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Crazy Health Trends People Will Try Before Exercising

Raw Water Drinking raw water is like taking a refreshing swig straight from nature’s wild, untamed garden hose. Raw water drinkers argue that this unfiltered, untreated… Alexander Gabriel - September 30, 2023
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Raw Water

Drinking raw water is like taking a refreshing swig straight from nature’s wild, untamed garden hose. Raw water drinkers argue that this unfiltered, untreated water is the ultimate “cleanse,” full of natural minerals and microbes that do wonders for your gut – it’s like a vacation for your intestines! But wait, there’s more! The thrill of potentially consuming a dose of good old-fashioned E. coli or other delightful pathogens is just an added bonus. Forget about that fancy water treatment plant down the street; raw water enthusiasts prefer to live life on the edge, embracing the chaos of H2O roulette. So, if you’ve ever dreamed of reliving the thrill of a camping trip, minus the s’mores, then grab a glass of raw water, hold your breath, and hope for the best. But seriously, folks, let’s not forget that our ancestors invented water filtration for a reason – let’s keep the wild outdoors where it belongs!

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“Trendy ‘Raw Water’ Can Reportedly Give You Hepatitis, Other Diseases”

“The town I’m from had its water supply come from a spring fed lake midway up a mountain. The city had an epidemic of beaver fever (giardia). They had checked the lake and it seemed clear of dangerous amounts so they tested the supply on the water plant side and it was off the chart. They followed it through the system and it turned out the intake (deeper in the lake) was completely blocked with moose carcasses. The entire water supply was filtering through the dead moose.”

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Cryogenic Therapy

Many opt for luxurious getaways in warm, tropical paradises to bask in comfort, but whole body cryotherapy caters to those who crave rejuvenation amid icy conditions. Typically, this therapy entails entering a booth where frigid air, chilled to negative 200 degrees Fahrenheit or even colder, envelops the body for a brief two to four-minute session. Initially popular among athletes seeking relief from pain, swelling, and inflammation, cryotherapy is now gaining traction among celebrities and other enthusiasts who claim it can enhance immunity, elevate mood, and boost metabolism, among other potential benefits. However, scientific research into cryotherapy remains extremely limited, and these unregulated treatments lack FDA approval for medical use. It’s important to note that extended exposure to extreme cold can have dire consequences, as tragically demonstrated in a case where a cryotherapy spa employee reportedly lost their life due to the treatment.

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“I Spent 3 Minutes Inside a -264 Degree Cryotherapy Machine”

“Since -264°F is only 30°F warmer than the point that oxygen itself liquifies, and Liquified natural gas is -262°F; yeah that never happened. The moisture in the air would immediately become solid and I would imagine that major burns would happen as the moisture was instantly ripped from the skin surface. Wearing socks and mitts is not going to help. A container with an open top as shown in the picture would have gases boiling up out of it as happens with liquid nitrogen and pulling even more heat from the body. Skin can freeze in seconds at -40 with any wind, so that never happened. It’s probably CO2 gas from “dry ice” in water producing cold vapour as in some fog machines. Even that can be dangerous if there is any moisture on the skin.”


Collagen Supplements

Collagen supplements are believed to support connective tissues throughout the body. However, there are downsides to consider. The scientific evidence supporting these claims is still evolving, and individual responses to collagen supplements can vary. Furthermore, some collagen products are sourced from animal byproducts, which may not align with dietary preferences or restrictions. Additionally, collagen supplements can be relatively expensive. Therefore, while collagen may offer potential health advantages, individuals should consult with healthcare professionals and weigh the benefits and drawbacks before incorporating these supplements into their daily routines.


“Drinking collagen is just another marketing scam right?”

Collagen is a protein, which is a darn big molecule. In order to be carried to the places it’s needed in the body, it needs to be broken down into aminoacids. This happens to every protein, regardless of which one or how one consumes them. There is no tag that says “this came from collagen to be used on the skin”, it’ll be consumed as needed anywhere in the body. A diet with adequate protein and water intake will do exactly the same thing. Spend your money on that instead.”


IV Hydration

Instead of sipping your daily water intake, you opt for a more extravagant experience. You sit back, let a nurse work their magic, and soon you’re feeling as refreshed as a cactus in a desert rainstorm. Some swear by it, claiming it’s the express route to instant revitalization and energy that could rival a lightning bolt. Some say it’s a miracle, while others can’t help but wonder if it’s a plot twist in a sci-fi movie. So, before you go full IV party mode, consult with the experts and maybe rehearse your “I’m just hydrating, not auditioning for a space mission” explanation. Stay grounded, folks – it’s just water, not rocket fuel!

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“What’s going on with influencers getting IV drips?”

“What’s going on with all the celebrities and influencers going to clinics to be drip-fed vitamins and nutrients from a bag intravenously into their arms? I’m very out of the loop on this one as I thought you would only need a drip when in hospital, in care or after surgery (i.e. when you can’t take in nutrients by other means)? What is the benefit of these drips over just eating or drinking something healthy? These clinics have very flashy Instagram pages advertising all sorts of vitamin drips from ‘stopping hair loss’ to ‘getting your 5-a-day’. What’s the deal?”

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