing the chaos of H2O roulette. So, if you’ve ever dreamed of reliving the thrill of a camping trip, minus the s’mores, then grab a glass of raw water, hold your breath, and hope for the best. But seriously, folks, let’s not forget that our ancestors invented water filtration for a reason – let’s keep the wild outdoors where it belongs!

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“Trendy ‘Raw Water’ Can Reportedly Give You Hepatitis, Other Diseases”

“The town I’m from had its water supply come from a spring fed lake midway up a mountain. The city had an epidemic of beaver fever (giardia). They had checked the lake and it seemed clear of dangerous amounts so they tested the supply on the water plant side and it was off the chart. They followed it through the system and it turned out the intake (deeper in the lake) was completely blocked with moose carcasses. The entire water supply was filtering through the dead moose.”

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Cryogenic Therapy

Many opt for luxurious getaways in warm, tropical paradises to bask in comfort, but whole body cryotherapy caters to those who crave rejuvenation amid icy conditions. Typically, this therapy entails entering a booth where frigid air, chilled to negative 200 degrees Fahrenheit or even colder, envelops the body for a brief two to four-minute session. Initially popular among athletes seeking relief from pain, swelling, and inflammation, cryotherapy is now gaining traction among celebrities and other enthusiasts who claim it can enhance immunity, elevate mood, and boost metabolism, among other potential benefits. However, scientific research into cryotherapy remains extremely limited, and these unregulated treatments lack FDA approval for medical use. It’s important to note that extended exposure to extreme cold can have dire consequences, as tragically demonstrated in a case where a cryotherapy spa employee reportedly lost their life due to the treatment.

Medical News Today

“I Spent 3 Minutes Inside a -264 Degree Cryotherapy Machine”

“Since -264°F is only 30°F warmer than the point that oxygen itself liquifies, and Liquified natural gas is -262°F; yeah that never happened. The moisture in the air would immediately become solid and I would imagine that major burns would happen as the moisture was instantly ripped from the skin surface. Wearing socks and mitts is not going to help. A container with an open top as shown in the picture would have gases boiling up out of it as happens with liquid nitrogen and pulling even more heat from the body. Skin can freeze in seconds at -40 with any wind, so that never happened. It’s probably CO2 gas from “dry ice” in water producing cold vapour as in some fog machines. Even that can be dangerous if there is any moisture on the skin.”


Collagen Supplements

Collagen supplements are believed to support connective tissues throughout the body. However, there are downsides to consider. The scientific evidence supporting these claims is still evolving, and individual responses to collagen supplements can vary. Furthermore, some collagen products are sourced from animal byproducts, which may not align with dietary preferences or restrictions. Additionally, collagen supplements can be relatively expensive. Therefore, while collagen may offer potential health advantages, individuals should consult with healthcare professionals and weigh the benefits and drawbacks before incorporating these supplements into their daily routines.


“Drinking collagen is just another marketing scam right?”

Collagen is a protein, which is a darn big molecule. In order to be carried to the places it’s needed in the body, it needs to be broken down into aminoacids. This happens to every protein, regardless of which one or how one consumes them. There is no tag that says “this came from collagen to be used on the skin”, it’ll be consumed as needed anywhere in the body. A diet with adequate protein and water intake will do exactly the same thing. Spend your money on that instead.”


IV Hydration

Instead of sipping your daily water intake, you opt for a more extravagant experience. You sit back, let a nurse work their magic, and soon you’re feeling as refreshed as a cactus in a desert rainstorm. Some swear by it, claiming it’s the express route to instant revitalization and energy that could rival a lightning bolt. Some say it’s a miracle, while others can’t help but wonder if it’s a plot twist in a sci-fi movie. So, before you go full IV party mode, consult with the experts and maybe rehearse your “I’m just hydrating, not auditioning for a space mission” explanation. Stay grounded, folks – it’s just water, not rocket fuel!

Philadelphia Magazine

“What’s going on with influencers getting IV drips?”

“What’s going on with all the celebrities and influencers going to clinics to be drip-fed vitamins and nutrients from a bag intravenously into their arms? I’m very out of the loop on this one as I thought you would only need a drip when in hospital, in care or after surgery (i.e. when you can’t take in nutrients by other means)? What is the benefit of these drips over just eating or drinking something healthy? These clinics have very flashy Instagram pages advertising all sorts of vitamin drips from ‘stopping hair loss’ to ‘getting your 5-a-day’. What’s the deal?”

Where Do We Find This Stuff? Here Are Our Sources:,for%20air%20to%20pass%20through.,%22do%20not%20attempt%22%20remedies.,with%20standard%20treatments%20for%20poisoning.,weight%E2%80%94among%20many%20other%20things.