These Drinks Can Cause Serious Health Issues Such as this Disease

Cooking healthy and changing lifestyle can help reduce risk. Shutterstock.

2. How to Reduce the Risk of Encountering Type 2 Diabetes

Now that you know what diabetes has in store for you and are looking for ways to avoid falling prey to this disease, research can help you learn about the beverages that increase the risk of diabetes. 

Often, the people experiencing diabetes or high blood sugar issues live under the illusion that by avoiding sugary drinks and sticking to their “diet” alternatives will save them from the hazards of the disease. However, recent studies suggest otherwise. 

An intelligent way to counter the risk of becoming diabetic is to switch to better drinking alternatives than what you are drinking already. Recent research conducted by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health suggests that people who prefer sodas and natural fruit juices regularly are at moderately high risk for Type 2 diabetes. 

The researchers conducted this study by collecting the data of a staggering 192,000 participants over 26 years. The data — their general health reports — were studied every four years.