10 Best Herbal Solutions for Weight Loss

Bodyweight issues can be persistent and difficult to get rid of. Obesity is one of the more complex medical conditions. It depends on so many factors… Simi - October 7, 2017

Bodyweight issues can be persistent and difficult to get rid of. Obesity is one of the more complex medical conditions. It depends on so many factors that it’s burdensome to pinpoint a single culprit. Genetics, dieting, a lack of exercise, stress or medications – these are all possible wrongdoers.

Certainly, a correct diet and sufficient exercise is the quintessential combination for losing weight. One of the best forms of assistance, in this case, is – herbs. Natural remedies have been in circulation for decades. These are the ten exemplary herbal remedies to aid weight loss.

1. Ginger

When it comes to weight loss, certain issues have to be addressed. The real priority when shedding pounds is not melting them. What we should really focus on is improving digestion. Of the uttermost importance is having a healthy intestinal flora. This gives your body the ability to correctly absorb each and every nutrient. An unerring digestive tract plays a big role in maintaining a healthy weight.

Alongside the intestines, you have to pay attention to the esophagus itself. Gaining too much weight often has to do a lot with difficulties during food dissolution. Your weight will only be as healthy as your stomach acid and intestines are. It’s a common misconception that most obesity issues are due to an incorrect diet. Yes, they may exacerbate the situation, but they’re more of an initial cause.

Incorrect dieting leads to less efficient digestion. A good way to combat this issue is ginger. This thaumaturgic herb has many benefits for weight loss. The first and foremost is promoting a better digestive tract. Another splendid trait is the promotion of satiety. Certain minerals in this plant directly affect the way you feel after eating. When feeling fuller, you won’t have the insatiable urge to eat high-calorie foods. Preventing is a good way to suppress your appetite and achieve optimal health.

There are several distinct ways you can use ginger to your advantage:

  • Drink 3 cups of ginger tea on a daily basis. You can sweeten it with additional honey and even brown sugar.
  • Think of adding grated ginger to some more spiced dishes. It will add both aroma and benefit your health.
  • If you dislike the relish of ginger, you can always purchase ginger capsules. They are available at most pharmacies.

2. Green tea

The herbal remedy world is, at the same time, perplexing and amazing. Different herbs have their own distinct abilities. This trait of natural remedies gives you a myriad of options to choose from. Losing weight can be done from multiple angles. Usually, the organism doesn’t tend to respond well to a full-blown change in one facet of your life. Combining multiple alterations usually yields the best results.

Such alterations are numerous. You can employ physical activity, suppress your appetite or simply actuate the disappearance of fat tissue. One way to do the latter is by having an antioxidant-filled diet. These valuable substances promote weight loss unlike every other compound in existence. One of the best antioxidant sources is green tea.

This tea, in particular, contains catechins, crucial elements in the quest to lose weight. Several studies that support their effectiveness have been conducted. Two groups of people underwent the same eating regime. One group received green tea to drink, whilst the other did not. The results were astonishing. The green tea group made a full-blown transformation, albeit they ingested unhealthy meals.

Medically speaking, catechins are best paired with aerobic exercise. This particular weight loss amalgam works best together. Fat loss is stimulated further throw the introduction of good cardio exercise. That way, the antioxidants will be much more efficient. Not to mention the already known beneficial effects of cardio. An enhanced blood flow will improve your mechanism greatly.

  • Make sure you buy quality green tea. This means dried leaves with no additional processing.
  • An important thing is to not let it steep for more than 3 minutes. Excessive heat for long time periods is bad for antioxidants.
  • Drinking 3-4 cups is an excellent start. Modify your intake from there.

3. Turmeric

Turmeric is an interesting weight loss solution. This plant is native to the more tropical parts of Southeast Asia. It requires substantial rainfall to flourish. Typically, this part of the world is medically renowned to have the healthiest individuals. Such a piece of data usually indicates that it boils down to several factors. A typical fashion would be in the form of a combination of these factors.

Lack of pollution, climate, genetics, and dieting are somewhat the most significant ones. When it comes to dieting, it’s not usually down to the pillars of the diet. The answer can be found within the additions, more accurately – the spices. Turmeric fits the bill perfectly. That’s why it has been in use for generations of multiple purposes. When something exists this long in an ever-changing branch of medicine, you know the claims are legitimate.

This useful East Asian herb contains impressive amounts of curcumin. This stupendous compound has one very important role – it increases the flow of bile. As this liver-produced yellow liquid gets more abundant, fat becomes easier to break down. Bile is essential for reducing the amount of lipids that get absorbed by the body. It’s not the only benefit of turmeric.

Recent studies have shown turmeric to improve insulin resistance. Many metabolic disorders and connected conditions stem from bad insulin resistance. Adding a herb that improves this is the core of every healthy Asian diet. With such a weight loss weight, you can correct years of bad dieting.

