The Miraculous Health Benefits of Green Tea

A caffeine molecule is responsible for helping people feel more awake in the morning. Shutterstock.


A person will definitely feel refreshed after coming back from work and having a good cup of tea! Caffeine has this effect on your body, which is another exciting ingredient present in green tea. Even though there is not necessarily a difference in its content based on the period when the tea is picked, there is always higher caffeine content in younger shoots than mature ones. The beverages, which are roasted at high temperatures, will have their caffeine sublimated, and its power starts to decrease, much like in Hojicha. 

The primary effects of caffeine’s presence in green tea will be a mild diuretic effect and increased alertness. As caffeine is known for its stimulating effect on the body’s central nervous system, it can quickly help you get rid of drowsiness and improve your capacity of physical labor or taking up mental pressure. After consuming caffeine, if you can follow it with moderate physical exercise before using an internal based energy source, the fat within your body helps in enhancing stamina. Moreover, green tea is perfect for preventing hangovers. When you are caffeinated, alcohol gets a chance to metabolize rapidly.