Get Blood Platelet Count Imbalances in Control with These Health Foods

Beetroot As the name suggests, beetroot is the root part of the beet plant. What you might know is that the root holds all of the nutrition,… Trista - August 31, 2022


As the name suggests, beetroot is the root part of the beet plant. What you might know is that the root holds all of the nutrition, too! Due to the high amounts of iron and vitamin A in them, they’re vital for improving the blood platelet count. Many doctors will recommend beetroot when they’re trying to help anemic patients recover. You should consume it in juice, as not everyone can enjoy the taste of it. But if you’re a fan of eating beetroot raw, or don’t like beetroot juice, consider adding it to a salad, or if you make a stir-fry of veggies, consider adding beetroot to it as well. 



Carrots, high in vitamin A, are perfect for increasing your blood platelet count. They also have a ton of beta-carotene in them since it’s orange in color. This is high in various antioxidants, and that, of course, will help with improving the blood platelet counts. Carrots are a superfood, too, so you’re getting many benefits from this. However, not everyone likes raw carrots. Personally, one of the best ways to ensure that you get your full serving of carrots each day is to roast them and add them as a side item. You can add herbs and spices to them, and they taste great while holding onto plenty of their nutrients. 


Fresh Milk

A glass of milk is always good, but did you know that it also contains a ton of great benefits to it? Milk contains calcium, which is great for overall development, and it also contains large amounts of vitamin K and vitamin D, vital for strong blood platelet counts. Vitamin K helps ensure proper clotting, preventing bleeding. As for how you should consume milk, go for the freshest that you can get. The problem with most milk from the grocery store as it’s fortified with hormones and such. Get the kind of milk that offers the best amount of vitamin K possible but isn’t overloaded with hormones. 



Kiwis are a great fruit, and they are another citrus fruit, so that means one thing: they’ve got a ton of vitamin C in them. They also are filled with natural antioxidants to ensure that not only your blood platelet counts are high, but your overall immunity is also at the best level that it can be. If you like to consume kiwis, have them when you want to. They are a great snack; you can add them to salads, shakes, and smoothies. As a word of caution, they don’t work immediately, so if you have these and notice your blood platelet count hasn’t increased immediately, don’t fret. 



If you aren’t a vegetarian, you might roll your eyes at this food. However, tofu is another high-quality protein alternative, and it’s also got tons of iron. Iron is great for increasing your blood platelet count naturally, as it’s pretty easy to consume, and you’ll see the results quickly. This also fits in the lean protein category, so it doesn’t have a ton of fat or excess calories either. Vegetarians and vegans can use tofu as an overall protein substitute if they want to eliminate meat from their diet. You can eat this raw or even cook it and add it to a variety of dishes, from soups to stews to even salads. Tofu is delicious food for vegetarians and helps improve your blood platelets. 



You probably know salmon is a preferred fish among medical professionals for its various health benefits. However, it is also idea for blood platelets. Salmon contains a lot of two things that’ll help with the blood platelet count, and those include B12 and, of course, omega-3 fatty acids. Both of which work well to ensure heart health and the formation of red blood cells. It also prevents anemia and low platelet counts, and it also can help with reducing your blood pressure too. You should cook salmon lightly for the best results. You can have this raw or get the meat from salmon to make patties from this. Salmon is a very lean fish, so you don’t have to worry about possibly eating too many calories either, it’s all pretty straightforward, and it’s why lots of people love to eat it. 


Aloe Vera

This miracle plant is ideal for skin, hair, and health. It can sooth a burn almost instantly; however, it can equally help with blood platelets. Aloe vera is a great one for improving overall health. If you want to fight off foreign invaders and help your macrophages perform well, add aloe vera juice to your diet. You can also have aloe vera because it is ideal for improving the antioxidant levels in the body, so if you’re someone who struggles with too many free radicals, consume some of this. The most popular way to have aloe vera is in the form of juice, and it also works well as a dressing or additive. You can have a cup of this a day and then drink it, and it will naturally improve your blood platelet counts in no time and is perfect for those who want to practice optimal health and wellness. 



Here is a food that you probably not thought about when it comes to increasing blood platelet count, or at all really. Giloy is a plant used for treating a variety of diseases. People have used it since ancient ayurvedic medicine to treat anything well. From illnesses to even infections, Giloy helps. That’s because it has tons of antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory. Many people use this because it helps to alkalize the blood, balancing everything out, and is used in many alternative medicine circles to treat low blood platelets. How to use this? Consume the leaves after steeping them in water overnight, and then boil them. After a couple of days, you should see the blood platelets count. You can also toss them in salads and other dishes to add to the flavor, and is great for improving the blood platelets you have 


Wheatgrass Juice

Many healthy people use wheatgrass juice to help increase the blood platelets in the body. It naturally flushes out the toxins in the body and provides plenty of vitamins and minerals to the body to improve the blood platelets there. But not just that, it can also reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. Plus, wheatgrass juice also reduces obesity, and these three things are major factors associated with heart disease risk. To consume this, you should aim for one wheatgrass shake a day. Get a processor to prepare the juice. You can add other herbs and other flavors to this, too, if you’re someone who doesn’t like the bitter taste of wheatgrass. Health nuts swear by it, and it can increase your platelet count and help in a variety of other ways too. 


Papaya Leaves Juice

Papaya leaves are incredibly beneficial for improving the blood platelet count. In fact, it’s another ancient ayurvedic treatment for low blood platelets, and people have used it since ancient times. That’s because the leaves, particularly in papaya plants, are strong in antioxidants, boost immunity, and include alkaloids and other phenolic parts, which offer significant effects. They’re also incredibly high in B vitamins, vitamin A, C, and K, all of which play a role in blood platelets. They’re also high in iron, which is excellent for people. You can use the papaya leaves to create a juice that’ll help you improve your blood platelet count. You should consume this every few days and try to sip it often. And if you want to increase it faster, try to drink it twice daily for optimal results.  



Popeye’s favorite meal! (The cartoon, not the restaurant with chicken sandwiches). Spinach is healthy for a variety of reasons. It’s a great, low-calorie vegetable but contains a ton of B vitamins and Vitamin K since it is a leafy green. Spinach is pretty easy to bake with too, and it will naturally increase your blood platelet counts quite easily. It’s pretty impressive how fast this one works, as it’s easy to consume. You can add this to soups, salads, and other dishes. You can also cook the spinach until it’s wilted to add as a side dish. Some people like to have raw spinach, and that’s fine. Raw spinach is usually the best way to increase your blood platelets, as it’s right there and very easy for you to eat too! 



Finally, we’ve got broccoli as the top food to help increase blood platelet count. A nice, dark green vegetable, it’s incredibly rich in vitamin K, vital for proper blood clotting and improving platelet numbers. It also contains large amounts of vitamin C and its antioxidants, boosting immunity and improving your blood platelets. Broccoli isn’t always the most popular vegetable to consume, but if you can get past the taste, it’s a great way to improve your blood platelets. Some people like to eat raw broccoli, but lightly cooking and roasting it, along with adding a dip or cheese to the top, is a great way to consume it to increase platelet counts. Plus, if you eat broccoli with cheese, you get double the benefits and naturally increase your blood platelets.