You can serve turmeric as a detox drink. Alongside pepper, lemon juice, and honey, it will do its trick. Turmeric tea is also an excellent choice. Curcumin supplements are abundant on the market. If you don’t like the taste, go for them.

4. Hibiscus

A good digestive tract is the foundation of a healthy organism. It doesn’t only affect survival, but also contributes to the weight. When someone has weight issues, it can mean a lot of things. One of these possible factors is bad food absorption. This occurs when the intestines and blood vessels can’t absorb the necessary nutrients correctly. In case of fatty acids and carbohydrates, this is bad.

Carbohydrates are usually stored in the body for energy replenishment. When not used by, they become fat tissue. A part of that is not due to a lack of physical activity, but because of excess absorption. The body doesn’t need that many nutrients and is unjustly stored as fat tissue. If you were somehow to fix that problem, losing weight would be easier than ever.

An ideal choice would be a natural remedy, such as hibiscus. This unique herb is loaded with flavonoids and nutrients. Alongside them, various minerals affect the absorption of carbohydrates and many fatty acids. Weight management will then run like a well-oiled machine. Another important characteristic of hibiscus is its diuretic nature. Because of it, you will get to lose more water weight than ever.

Because of its health benefits, hibiscus can be added to dishes. Several studies have also shown that hibiscus supplements may yield the same effects such as the real thing. This gives you an option, in case you don’t like the taste. Something people also love about this plant is that it can be grown anywhere. Nothing soothes health like a plant that can be harvested from the backyard.

  • Drinking 3 cups of hibiscus tea is good enough for a daily therapy
  • It gives meat a fresh, very distinct aroma when added

5. Korean Ginseng

Sometimes, a reason for a slow weight loss might be a lack of energy. Not having enough exuberance may affect everything else that is needed for shedding pounds. That’s why it’s important to put yourself in the best position possible. When losing weight, you may require an additional energy boost. Introducing a rigorous workout regime takes a lot of getting used to.

Many people have organisms that simply don’t react well to taurine and caffeine. These two compounds cause energy spikes and promote alertness. You can find them in various supplements, as well as coffee and energy drinks. Because of this, it’s important for an herbal remedy to exist. When it comes to herbal remedies, there is no better than Korean Ginseng.

Korean Ginseng affects your energy directly. Because of its natural and soothing composition, bad reactions are impossible. It’s a viable alertness enhancer in its natural form. In addition to this, Korean Ginseng also improves the way we cope with stress. It’s known in Asia as a soothing component of an evening tea. Another benefit of this herb is that it improves insulin sensitivity. This ability can improve your life, if you’re a diabetic.

  • However, it must be noted that Korean Ginseng is very strong. You shouldn’t take it without consulting a medical expert. Even though it’s natural, you still have to employ extra care.
  • For a period of 4-5 months, be sure to drink two cups of tea on a daily basis. It can be found in a pharmacy or market.
  • If you don’t like the taste, feel free to take supplements. 500 mg capsules are the most common type on the market. Take 2 capsules every day for a time period of fewer than 3 months.

6. Dandelion

When it comes to shedding pounds, there are several facets you have to focus on. One of the most important ones is waste disposal. Sometimes, the issues in weight are simply down to the way your body exerts waste. In order for your body to clean out itself, it needs to have a regular schedule of removing excess matter from the organism.

Laxative supplements are available constantly, but they are artificial creations. Certain chemicals may cause negative reactions in some patients. Several studies have concluded that herbal laxatives are a much better solution to stool-exerting problems. One of the best natural laxatives is an unlikely one – dandelion.

Many people don’t deem dandelion as a worthy counterpart to more famous herbs. Nevertheless, it still has amazing beneficial properties. It is a known herbal laxative that also stimulates urinating frequency. By having better waste disposal quantities, you ensure yourself better losing of excess pounds. Much of that weight is stored in food that’s not needed by remains in the body.

Dandelion doesn’t only attack the waste compartments of the body, it benefits it in many ways. It was shown to decrease blood sugar and exert toxins from the bloodstream. Certain studies also support the claim that it suppresses appetite. Moreover, it would be a wise decision to include dandelion in your weight-losing quest. You can use it in two different ways:

  • Adding fresh dandelion makes salads and soups taste more intense. It can go well with other herbs, such as basil and oregano. You can also choose to chew the roots of the plant.
  • Dandelion root is also good for making one of the most relaxing teas in existence. It’s important that you strain the tea before drinking it.

7. Oregano

An important thing to have knowledge about is that gaining weight has more than one aspect. Aside from the physiological and nutritional part, exists a lesser known one. That is the psychological aspect of obesity. As much as the nutritional causes matter, mental triggers are also important in this case. Depression and stress often render your mind unable to make responsible and staunch decisions.

When your mind is unable to focus on, according to it, “trivial” things, you tend to overeat. As a way of compensation, the mind will urge you to eat excessively. It will treat indulging in high-calories food as a reward for its mere existence. This is how most people gain excess weight. Not because of genetics, but because of a depressive or anxious state.

