10 Best Herbal Solutions for Weight Loss

2. Green tea

The herbal remedy world is, at the same time, perplexing and amazing. Different herbs have their own distinct abilities. This trait of natural remedies gives you a myriad of options to choose from. Losing weight can be done from multiple angles. Usually, the organism doesn’t tend to respond well to a full-blown change in one facet of your life. Combining multiple alterations usually yields the best results.

Such alterations are numerous. You can employ physical activity, suppress your appetite or simply actuate the disappearance of fat tissue. One way to do the latter is by having an antioxidant-filled diet. These valuable substances promote weight loss unlike every other compound in existence. One of the best antioxidant sources is green tea.

This tea, in particular, contains catechins, crucial elements on the quest to lose weight. Several studies that support their effectiveness have been conducted. Two groups of people underwent the same eating regime. One group received green tea to drink, whilst the other did not. The results were astonishing. The green tea group made a full-blown transformation, albeit they ingested unhealthy meals.

Medically speaking, catechins are best paired with aerobic exercise. This particular weight loss amalgam works best together. Fat loss is stimulated further throw the introduction of good cardio exercise. That way, the antioxidants will be much efficient. Not to mention the already known beneficial effects of cardio. An enhanced blood flow will improve your mechanism greatly.

  • Make sure you buy quality green tea. This means dried leaves with no additional processing.
  • An important thing is to not let it steep for more than 3 minutes. Excessive heat for long time periods is bad for antioxidants.
  • Drinking 3-4 cups is an excellent start. Modify your intake from there.