10 Suprising Benefits of Sunlight That You Were Not Aware of

Enables bone health

With the increased number of publicized bone fractures in sports, the significance of bone health has simply fallen off. Why is this happening exactly? Due to our constant urge to compare and contrast, we often dismiss fractures as being less severe than ligament tears. Such an outlook on health is wrong and can prove to be detrimental to your health in the long run.

For bone health, calcium is important, for sure. Aside from having a sufficient calcium intake, something else is necessary for having a strong and healthy skeleton. That elusive thing is the so-called calcium absorption efficiency. In order to maximize your calcium intake from green vegetables and dairy products, you need to insure your bones absorb it. And there is not better assistant on this matter than vitamin D.

People who have spent much time in the sun in their youth tend to never have osteoporosis or fractures. Even at an old age, their bones are able to maintain an excellent way of keeping the atoms together. Athletes who work out in the open tend to have almost three times less fractures than indoor athletes. Several startling studies have been published in order to support this seemingly outlandish claim.

Bone diseases and bone marrow maladies are also non-existent in people who have a habit of spending time under the sunlight. Therefore, having a walk in the sun once in a while isn’t just for mere fun. By exposing yourself to the beneficial rays of the sun, you ensure yourself a future filled with health and strength right at the base of your body. Having a strong skeleton will provide you with a chance to stay active up to a very old age. That is a privilege denied to many.