This is where herbal medicines come in. They provide a natural anti-stress mechanism. Natural remedies provide a better solution than traditional medication. Why? Artificial drugs tend to leave a lasting mark on the brain’s structure. Herbal remedies don’t have such a habit. The most significant of them is oregano. Even though it is popular, many people don’t know about its beneficial properties.

From top to bottom, oregano transforms your body. An active component of it, carvacrol, tends to have fat dissolving results. Oregano can also aid proper digestion. It can reduce gasses and cause a painless passage of waste through the intestines.

  • Oregano tea is an excellent mixture of pleasant taste and nutritive benefits. Keep in mind that the ideal concentration is three teaspoons in one single cup.
  • Carvacrol capsules are available too. They can make the taste and smell of oregano less of a problem.
  • Another way to administer oregano to your diet is through oregano oil. Try adding it to a juice.

8. Sage

Stimulants are an often misunderstood branch of medical science. The majority deems only artificial products to be good stimulants for the body and mind. An often omitted fact is that artificial chemical stimulants are synthesized from natural ones. This is why it’s best to aim at the natural source of your desired aim. Herbs like sage provide hope for those skeptical of medications with a stimulating effect.

When listing natural weight loss remedies, we see different kinds of herbs. Some have a laxative property, some melt fat and some suppress appetite. Rarely is there a herb that can do it all. Sage is able to amass all these beneficial effects. Alongside them, it also has an abundance of antioxidants within in. They make the perfect aid in a pound-shedding program. Sage is home to many diverse antioxidants, which is a rarity.

The first and foremost property of sage would be that it’s an excellent stimulant. It promotes an increased metabolic rate, all while not leaving any traces in the body. If you have trouble staying energized, it can also help. Sage tea is also a good pre-workout beverage. It can even be seen as a part of some L-Carnitine and Arginine supplements. If you can’t withstand coffee, sage just might be the ideal solution for you.

Bodybuilders sometimes use it before their contests. The reason is the diuretic properties of sage tea. It’s so good at shedding water weight that it can transform your look in a matter of hours. Alongside this aesthetic benefit, you can also get more sound sleep than ever. A lack of sleep is a known contributor to fast weight gaining and obesity. Making sage is pretty simple:

  • Fresh sage leaves are the best to use for this purpose.
  • You should put them in a cup along with some boiling water. After covering it for a little while, you can drink.
  • Lemon is also a good addition for taste purposes.

9. Peppermint oil

Aside from giving you that fresh morning breath, peppermint has many other benefits. It’s always amongst the top of every Most beneficial natural remedy list. With a seemingly endless array of useful effects, everyone should give it a chance. In recent years, its oil has made many headlines, too. It can calm you down and reduce muscle pain and fatigue by a large margin. Fortunately for us, this is just the beginning of this.

One of its best characteristics is suppressing the appetite. Hunger is often something that leads us to bad nutritional decisions in the late night hours. There are many foods which increase appetite and cause you to be open even more. The peppermint herb is responsible for removing that nasty habit. It’s a good aid for many people struggling with eating disorders. Without adverse effects, you can bring your appetite down to normal. Many artificial medications often cause negative reactions throughout the body.

In contrast with several other herbs, peppermint reduces bloating by a large margin. Having a collection of gases in your stomach can really hinder your path to a good digestive tract. It’s essential not to have such blockages if you want to lose weight. Peppermint is bound to yield good effects on your overall mass.

Peppermint tea is a worldwide favorite. After some straining and a few cubes of brown sugar, it’s the best beverage for winter months.

In addition to tea, you can also use peppermint oil. You only have to put it on a handkerchief and inhale it. The soothing smell also relieves stress and improves your mood.

10. Milk thistle

Detoxification is a process that the body can do on its own. We can assist it by ingesting healthy, easily soluble foods. If we don’t make such mature and beneficial decision, the body will find it harder to detoxify itself. Because of that, you may be looking at a plethora of health problems. Immunity can be weakened if toxic matter stays within the organism for too long. Sometimes, to perform detoxification, the organism needs assistance.

There is no better way to promote detoxification than through natural remedies. Milk thistle is one of the most effective weight-loss herbs in nature. With all of its effects, it can turn around the health and weight of any patient. It’s very efficient at boosting the metabolism on its own. However, you may find it best to pair milk thistle with cardio exercise.

Milk thistle detoxifies the body by a large margin. Experts around the world recommend it for boosting immunity too. Several chronic diseases can be solved just by taking adding milk thistle to your diet. It regulates body weight so well that people are starting to discover it more and more.

A good detoxification process removes all the excess particles in your body. This flushes out all the extra grams and promotes better fat burning. With no toxic matter on its hands, the body can burn fat more efficiently. Milk thistle can’t be made into tea. You can take it in capsules. A regime of 4 weeks is good enough for effects.