16 Of Nature’s Best Natural Pain Killers You Didn’t Know About

2. Cloves

A toothache can be nasty and will give you uncomfortable day. Cloves are spices that are used in a variety of foods and most people like having them in their gingerbread and pickles. If you can’t get to the doctor quickly enough, there is no problem. Cloves are also used as a natural medicine for treatment of the teeth problems. They are known to give relief to tooth pain and gum inflammations.

They contain a compound called eugenol which is strong and acts as a natural painkiller. This has been used for centuries and it used to be inserted into an infected tooth or cavity. Its ingredient would numb the tissues around the affected tooth, providing them with a temporary relief from the pain. Nowadays, most people use the clove oil. The oil is then extracted and highly concentrated fluid from the plant.

It is easy to use cloves for a toothache and will save you time from seeking other medications. The other benefit is that eugenol works again as an antiseptic. This ensures that it kills the microorganisms that are causing the toothache. The cloves are available in powdered or grounded form, whole, and oil. If you have a toothache, you can use any of these forms and they will be helpful. The ground cloves are mostly used in the homes as spices. When using the ground cloves, take a pinch and put it between the gum that is infected and the cheek.

Whole cloves are the dried buds that come from the clove tree. Take two or three of them and hold them in the mouth by the infected area. When they begin to soften, chew them a little to make them soft. The oils will be released that will help in treating the pain.  The ground cloves can also be added to your food. Sprinkle a 1/4 of a teaspoon on your food daily.